Logos Quiz answer Level 5

Logos Quiz is a quiz game or application in i m sorry you have to guess the names of logos of various brands or companies. Each logo design you answer properly will fetch friend points and also some will unlock clues you can use to complete the game. An ext you prize the more levels girlfriend advance. It’s a complicated and a funny quiz; shot to deal with it by yourself or daunting friends. It’s fun as soon as you shot to do it yourself, but if friend need assist doing that we would certainly be much more than happy to assist you through these logo quiz answers and also solutions for level 5.

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Check out the Logos Quiz answers Level 5 for iPad and also iPhone.

logo quiz answer level 5

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SEPHORA – A white wave making letter S in black background

AMERICAN AIRLINES – two letters A in red and blue along with a hawk in the middle

NFL – an emblem in blue and also white through stars and football in white top top the top half

BRADESCO – 2 white arch overlapping every other and also two white rectangular streaks in a red background

BURBERRY – a black and white steed with a knight riding it with a spear in hand

STAPLES – letter l in white in a red rectangle inserted at an angle

SANYO – letter N in red through both the end of the letter fading out

OLD NAVY – letters O and also N in white v a blue oval behind it.

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LACOSTE – environment-friendly crocodile with red tongue

PIXAR – A silver lamp and letter R

UNILEVER – blue graphical design forming letter U

COLUMBIA – eight rectangle shapes forming four squares native two forms each, and also all 4 squares linked to kind one huge square

BIC – a stand human figure with black color circle developing his head wearing a yellow t-shirt and also holding a black colored pen behind him

LANCOME – letter L, N. O and also E in gray

VOLCOM – a pentagon form resembling the nib of an squid pen developed with triangles with black and also white on the contrary side

SMART – letter C in metallic silver and also a triangle place on the open end of the letter c

HISTORY CHANNEL – Letter H in yellow gold shade with red background

SAMSONITE – 4 arch shaped moons in gray put in a method to type a circle

LE COQ SPORTIF – a silhouette that a roster within a triangle

GENERAL MOTORS – letter G and also M in blue placed in addition to a heat under it

logo quiz answers level 5

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BANK that AMERICA – four red lines and also two blue lines creating a square with bulk color in red

ACER – letter a and also c placer with each other in green

EASYJET – letter e and also j in orange

HYUNDAI – modification letter H inside and also oval

DIADORA – a black arrowhead head pointing towards west

ROTRING – Letter g and a one in red v a white and a red border.

LOGITECH – a 3D looking eco-friendly arch shape with little black uneven circle and three little line one in red and the various other two in black

ING– a silhouette that a lion v his tail increase in the wait in orange color

MIZUNO – a black form with 3 curvy lines creating a triangle looking form with a small white triangle inside

JVC – Letter J in red

ROWENTA – letter R and also W in gray in a rounded rectangle

JOHN SMITH – silhouette of john Smith in black and red circle on the optimal right corner with 2 sided arrows in a curve

ESPN – letters S and P together in red v a white line passing through

ASICS – amendment letter a in interlocutor black

NICKELODEON – a drop of orange color

YVES SAINT LAURENT – letters Y, S and L overlapping each other

GARNIER – 3 circles one in green, one in yellow and other in pink with some type of architecture inside

CASTROL – a eco-friendly circle v red and also white design inside inserted in a geometric shape with environment-friendly border

GUCCI – Mirror photo of letter G overlapping every other

XBOX – A Silver ball with cut on top forming letter X with environment-friendly light emerging from inside

Logo Quiz answer Level 5

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CAMEL – silhouette the a stand camel

SIEMENS – letter S written 2 times

DIESEL – letters D and L in white within a red rectangle

PLAYBOY – silhouette that a rabbits head with a bow in his neck

GOLDMAN SACHS – A blue square v letters G and S inside it

DURACELL – letter E, L and L in black inserted together

SPRITE – lower instance letter ns in white and also blue border and also the dot in yellow color

JAGUAR – a silhouette that a jaguar talk a leap

FIBA – hands in red, green, blue and also orange shade holding a transparent basket ball

ATI – letters A, T and also i joined together written in black and white

KENWOOD – Letter W in black v a red triangle in center

LEXUS – letter L inside an oval in black color color

LAMBORGHINI – a gold bull ins a black badge through a golden border

HARD ROCK – Yellow circle through maroon border and also word “café” composed in it

SAAB – a pink bird head through a golden crown ~ above its head inside a blue circle with white border

MITSUBISHI – 3 red diamonds placed in a way that your ends joined at a center point so it forms a huge triangle in red and white

RALPH LAUREN – a male riding a steed with a polo stick in his hands

HEINZ – A label v brown and green heat in that and number of 1869 in it

AMERICAN EXPRESS – Silhouette the American express composed inside a light blue rectangle

BBC – three black squares placed next to each other

Logo Quiz answers Level 5

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QANTAS – a red appropriate angled triangle with a white silhouette the a running kangaroo

SCHWEPPES – a yellow ribbon ar at an angle through a review stamp above

CREDIT SUISSE – letter s created twice through two blue-purple triangles on its optimal right side

FORUM – letter f inside a elongated rounded rectangle in black

CARTIER – letter r, t and also r in black

OLYMPUS – letters O, M and S in blue v a yellow horizontal line underneath it

BLACKBERRY – seven curvy shapes with the level side ~ above the left placed in 3 columns in the succession of two shapes in an initial column, climate three forms in the 2nd column and also last two forms in the last column

NESPRESSO – Letter N in white v the diagonal heat in the letter extending over the side of the letter inside a brown background

BARCLAYS – a silhouette the a bird through its wings vast open in blue color

DELTA – Two different sized red triangles inserted over every other

SCHWARZKOPF – a silhouette that the head the a man

CHASE – 4 five-sided geometric forms in blue shade placed together to form an octagon

LANCIA – a blue badge v silver border and a silver- bordered blue circle inside it

TOMTOM – two red palms over a white circle

DSCHOECOUSA – letters D and also C in bolder black put overlapping each other with a black star