Do friend remember the reality display Rock that Love with Bret Michaels? find out what’s happened to Daisy De la Hoya, Jes Rickleff, and also the various other contestants.

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Are girlfriend a pan of the hefty metal tape Poison? If so, you might remember the VH-1 fact dating present Rock the Love v Bret Michaels. similar to The Bachelor, that featured a pool of females vying for the affection the the poison frontman. While among the many memorable contestants on the display was Daisy De la Hoya, there were countless other colorful cast members transparent the show’s three-season run. Therefore where space they now? Here, we catch up v the previous Rock of Love ladies.

Rock of Love to be A Reality display Featuring Bret Michaels

Rock that Love v Bret Michaels premiered on July 15th, 2007 top top VH-1. It was a truth game display that featured a team of women contending to come to be Bret Michaels’ girlfriend. Each week, the contestants would certainly take ~ above various challenges to win a date with the heavy metal star. At the finish of the season, Michaels would select his winner.

The show lasted for three seasons and aired that is last episode on April 19th, 2009. In a 2019 interview v Yahoo! Entertainment, Michaels admitted that he was horrible at dating and also did expect to uncover love ~ above the show. But over all else, his biggest concern was having actually fun. “When ns went in there i told everyone I’m feather to have a great time,” the said.

Michaels additionally told Yahoo! the it was really important to him that the female contestants enjoy their time top top the show. He claimed he called one actors member: “You know, I need to state this. I’m among those people, I do not want to it is in the life that the party. I desire you to have the time of her life in ~ my party. That’s what transforms me on.”

Many fans desire to recognize what the previous Rock that Love cast members are up come today. This is an inside look in ~ what’s taken place to them because the show!

Daisy De La Hoya acquired Her very own Spin-Off

The nephew of civilization champion boxer Oscar De La Hoya, Daisy showed up on the second season of Rock the Love. if she wasn’t crowned the winner, she was a renowned runner up and even score her own spin-off dating show, Daisy of Love. “I felt an extremely grateful and also extremely lucky and really excited and also just on peak of the world,” she said of landing the spin-off. “To know that people were the interested in me and also that the producers and everyone in ~ VH1 assumed I was, girlfriend know, ‘something."”

Unfortunately, the present was not virtually as famous as Rock the Love and only lasted one season. to cope through the disappointment, Daisy turned to substances. “After Daisy of Love finished in 2009, mine life sort of spiraled out of control,” the 37-year old told RadarOnline. “At my worst, ns was doing heroin, crystal meth, coke, pills, booze, and anything the I could get my hands on all at once….Those points came around through having actually a broken heart and also wanting to take far the pain. What a better way to perform it than through drugs and alcohol?”

Daisy was so unhappy that she said she also contemplated taking her very own life. “On height of utilizing drugs, I also have attempted suicide countless times in mine life,” she admitted. “I was in a yes, really dark, dreadful place and also eventually had actually to do the decision come live a healthy and balanced life that had meaning and purpose.”

Thankfully, Daisy check herself right into rehab and got sober. She additionally began concentrating on her music career as a singer-songwriter and member that the different rock band, black Star Electra.

It shows up as though Daisy is single, yet not much else is known about what she’s as much as today. When the previous reality star does have actually an Instagram account, it’s private.

Jes Rickleff winner Rock that Love and also Wants naught To carry out With The Franchise

The winner that season one, Jes Rickleoff dropped out of the spotlight not lengthy after the display ended. According to Page Six (as report MTV), a partnership with Michaels did not end up happening. Instead, the then 24-year-old informed the poison rocker the she to be returning to her home city that Chicago to pursue a connection with one more guy. Among Jes’s previous castmates, Lacey Sculls, recently told CheatSheet the Jes wants nothing to perform with the Rock that Love franchise now.

“I got to out to she husband and extended an invitation for Jes to which <Talk that Love, a Rock of Love reunion podcast>,” Lacey said. “He basically said, ‘Thanks however no thanks’ and also that she had actually put that behind her — remained in her past and she didn’t desire to revisit it.”

