Adhesive is a reality of life in the modern-day world. Whether you space removing a bandage or helping your child glue a school project together, odds are great that sooner or later, girlfriend will suffer some leftover adhesive on her skin. What removes adhesive in a gentle, non-irritating way? tub O’ Towels! Our heavy duty wipes space designed to remove also the stickiest stains, and also are packed with ingredients that will leave her skin soft and also fresh.

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How to acquire Tape Residue off Skin (The hard Way)

From hand sanitizer come commercial stain remover to pond polish remover, the web is packed v suggestions because that removing sticky residue. If you want to use one of these methods, right here are the steps:

Apply a moderate amount of the product to her skin.Let that sit because that at the very least 30 seconds.Scrub vigorously, reapplying the product as necessary.Thoroughly wash through soap and water to remove all traces of the product.Repeat procedures 1 through 4 as essential until every the residue is gone.Dry her hands top top a clean towel.Apply a special layer that moisturizer come rehydrate your skin.


Easy Adhesive Remover because that Skin

Although the above methods may work, they require a lot of scrubbing. Castle can additionally be harsh on your skin. That’s where bath tub O’ Towels yes, really stands out. Ours wipes feature our one-of-a-kind Bond Buster™ technology, which allows you to wipe away even the stickiest residue through ease. Additionally, our heavy duty wipes contain Vitamin E, aloe, and also lanolin to leave her hands soft and refreshed.

Grab a tub O’ Towels hefty duty wipe.Wipe her hands thoroughly, letting the solution just lift the adhesive away.Use a second wipe if required to ensure the your skin is perfect clean.

About tub O’ Towels

Why are bathtub O’ Towels products so much much better than the rest? below are the 4 secrets the really set our wipes apart:

Exclusive link Buster™ Technology: bath tub O’ Towels assets contain one exclusive, put in order additive that in reality dissolves the bonds in between the mess and also the surface ar at a molecular level. That’s the reason why pains scrubbing is not needed.No Harsh Chemicals: our bond busting additive additionally lets us remove harsh, skin-damaging chemicals. Ours eco-friendly combination of detergents, emulsifiers, and also foaming agents will lift away even sticky residue, and also our skin-protecting ingredients will leave your hands feeling soft and also refreshed.

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More sturdy Wipes: very closely designed to stand up to also the stickiest mess, ours oversized, hefty duty wipes are evenly saturated in our proprietary clean solution, and are make from a textured, quilted, poly-blend product that will not loss apart.VaporLockTM Technology: we seal ours canisters with VaporLockTM technology to avoid evaporation throughout storage. Native the very first wipe to the last, bath tub O’ Towels wipes space ready as soon as you need them. 

Shopping because that a better Cleaning Wipe?

If you’re ready to to speak farewell to hard scrubbing and dangerous chemicals, we invite you to try bathtub O’ Towels today. Ours wipes room readily accessible both on our website and in a variety of popular retailers. Let us earn your commitment with the finest wipes you can buy!