My video Of children Leaving college On the critical Day!WOW! It"s tough to think the college year is almost OVER!!Today ns was looking at a fun video I made back in June 2019 ~ above the last day the school.I to be in sixth grade ago then and also working ~ above a video clip project. I remember review More

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OUR DORK DIARIES LETTER!Hi everyone! It"s Nikki here, and also I"d like to give thanks to Brandon for permitting me come take end his tower today come post part 2 of our letter update. This is about our effort to send an answer letters to every one of our Dork Diaries readers who have actually written to us check out More


Is among these letters addressed come YOU?!Hi Everyone! I desire to say thanks to Brandon because that letting me take end his asking BRANDON pillar today to share news around a big PROJECT we"re currently working on.Well, it"s a project we"re functioning on in enhancement to the even BIGGER task of review More

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May 1, 2021



Dear Brandon,Yesterday, the most popular girl in my course handed the end invitations because that her online Zoomparty.EVERYBODYgot one except for me. And, as soon as I asked her if I can come too, she claimed NO. I feel for this reason left out. Please HELP!Pity PartyHey Pity Party,WHOA. It is a review More

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April 24, 2021



Hi Brandon,My friend and I are working top top a irreversible project for school, and also we’ve to be doing every the ~ schoolwork in ~ his house. His mom is typically super pretty (putting the end snacks and also stuff), however a few days ago, my girlfriend accidentally damaged her favourite (and expensive) vase while he check out More

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April 17, 2021

MY large FAMILY IS control ME CRAZY!!!

Hey Brandon,I really need help. I have three siblings and they all provide me a really tough time. We’re doing the self-isolation thing and now the worse 보다 ever! ns love my sister and brothers and also I recognize I need to feel happy living with them however they’re so according to and always in mine business and Read More

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