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Felt is simple to glue. Most household glues will work-related on it, however different glues have different properties. Let’s find out which adhesive is best for your felt project.

No time come read? The ideal glue because that felt is:Best Glue because that Felt come Felt or other fabrics: Aleene’s fabric GlueBest Glue because that Felt to lumber or other solids: 3M 77 polytheistic Adhesive SprayBest Glue for Needle Felting: E6000 craft Glue.

How to adhesive Felt

There are two species of felt: wool felt and Acrylic felt.

Acrylic feel is cheaper and is commonly the type of feeling you discover in handmade stores. Structure felt is much more expensive and usually only discovered in specialist cloth stores.

Since we have actually two different cloth materials, we should be careful around which adhesive we usage for felt projects.

Some glues would work well on structure felt (like hot Glue) yet would melt Acrylic felt and create a mess.

For both wool and also acrylic felt, ns recommend Aleene’s Fabric blend fabric glue. 

It’s cheap and flexible, and also it deserve to go through the wash without disintegrating, unlike regular PVA white glue.

If girlfriend don’t need the last product to be waterproof, i recommend you just use Elmer’s school Glue or some other regular PVA handmade glue. The safe and non-toxic, dries quickly and also bonds felt strongly.

Best glue because that Felt to Fabric

If she gluing feeling to various other fabrics, you most likely want the to it is in washable, and flexible.

For the reason, I would not recommend utilizing PVA or handmade glue, as it will certainly dissolve in water and won’t continue to be flexible after it cures.

Instead, usage some good quality fabric glue favor Aleene’s fabric Fusion, which functions well ~ above felt and also all kinds of fabric.

Crucially, fabric glue stays flexible when it’s dry, and also it have the right to be put through the washer/dryer without coming apart – i beg your pardon is appropriate for fabric projects.

If you are making something decorative the you understand you’ll never have to take outside or wash, friend can also use plenty of other household glues, including PVA handmade glue or continual superglue, however, these will make the felt inflexible, and also superglue is fairly brittle, therefore it won’t take much to rest the bond when it’s cured.

Best glue for Felt to Wood

Attaching feel to hardwood is exceptionally easy. You deserve to use just around any family members glue you can think of.

Since timber is no flexible, it doesn’t matter if you use a glue that dries heavy or remains flexible. And since you more than likely won’t be placing anything wooden through the washer, your glue probably additionally does not have to be waterproof.

The simplest solution for this trouble is just to use some cheap PVA white glue. Elmer’s institution Glue would work, all PVA bonds an extremely strongly come both wood and also felt.

Make sure not come use also much, therefore it no soak with the felt and also ruin the structure of the perfect project.

If you room worried about it soaking through and ruining the end up of the felt, you may opt to usage a spray glue instead. 3M 77 Adhesive Spray works really well on wood and also fabrics. That the cheapest spray easily accessible from 3M too, so it i will not ~ break the bank!

PVA adhesive sticks are one more option, which do it easier to apply a really thin class of PVA.

Best glue because that Felt to Plastic

PVA will certainly not adhere to most plastics, for this reason the best selection here is to usage a contact cement or an epoxy.

Luckily, 3M 77 spray contact adhesive adheres to plastic and felt, and makes it simple to use a thin layer so that it i will not ~ soak with the felt and also ruin the finish.

If friend don’t have actually 3M 77 easily accessible in your country, girlfriend might likewise choose to usage E6000 craft glue, back it’s complicated to obtain a thin layer.

Best glue for Felt come Cardboard

The ideal option because that gluing felt to cardboard is to use an adhesive spray favor 3M 77 polytheistic adhesive spray.

3M 77 adhesive spray will certainly not soak with your felt and also will adhere really strongly come both cardboard and also felt.

Since the a spray, it’s easy to obtain a pretty uniform, slim coating on the cardboard for a perfect finish.

If you don’t have 3M 77 spray available, you may also opt to use constant PVA make glue choose Elmer’s school Glue. It adheres quickly to both cardboard and also felt, however it’s more complicated to get a thin, even coating.

Be careful not to usage too much PVA glue, in situation it soaks v the felt, destroying the fabric.

Best glue for Felt Flowers

Making flower from felt is a typical project in arts and crafts circles.

You have loads the different selections here, relying on your needs for your finished product.

If you planning on attaching your small felt flowers or patches to your clothes, canvas, or any kind of other fabric:

Fabric glue continues to be flexible when dry, generally comes in a spray bottle making it much easier to apply, and also can it is in safely put through the washer and dryer without coming apart. (Vital for clothing projects!)

For strictly indoors decorative-only feeling flowers:

You deserve to choose practically any adhesive you like. Elmer’s school Glue is extremely cheap and also will work simply fine. Simply bear in mind her finished product will certainly not be as versatile as if you had used cloth glue, and it i will not ~ be waterproof.

Best glue because that Needle Felting

The beauty beauty of needle felting is the you don’t require glue in ~ all, but you may sometimes desire to attach tiny decorations made from glass, plastic, steel or some other non-felt product to her needle felting creations.

In this case, your finest option is to use E6000 handmade glue. 

E6000 functions on glass, plastic, metal, and also fabric, dries clear and also remains flexible when it’s cured.

It’s a little tricky to apply, but you have the right to use a toothpick to use a small amount to small decorations.

It’s viscous enough that it won’t seep into your felt also much. Simply make sure you needle the felt well so it’s quite dense before you usage it.


Felt is an easy material come glue.

The best options for most circumstances room to usage Aleene’s Fabric fusion fabric glue for cloth projects, or to use a strong spray adhesive choose 3M 77 Spray Adhesive for attaching felt to solid objects.

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The finest glue because that attaching decorations to needle felting developments is E6000 handmade glue.