Jamaican banknotes room issued in denominations of $50, $100, $500, $1000 and $5000. The note are every one of the same size (145 x 68 mm). Each note has a unique watermark, namely the portrait that is featured top top the specific note. The serial number shows up twice ~ above the confront of every note, vertically come the left the the portrait and also horizontally ~ above the much right that the note. Every edition the the keep in mind carries the day of printing and also the signature that the branch of the bank of Jamaica. Special signs to help the visually impaired appear on the front of all notes except the $1000 and also $5000. Instead, these high worth notes have their denomination published in bold numerals to the bottom best hand corner. The front of each note bears the portrait of one of two people a Jamaican nationwide hero or a former Prime Minister, whereas neighborhood scenes and popular landmarks appear on the back.

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The cloak of eight was first granted to Jamaica in 1661. Designed by wilhelm Sandcroft, the then Archbishop that Canterbury, it shows a male and also female Taino Indian was standing on either side of the shield, which bear a red cross through five gold pineapples superimposed ~ above it. The crest is a Jamaican crocodile surmounting the imperial helmet and also mantlings. The initial Latin motto Indus Uterque Serviet Uni was adjusted to one in English, out of Many, One world , in 1962, the year of Jamaica’s independence.

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The Rt. Wonderful Samuel Sharpe, nationwide HeroSamuel Sharpe to be an educated town servant who became leader the the native Baptist church in Montego Bay, and also used spiritual meetings come betterworld2016.organise activities for the slaves. Sharpe expressed his concerns around events in England which impacted the slaves and also Jamaica, and devised a plan of passive resistance in which the slaves would refuse to occupational on Christmas job of 1831 and also afterwards, uneven their grievances to be heard and also accepted by the heritage owners and managers. As soon as some that the planters heard that Sharpe’s plan, troops and warships were sent to Montego Bay and Black River. On 27 December 1831, Kensington Estate an excellent House, in St James, was collection on fire. This signaled the begin of the servant rebellion i beg your pardon lasted eight days and also resulted in the deaths that 14 whites and much more than 500 slaves. On 23 may 1832, Sam Sharpe was hanged in ~ the parade in Montego Bay, currently renamed Sam Sharpe Square.

Centre : Morning glory (Ipomoea)Morning glory is uncovered in the West Indies, and also in north America, Asia and also South Africa. The is a perennial climbing plant that grows as much as 30 feet high. The flowers room trumpet-shaped and large, and may it is in pink, rose, red, white, blue or purple. Castle are regularly bi-coloured v edging, stripes or flecks, and are occasionally fragrant.

Blind featureVertical line on right and also left political parties of note.



Doctor’s cave Beach, Montego BayThe world-famous Doctor’s cavern Beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica, was originally owned by Dr. Alexander James McCathy. He and also his father, who was also a physician, and other girlfriend in the clinical profession, had used the beach together a refreshing spa. At the time, access to the coast was through a cave. For that reason, it became widely known as the Doctor’s Cave. In 1906, Dr. McCathy donated the property to be used as a windy beach.

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Sir Donald SangsterDonald Sangster to be born on 26 October 1911, in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. After ~ graduating native Munro College, the outstanding sportsman started studies as a solicitor, but entered the ar of politics prior to finishing his studies. After completing his researches in law, he was admitted come the Court of Judicature in august 1937. Sangster was chosen a member the the home of representatives in 1949 and the complying with year became Minister of society Welfare under the Jamaica labour Party (JLP). In that very same year, Sangster ended up being the party’s very first Deputy Leader and also in 1953 to be appointed Minister the Finance. As soon as Jamaica became independent in 1962, Donald Sangster to be again called Minister the Finance. In 1964, when Sir Alexander Bustamante, the then Prime Minister dropped ill, Donald Sangster was asked to act in that position. He eventually led his party to win the general elections and also in February 1967, came to be Prime Minister. Sangster’s tenure as Prime Minister was, however, short-lived together he happen away two months later, top top 11 April. Throughout his political career, teacher Donald made significant contributions come the Commonwealth, gyeongju relations and also the principles of houses of parliament government.

Centre: Map of Jamaica & Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia)The Jacaranda family, aboriginal to southern America, consists of much more than fifty species, of i m sorry the J. Mimosifolia is the most widely planted and admired. This deciduous tree grows very fast and also likes fertile, clear areas. It does not grow well in heavy wet soils. The Jacaranda produce vivid lilac/purple-blue swarm of trumpet-shaped blossoms, which appear in the summer. The ferny pipeline of the tree are reminiscent the those of the mimosa, thus its botanical name.

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Dunn’s river FallsDunn’s River drops are uncovered on Dunn’s river in Jamaica. Lock are about 1 mile native the town of Ocho Rios, top top the northern coastline of Jamaica. The falls, believed to be the just waterfall in the world, which creates the mouth the a river, are 200 metres high. There space a series of cataracts and also several plateaux, which world can climb. Dunn’s River falls is among Jamaica’s most famous tourist attractions.

