When us arrange things in order, native a greater value to a reduced value, that is well-known as the descending order or the decreasing order. Diminish is something comparable to what we carry out while sliding down a ramp. As soon as we on slide down, we save on decreasing our elevation from the ground. Hence, us are known to "descend" to the ground. In this lesson, us will discover all about the to decrease order.

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1.What Is to decrease Order?
2.Descending stimulate Symbol
3.Rules of diminish Order
4.Decimals in descending Order
5.FAQs on descending Order

What Is diminish Order?

Arranging in diminish order method arranging any data choose numbers, alphabets, quantities, lengths, etc., from the highest possible to the lowest. In various other words, as soon as we arrange points in an order from a higher value come a reduced value, castle are claimed to be in diminish order. Number likewhole numbers,natural numbers,integers,fractions, decimals have the right to be arranged in diminish order. Because that example, let united state arrange7,3,9,2 in diminish order. Us will start with thelargestnumber and move towards the smaller numbers one by one.These numbers, as soon as arranged in diminish order, are written as: 9,7,3,2.


Descending stimulate Symbol

The symbol provided to create numbers in descending bespeak is ">." It represents if the succession is in a diminish or enhancing order. Because that example, let united state arrange the number 2, 4, 6, 1, 5, and also 7 in to decrease order. When we arrange these numbers in diminish order, the prize is placed in the adhering to way, where the open end faces towards the enlarge number:7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2 > 1.

Rules of diminish Order

Backward counting requires arranging numbers in diminish order and also forward counting requires arranging the numbers in ascending order. However, acertain variety of rules should be followed while arranging any kind of items in diminish order. The rules space as follows:

The an initial number should always be the largest number.The number should always be in order indigenous the largestto the smallest.The last number should always be the smallest.

Decimals in to decrease Order

Decimals room arranged in descending stimulate by looking in ~ the digits from left to best according come the ar value of decimal numbers. First, us look at the totality number part. If the digit in the whole number part is the exact same for 2 or an ext numbers, then us look at the digit at the tenth location of the number (i.e., the an initial digit to the appropriate of the decimal point). If the number in the tenths place is likewise the same, then we look at the digit at the hundredth place and also so on. This is exactly how we arrange decimal in diminish or to decrease order. For example, 5.9 > 3.67 > 2.45 > 2.41 > 2.07 > 1.99 mirrors the plan of decimal number in to decrease order.

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Solved instances on descending Order

Example 1: Emma and her friends made a perform of the number of trees in their neighborhood as follows: 10,19,8,17,7,23. Kinds the list in descending order.


Descending method an plan from the greatest to the lowest. Hence, the number of trees will be i ordered it in to decrease order together follows23,19,17,10,8,7

Therefore, 23,19,17,10,8,7

Example 2: In a school, a teacher tape-recorded the heights of 5 students in her class. The heights room 3feet7inches, 3feet4inches, 3feet2inches, 4feet2inches, and also 3feet8inches.Arrange the heights in diminish order.


To kinds the heights in descending order, we begin with the tallest student. The heights in descending order are 4feet2inches, 3feet8inches, 3feet7inches, 3feet4inches, and also 3feet2inches. Therefore,4feet2inches > 3feet8inches >3feet7inches >3feet4inches> 3feet2inches.

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FAQs on descending Order

How do you kinds in descending Order?

Descending bespeak is an arrangement of number from the largest to the smallest. We begin arranging the numbers by placing the largest number an initial and relocate towards the smaller numbers one by one. Because that example, if us arrange the numbers, 63, 99, 10, 87, 35 in descending order, we create them as 99, 87, 63, 35,10.

What Is theDescending stimulate Sign?

The symbol provided to arrange number in descending bespeak is ">".When we arrange numbers in to decrease order, the symbol is placed in a way such that the open finish faces in the direction of the larger number. For example, below is a list of number arranged in diminish order. 37 > 26 > 15 > 4 > 3 > 2 > 1.

What Is the Difference in between Ascending and Descending Order?

Ascending stimulate is the setup of number from the smallest to the largest. For example, the following numbers room in ascending order: 3,15, 28, 49. Descending stimulate is an setup of numbers from the largest to the smallest. For example, the numbers45, 32, 26, 12 space arranged in to decrease order.

How to Arrange decimal in DescendingOrder?

Decimals are arranged in descending bespeak by looking at the number from left come right. First, us compare the non-decimal component and arrange it in to decrease order. Now, for the ones which have actually the same non-decimal part, we need to compare the decimal part. We perform thisaccording come the place value of decimal numbers. We know that because that the number 2.45 and also 2.41, the non-decimal component is the same. So, us compare the decimal part. After comparing 0.45 and also 0.41, we have the right to see the 0.45 is the greater one. Hence, 2.45 will certainly come before 2.41. Because that example, 5.9 > 3.67 > 2.45 > 2.41 > 2.07 > 1.99 reflects the plan of decimal number in to decrease order.

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Is Ascending Order the smallest to Largest?

Yes, as soon as we arrange things in order, from a reduced value to a greater value, it is known as the ascending order or the raising order. In this arrangement, we ar the the smallest value first and move towards the bigger numbers one by one. For example, the numbers: 3, 5, 14, 27 space arranged in ascending order.