While Jes at this time has no existence on social media, us do recognize that she the co-owner of one apparel line referred to as Chii clothing Culture.

Heather Chadwell and also Lacey Sculls space On an excellent Terms Now

Speaking of Lacey Sculls, she co-hosts the Talk of Love, a podcast about Rock that Love and also its spin-offs, with fellow castmate heather Chadwell. While the two women had actually their distinctions when they to be on the truth show, they’re near friends today. “We did have actually some really big blowouts, but we’re both strong, fiery, passionate women,” Sculls told Vice. “At the finish of the day, i really like and also respect Heather and also who she is. I reap my time through her.”

When the pair space not podcasting, Heather works as a realtor and Lacey sings in the band HALO.

Brittanya O’Campo checked out Jail shortly After she Season Aired

A critical on Rock that Love’s 3rd season (which was called Rock that Love Bus due to the fact that the activity happened on the road), Brittanya O’Campo landed herself in some hot water after showing up on the show. Follow to TMZ, she to be sentenced to six months in prison in 2010 after pleading guilty to charges the felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor battery.

Fortunately, Brittanya seems to have straightened it s her out since her stint behind bars. She’s now a effective apparel promoter and Instagram model with an ext than 5.6 million followers.

Megan Hauserman’s Spin-Off Show readjusted Reality TV Forever

Megan Hauserman was a contestant on the second season of Rock that Love and also appeared on Rock of Love: Charm School, a spin-off hosted by Sharon Osbourne. Together a an outcome of she success on those two shows, VH1 provided Megan her very own dating present called Megan wants a Millionaire. Unfortunately, the present was yanked off the air after simply three episodes for a shocking reason—one that the show’s contestants, Ryan Jenkins, murdered his girlfriend and also then killed himself. While Jenkins was never violent as soon as he to be filming the show, the tragedy changed the method reality shows screen their potential contestants and guests.

Happily, Megan went on to discover her perfect match in pro-golfer Derren Garber. The pair has one kid together and also Megan—who’s energetic on Instagram—is at this time focused on gift the ideal mom she can be.

Taya Parker walk On come Star In A horror Movie

Winner the the Rock that Love Bus season, Taya Parker briefly dated Bret Michaels after her appearance on the show. She went on to uncover further success in entertainment, showing up as Penthouse Magazine’s pet of the Year in 2009 and also landing a leading function in the 2016 fear movie You uncovered Me.

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She additionally co-hosted a segment ~ above a TV display called Out N About, which aired and also ABC and also the CW. Currently, she has more than 45.6K pendant on Twitter and also you deserve to even publication her because that a Cameo!

Ambre Lake has Two kids And fully Moved On from Bret Michaels

Ambre Lake winner season two of Rock of Love. She and Bret dated for a few months after the show, yet the pair ultimately damaged up. Ambre said they simply didn’t have actually time to make it work. “We were dating and also taking it job by day,” she called People in 2008. “We never put a brand on us saying, ‘We space boyfriend-girlfriend.’ however when a budding romantic is happening prefer that and also you don’t have a many time to view each other, you’re gift pulled in so countless directions.”

Luckily, Ambre no heartbroken because that long. She’s now married with two kids and looks totally different than she did as soon as she was on the show. She Instagram is filled with sweet images of her family, and also even features comments from fellow actors member heather Chadwell!

Mindy room Went On come Win another Reality Show

Mindy Hall almost won the Rock the Love Bus season—she was runner up to Taya Parker. However, in 2010, she did success the height prize top top I Love Money 4, a reality show featuring previous contestants from other VH1 shows. Mindy’s pair sister Cindy showed up on Survivor: Guatemala and also the pair recently appeared together as guests top top the renowned Survivor podcast, Talking through T-Bird.

Currently a brand promoter and influencer on social media, Mindy hasn’t age a huge since her wild job on the Love Bus!