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The Rt. Excellent Nanny that the MaroonsNational heroine, Nanny, stands out in background as the only female amongst Jamaica’s national heroes. She to be a leader of the Maroons in ~ the beginning of the 18th century and also was known by both her people and also the British settlers as superb military leader. She became a prize of unity and strength because that her human being during times of crisis and was specifically important to them in the fierce fight v the British throughout the very first Maroon war from 1720 come 1739. Nanny (or ‘Granny Nanny’, as she was affectionately known) is claimed to have actually been a small, wiry woman with piercing eyes. Her affect over the Maroons was so solid that it seemed to be supernatural. Favor the heroes that the pre-independence era, Nanny also met her untimely death at the instigation of the English part time about 1734. However, the spirit of Nanny the the Maroons remains today together a symbol of the indomitable desire the will never ever yield come captivity.

Centre: HibiscusHibiscus is a tropic flower of good and universally admired beauty. Although indigenous to Asia, Australia, the southern Pacific and also Hawaii, it deserve to be discovered in virtually every island in the Caribbean. In Jamaica, the is regularly referred to together ‘shoe black’, since the crushed flower was frequently used as black color shoe polish. Hibiscus is a favourite fence shrub almost everywhere the island.

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Old Map the Jamaica highlighting harbor RoyalOriginally known as Cayo de Carena, Port imperial was the most essential city in Jamaica in the latter half of the 17th century. It to be the haven because that pirates such as Sir Henry Mbetterworld2016.organ, as well as being the island’s chief trading centre because that sugar, slaves and raw materials. Harbor Royal, which became known as the ‘richest and also wickedest city in the world’, was destroyed by a substantial earthquake, i beg your pardon plunged fifty percent of the city in ~ the sea, ~ above 07 June 1692. In the 18th century, Port imperial was also crucial naval station. Today, it is among the island’s traveler attractions, and also is noted for that is sidewalk ‘fish and bammy’ restaurants.

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The Honourable Michael Norman Manley, O.M. O.C.C. LL.D. (Hon.)Michael Manley to be the child of nationwide Hero, Norman Washington Manley and also the late Edna Manley, artist and sculptress. He to be born in Jamaica top top 10 December 1924 and received his early on education at Jamaica College. After graduating from the London school of Economics, Manley returned to Jamaica and became actively involved in the trade union movement. In 1952, he entered politics and was elected to the nationwide Executive council of the People’s national Party (PNP). Manley became President that the PNP in 1969 and also won three general elections in 1972, 1976 and also 1989. Throughout his tenure as Prime Minister, the instituted social and also economic revolutionary such together the National real estate Trust, Maternity Leave and Minimum fairy Laws, Bastardy Act, labour Relations & Industrial disputes Act and also the National literacy Programme. He contributed much towards obtaining equal avenues for ladies at the workplace and women’s legal rights in general. Internationally, Manley was concerned as an support for higher parity of third World nations in global affairs and also was important in gaining acceptance of the new World economic Order. He was the recipient of number of honorary degrees from assorted universities across the world. Michael Manley voluntarily resigned as Prime Minister that Jamaica and also President the the PNP in 1992. He died on 06 in march 1997. More>>

Centre: Swallow-tailed butterflies (papilio homerus fabricius)The gigantic swallow-tailed butterfly is an threatened butterfly uncovered only in Jamaica. With an typical wingspan the 15cm (6 in.), that is thought about to be the biggest of the true swallow-tailed types in the world and also the biggest butterfly in the Americas.



Jamaica HouseWhen Jamaica became independent in 1962, the decision was taken to construct an main residence for the element Minister. 2 competitions were introduced – one to choose a design and also the other to select a name for the brand-new building. Architects Lloyd A. Shearer and also Marvin D. Goodman winner the architecture competition which carried a prize of ₤200. Building was lugged out in between July 1963 and also August 1964 by contractors McGregor & levy Ltd. That the thousands of entries, 74 suggested that the building be named ‘Jamaica House’. Jamaica house is situated at hope Road, Kingston and also is used, today, mainly as offices of the prime Minister.

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Rt. Honourable Hugh Lawson Shearer ON, PC, OJ, LLD (Hon) (May 18, 1923- July 5, 2004)Mr. Hugh Shearer to be prime minister the Jamaica throughout the duration April 11, 1967 to March 2, 1972. He was born in the town of Martha Brae close to Falmouth Trelawny and attended the Falmouth main School and St. Simon’s college in Kingston. He gotten in representational politics in 1947 (KSAC) and also served together Member that Parliament because that West Kingston, 1955-59, and later for southern Eastern Clarendon, 1967-93. He additionally served together Senator in the intervening years.

Mr. Shearer was an exceptional Trade Unionist and also was appointed Assistant basic Secretary the the Bustamante industrial Trades Union (BITU) in 1947, its Island at sight in 1953, Vice-President in 1969 and President-General in 1977. The was chosen Chairman that the Joint trade Unions research study Centre in 1992. Two nationwide honours were conferred top top him throughout his lifetime: The order of Jamaica in 1990 and also The order of the nation in 2002.

Centre: Jamaican Nightingale (Minus polyglotto).

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The back of the note functions the blossoms of the Frangipani (Plumeria rubra) and also an aerial check out of Highway 2000.