When must you harvest magic mushrooms, from a prosper kit ? Pick too soon and the mushroom will certainly not have actually reached their full potential. Pick too late and the entirety substrate is spanned with black spores.

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We"ve i found it thatMagic mushroom Shop client are very curious to find out; "when do I harvestmy beloved mushrooms?".So we gladly presentinstructions top top how and also when to harvest!

When perform I harvest magic mushrooms ?

The best time come harvest magic mushroom from your grow kit is just before the veil breaks. Veil breaking time is usually in between 5 - 12 work after the very first mushrooms pins pop up from the substrate.


Thistime indication is broad because the maturing the magic mushroomscan vary,depending on strain variation, humidity, temperature and fresh air.

Why harvest just before the veil breaks?

The veil connect the cap of the mushroom come the stem and covers the gills. Once the mushroom matures the veil will certainly break and uncover the gills. This is the time for the matured mushroom come think the the next generation and also it will certainly release spores from the gills to make reproduction possible.


The exit spores will certainly cover the other mushrooms and also the substrate underneath them. This is harmless for the mushrooms and the substrate. Yet the potency of the mushroom will alleviate a little when friend wait v the harvest of your mushrooms after ~ the spore release.


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Making spore prints and also syringes

This is pretty advanced, however it"s exciting to recognize that you can make your own spore prints.

Your own spore prints? It"s possible!You could actually placed your very own cultivation process independently top top an unlimited loop.

If you want to make a spore print or make a spore syringe it is important to harvest the before spores room released. The spores have to be conserved for more cultivation. The best time to choose mushrooms, because that a spore print, is when the cap has actually opened. The cap will certainly flatten and also gets the shape of an umbrella. Many times this will be the very same or in the next few days after the veil is broken.


Too little for harvest?!

"Should I pick the little mushroom together with the huge ones? Or shouldI wait?"A very frequently asked question.


What you deserve to do is just pick the mushrooms that you think are huge enough. And also let the other mushrooms mature because that a couple of days.

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But save a closeeye top top your flourish kit!Growth goes promptly in this stage. One night in the pubmight be sufficient to discover your mushrooms covered in spores.

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How to pick the magic mushroom ?

We have covered the choose of mushroom in a different blog post. The straightforward strategy is twist and pull. However to make it easy, we also made video clip instructions because that harvesting mushrooms:

Are the new mushrooms harvested? Learn exactly how to dry and store your magic mushrooms!

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