Hi guys, accumulation are acquiring tight so ns was spring to begin doing some work myself. I have three shafts I want to install Nike flexloft adapters on to. What is the finest yet affordable epoxy to use, golfworks? What room you using?


Thanks Guys!!!!

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Black stuff from golfsmith or golfworks is yes, really good...24 hr yet can add heat to it to set it turn off quicker...5-10 minute is ok yet lots o difficulties with it....mainly ferrules wont continue to be put...few heads have worked loose....not with black stuff though....


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i usage a japanese brand that is used for radio controlled carsand models. Its rapid acting and dries in 5 mins. Most contractors in japan use this stuff as there is no curing timeother 보다 the early 5 mins


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Epoxy is a touchy topic for some, some think you have to only use a golf particular epoxy and also others believe that is nonsense. Anyone is licensed has been granted to execute things their very own way, so an ext power come em.Personally I usage Permatex products, generally available in most auto parts stores. For metal to metal, I usage Permatex Multi-Metal 4min - that cures an extremely quickly, is really thick/doesn"t sag and also as an added bonus has very small particles of metal mixed right into it which help in both centering the shaft and removing a head after it is set up with this epoxy, since the steel particles warm up and sort of spread out the warmth to the remainder of the epoxy the shortcut breaks really quick, that is also a 4500psi tensile stamin epoxy i m sorry is quite substantial. For graphite to metal I usage the Permatex 30min high stamin clear, I usage it mostly due to the fact that it has actually a low relax temperature that is under 200°F, this ensures any graphite obelisk I eliminate that was set up with it will not have to be "over heated" to rest the epoxy bond and also possibly additionally damage the materials that host the obelisk together, it has actually a 3500psi tensile toughness which is also more than sufficient.I"ve offered lots of different epoxy trying to discover the ones I choose most, which are at this time the Permatex products due to lull of accessibility and they also fit the application I"m making use of them for. There room a many of an excellent epoxies out there, you should additionally remember the 90% that the work getting the best possible bond is suitable prep and proper mixing.

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