The Standing long jump, likewise called the wide Jump, is a common and also easy to carry out test the explosive foot power. It is among the fitness test in the NFL Combine. The standing long jump was additionally once an event at the Olympic Games, and also is also an occasion in sporting activities Hall competitions in the UK and part of the strength quadrathlon and jumps decathlon assessment.

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purpose: to measure the explosive power of the legs

equipment required: tape measure to measure distance jumped, non-slip floor for takeoff, and soft landing area preferred. Commercial long Jump Landing mats are additionally available.

pre-test: Explain the test procedures to the subject. Carry out screening of wellness risks and also obtain educated consent. Prepare forms and also record simple information such together age, height, body weight, gender and also test conditions. Check and calibrate tools if required. Carry out a conventional warm-up. The take off line should be plainly marked. See an ext details that pre-test procedures.


procedure: The athlete was standing behind a linemarked on the ground through feet slightly apart. A two foot take-offand landing is used, with swinging the the arms and also bending ofthe knee to administer forward drive. The topic attempts to jump as far as possible, landing on both feet there is no falling backwards. 3 attempts space allowed. Check out some lengthy jump video clip examples.

scoring: The measurement is taken native take-off line to the nearestpoint of contact on the landing (back the the heels). Record the longest distancejumped, the ideal of three attempts. The table below gives a rating range for thestanding long jump test because that adults, based on personal experiences. Check out some athlete outcomes for the long jump test. Girlfriend can also use this calculator to transform cm come feet and inches.

males females rating (cm) (feet, inches)(cm) (feet, inches)
excellent> 250> 8" 2.5"> 200> 6" 6.5"
very good241-2507" 11" — 8" 2.5"191-2006" 3" — 6" 6.5"
above average231-2407" 7" — 7" 10.5"181-1905" 11.5" — 6" 2.5"
average221-2307" 3" — 7" 6.5"171-1805" 7.5" — 5" 11"
below average211-2206" 11" — 7" 2.5"161-1705" 3.5" — 5" 7"
poor191-2106" 3" — 6" 10.5"141-1604" 7.5" — 5" 2.5"
very poorEurofit test recommends making use of a graduated mat for ease of recording jump distance on the landing surface.

advantages: this check is an easy and fast to perform, requiring minimal equipment.

disadvantages: there is some ability component in this test.

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comments: Fallingor stepping behind after the landing will result inmeasurement to that point of call rather thanwhere the feet very first touched. Some topics will try to use a step at take-off, i beg your pardon is no allowed. The people Record because that the standing lengthy jump is hosted by Norwegian Arne Tvervaag, that jumped 3.71 meter (12 feet 2.1 inches).