There is an countless amount that color and also pattern combinations when it comes to snakes, but the comparison of a black and also yellow snake is hard to beat.

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There are plenty of different types of black and also yellow snake, even if it is this is the herbal coloration that the snake or a shade mutation the was bred into the snake in captivity.

Bright, difference colors can often be an indication the an pet is gift or venomous. While part black and also yellow snakes are in reality venomous, over there are numerous that room also completely harmless.

It goes without saying, the if you space not 100% sure that a snake is harmless, you must leave that alone. Nothing attempt to choose up or relocate a snake that you cannot appropriately identify.

Mangrove line (Black Snake with Yellow Stripes)


The Mangrove line in native to South-East Asia and also belongs to the colubrid family members of snakes. It is in reality rear-fanged venomous, but the gift is no medically significant to humans.

It deserve to be found throughout many of South-East Asia in nations such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand and also Malaysia. The can additionally be found on numerous if the islands of Indonesia and the Philippines.

Funnily enough, the Mangrove line is an ext commonly uncovered in lowland rainforests together opposed come in Mangrove Swamps. However, there room plenty of this swamps in South-East Asia and this is wherein the snake gained its surname from.

The Mangrove snake is a beautiful example of a black and also yellow snake. The background shade of this snake is black and also the yellow is present in the form of a series of stripes that operation vertically along the next of the snake.

These stripes deserve to vary greatly with some specimens having brief stripes the don’t reach the snakes earlier while others kind the whole means around the snake, developing a yellow band.

The ship of the Mangrove snake have the right to be yellow or black. The can additionally be a mix of both. The yellow coloration is also present about the snake’s mouth which offers the appearance of yellow lips.

Plains Garter Snake


The levels Garter line is a types of Garter Snake the is indigenous to the unified States. The is recognized for its continuous yellow or orange stripe the runs native its head to its tail.

The levels Garter Snake have the right to be found throughout much of the main United States, through its range extending from southern Canada down as far as Texas.

This snake prefers come live in open fields, meadows and also other meadow or prairie type habitats. They are generally uncovered close come a water resources such as lakes, streams and also marshes.

The plains Garter Snake have the right to vary greatly in color but their base shade is generally black v a yellow or red stripe running the size of the snakes back. Sometimes, over there is likewise a strip on either next of the line while others have actually white or yellow patterning follow me their sides.

The usual Plains Garter Snake through a Yellow stripe running follow me its back is a perfect instance of the beautiful contrasting colors the a black and yellow snake.

Yellow Rat Snake


The Yellow Rat line or Chicken Snake together it is sometimes called, is a species of Rat Snake the is indigenous to the South-Eastern united States. That is a member the the colubrid family members of snakes.

This Black and also Yellow snake have the right to be uncovered in the coastal areas of phibìc Carolina, down right into South Carolina and also Georgia. That can likewise be found throughout most of the Florida Peninsula.

These snakes choose to climb and can regularly be discovered in trees in search of prey. Castle are usual in forests, scrubland, farmland and a wide selection of various other habitats.

The Yellow Rat line is harmless to humans and also plays crucial role in the ecosystem. They prey on a range of animals including little mammals, rodents, frogs, birds and eggs.

The Yellow Rat Snake can be a beautiful example of a Black and also Yellow Snake. Your base shade is Yellow with 4 black color stripes running the length of your body.

However, the color of this line varies substantially with the yellow occasionally being replaced with an olive or red coloration. The dark stripes can frequently be brown together well, definition every specimen is no a black and yellow snake.

Banded Krait


The Banded Krait is a wonderful example the the contrasting colors the a Black and Yellow Snake. That is native to India and South-East Asia and is a member of the Elapid family.

It can be uncovered in plenty of countries consisting of India, Nepal southern China, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and also Vietnam. It can likewise be uncovered throughout lot of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

These snakes deserve to be easily figured out by their alternating bands that black and yellow than run the whole length the the snake. The Banded Krait can thrive to lengths of nearly 6 feet.

They have a neurotoxic venom the can reason vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness and abdominal pain. Significant envenomation can reason respiratory failure leading to death, yet this is rare.

Thankfully, bites from a Banded Krait room rarer than numerous of the various other venomous snake in the region. An antivenom is available to treat a bite indigenous this snake.

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