This publication has been reviewed by focus on the Family’s marriage and parenting magazine. The is 2nd book in the “Artemis Fowl” series.

Artemis bird II, a 13-year-old angry genius, learns the his absent father is alive and also being held for ransom by the Mafia in Russia. He and also his gigantic, highly-trained human body guard, Butler, prepare come rescue Artemis I as soon as they’re called below ground through the Lower elements Police (the fairy recon squad) for questioning.

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In book one, Artemis disrupted the fairy human being by thefts their spiritual book, kidnapping a Lower facets Police (LEP) officer called Holly Short and extorting fairy gold. Now, together goblins smuggle contraband native the human human being — a plan too complicated for them to create on their own — the LEP suspect Artemis is the goblins’ human suggest of contact. Holly and her superior, commander Julius Root, question Artemis and also clear the of suspicion. Root states if Artemis will aid the fairies record the real culprit, the (Root) and also Holly will aid Artemis rescue his father.

Butler halts the human being who is helping the goblin squad (known together the B’wa Kell), yet the LEP remain unaware that a disgraced member of their squad (Cudgeon) and their main an innovation supplier (Opal Koboi) have masterminded the B’wa Kell’s procedure as a cover because that their larger plot to acquire revenge and also power. As Artemis, Butler, Holly and also Root fight goblins, arctic conditions and also nuclear radiation in Russia, Opal, Cudgeon and also the goblins shut down all LEP systems listed below ground and trap Foaly, a excellent LEP technician and centaur, in his operations booth to framework him for instigating the revolution.

Though Cudgeon and Opal have disabled all LEP systems and also weaponry, Foaly offers the laptop LEP confiscated indigenous Artemis to send the team in Russia indigenous of the revolution. Root, Artemis, Holly and Butler quickly change course, picking up kleptomaniac dwarf Mulch Diggums in Beverly Hills prior to heading back underground. Besides having superb burrowing abilities, Mulch to know the layout of Koboi Industries and also the method the structure was constructed. He helps the team infiltrate the Koboi headquarters and also neutralize Cudgeon, Opal and the B’wa Kell.

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Artemis’ team returns come Russia, where they directly save Artemis ns from his kidnappers. Artemis II returns residence after a trusted parting with Holly. He must pretend to know nothing around the events in Russia, while butler ensures Artemis ns is receiving therapy in a Finnish hospital until he’s able to return home.