Monolithic quartz is a quartz the is uncovered naturally in its initial form, often with sparkling angular stalactites. Often expert feng shui players regularly use monolithic quartz stones and also pedestals to use.

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Theoretically a monolithic natural quartz rock will maintain a more powerful energy resource than a processed stone. Much more or much less monolithic quartz additionally retains its entire natural kind over numerous years.
1. Improving feng-shui and accumulating resources: location raw quartz indoors that has actually the effect of chemistry dissipation, in addition to being able to accumulate and accumulate.
3. Anti-magnetic wave emitted native televisions, computers, microwaves - In enhancement to televisions, computers, microwaves, put a product of the white quartz family to mitigate emitted radiation, stop affects human health.

4. The house is not directed - the contrary the door is the key road, or the home is in ~ the corner of the L-shaped street, the door has actually a huge tree, or the power pole should location a unstable quartz rock in front of the house or the corner of the house. To stop things indigenous harming her family. That is feasible to usage some much more polished quartz commodities placed in the residence will be very good.

6. The phenomenon of sleep paralysis: spreading raw pink quartz under the bed or using a unstable pink quartz stone on the head that the bed will help you to gradually reduce the phenomenon of sleep paralysis, and also at the exact same time aid your sleep emotion deeper. Will certainly feel refreshed ~ waking up.

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Nha mountain Tay Nguyen - an resolve specializing in providing raw quartz products, natural monoliths to offer to deal with feng-shui troubles in provinces, especially in Ho Chi Minh City.

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