Safety is just one of the significant concerns if working with computers. You must be careful around the potential perils such as heat, electricity, and electrostatic discharge the can harm both you and also the computer systems. The safety and security at workplace describes the safety steps that room taken in ~ your rectal while using computer components.

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Any form of devices that that deserve to herm the atmosphere or the peoples using it has actually Material safety Data Sheets (MSDS) connected with it. This MSDS are produced by manufacturers. You can acquire them either from the manufacturer or the environmental protection company at

Section 6.1.1: ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)

The Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) occurs once there is an imbalance of electron on a surface or in environment. The imbalance of electrons create an electric field the affects the objects ring it. ESD commonly occurs by rubbing objects v each other. For instance if you rub your feet top top a carpet and also then touch a irradiate switch then ESD will certainly occur and also you will feel an electric shock. This is since the 2 objects will try to exchange electron in order to standardize the electrostatic charge in between them. The thing with greater charge passes the voltage to the thing with reduced charge.


Just by sitting on chair you create 100 volts of revolution discharge. Rubbing her shoe sole on a carpet can generate 20,000 volts. The lowest-static voltage shock that humans can feel is about 3,000 volts. However, this shock deserve to not electrocute a person because there is extremely little current. However a computer system component deserve to be ruined with as little charge as 80 volts. The thousands of volts of ESD developing in person body can damage electrical components without you even realizing it.

The ESD emerging in computer components and also integrated circuits have the right to change, degrade, and destroy them. The farming use of safety metallic oxide semiconductor (CMOS) chips in combined circuits (ICs) has actually increased the opportunity of damages resulted in by ESD. The damages brought about by ESD can be prevented with careful static control.

To safeguard devices indigenous electrostatically induced damages, you have the right to use:

Antistatic Wrist Straps: Antistatic wrist straps permit safe dissipation the electrostatic discharge native the body to soil if they room worn properly. One end of antistatic wrist strap need to be base to the planet through the base outlet such together grounded pen or extension chord and the other end should be worn about the wrist, as presented in figure 71.


Figure 71

Antistatic Bags: Antistatic Bags together as revolution Shielding bags, ESD containers, and Conductive bags need to be provided to safeguard sensitive electronic gadgets from electrostatic discharge. These bags have the right to collect the revolution charges external the bags and also protect the digital components. But they cannot drain the fee away. Anytime a brand-new component is purchase they are packed in antistatic bags. ESD revolution Mats, Garments and Floors: The ESD mats or antistatic mats drain the excess fee away native an item. They should be provided in enhancement to antistatic wrist straps. Besides, the ESD floor materials, ESD static manage garments, and proper footwear provides a grounding course for dissipating electrostatic fees that may exist ~ above a person.

Section 6.1.2: Working with High Voltage

The computer devices such as CRT monitors and also power supply lug high voltages. Monitors and also power supplies organize the fee for a lengthy time even after the power is disconnected. A CRT monitor has a high-voltage anode within it the may carry a fee of as much as 25,000 volts. While working through CRT monitors or to make some interior adjustments to them, it"s safe to discharge castle first. If girlfriend don"t discharge the monitor you can obtain electrocuted.

Power supplies likewise contain lethal charges also after disconnecting them from power plugs. This is due to the fact that they contain numerous capacitors that have the right to hold electricity. It is therefore extremely dangerous to open the case of a power supply. Instead of opened them and also repairing them it is constantly recommended to change them due to the fact that they room not expensive also besides gift dangerous.

Section 6.1.3: relocating Equipments

At her workplace, plenty of times it becomes your need to relocate equipments from one ar to another usually once you shift or office or place of occupational or for any kind of other reason. If moving computer system equipments, eliminate all cables and move lock in together a means that you do not injury them. Relocating them in variety may damage them

While moving computer equipment indigenous one place to another, make sure that you usage carts for hefty objects and also the route that you room using for acquisition these object is totally free of safety perils otherwise you may fall and hurt yourself. Girlfriend should constantly lift equipments through bending knees and not the waist. Monitors must be carried with the glass facing towards your body.

Section 6.1.4: electric Tripping

The electric circuits these days come fitted v a circuit breaker fuse system so that the switch can be tripped, if a error develops. A Circuit breaker detects electric leakages v the earthing that the equipment. It is of utmost importance that all electric appliances having actually a metal body are appropriately earthed. In instance of an electric leakage, the present the totality metal body of one appliance will be electrified and anyone that touches the apparatus currently will it is in electrocuted.

Sometimes a situation called nuisance tripping occurs whereby the tripping occurs regularly without any type of serious condition. The surge protectors can aid in reducing the nuisance trips. A rise protector protects electrical tools from voltage spikes by regulating the voltage supplied to the maker by one of two people blocking or through shorting to ground voltages above a safe threshold. The rise protectors room usually constructed into UPS systems. However, if your UPS does not have actually it then you can add it to the outlet of the UPS to protect it indigenous damage.

One thing that you must be careful about is not plugging your computer or UPS right into a ground error circuit interrupter (GFCI) receptacle. This is because GFCIs are intended come be supplied in wet places and they trip really easily.

Section 6.1.5: Extinguishing electric Fires

Although, functioning with computers or repairing them execute not reason electrical fires, that is crucial that know how to extinguish electrical fires. There space three significant types of fire extinguishers:

Type A - for hardwood and document fires form B - because that flammable liquids type C - for electrical fires

Besides, there is a polytheistic fire extinguisher i m sorry is ABC type and which deserve to be supplied in all instances of fire. If girlfriend don"t have form C fire extinguisher to extinguish electrical fire, you can use type ABC fire extinguisher.

Section 6.1.6: Working with Liquids

Liquids room very an excellent conductors of electricity and can cause electric currents and severe loss if spilled in between electrical equipments. Certain special objective liquids are but exceptionally used to clean electric equipments. For example cleaning alcohol and denatured isopropil alcohol is generally used because that cleaning motherboard and also electronic connectors on development cards. The denatured isopropyl alcohol gets rid of oxidation native the connectors and pin contact of PCBs.

Section 6.1.7: Atmospheric Hazards

The dust and also other waiting borne contaminators have the right to be traction into computers and collection themselves inside. Together they construct up lock hinder the fans capacity to reduce heat and also cause the contents inside the computer instance to become hotter. The heat inside a system reasons Chip creep, i m sorry is a phenomenon of progressively loosing of a chip native its socket as a result of expansion and contraction as result of system heat up and also cool down.

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To settle chip creep, users of older equipment would frequently have to eliminate the case cover and also push the loosened chip ago into the CPU socket. To remove dust from inside of computer systems you have the right to use compressed air blown in brief bursts. Compressed waiting cans have to be organized 23 inches native the system and also should always be supplied upright to ensure that the content is released together gas.