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I to be chatting to a couple of guy"s the various other day and one of them come out v a story about seeing a shark up near the troy dam. Story went something like this "I was the end fishing one night, wading in a tiny and every one of a sudden a 6 foot shark came ideal up near me, man I have the right to tell you, gained out the there, and also I don"t get in the water anymore" There was more, consisting of some sort of one explanation on why he to be wading right into the river, every one of which evidenced (of course) by his friend. Mainly I figure they were simply telling whoppers, however it did gain me thinking. I know Bull sharks deserve to swim far up rivers. For this reason my concern is, has anyone had any real personal(not hearsay) endure with any sort of shark up the Hudson?


if i had to gambling i would say sturgeon.we captured 4 critical year in albany from 3" to over 4" so could be....but you never know........
Spend a most time top top the river, especially by the dam. Generally fishing that by beforehand to mid March. I"ve likewise seen seals, crabs & sturgeon. My guess would be sturgeon, or a real large pike (i"ve recorded a pair in the 42 come 45 inch range. Maybe it to be a tiny killer whale.
Hmm, would be interesting to catch a sturgeon. Ns haven"t seen any "sea life" various other than the anadromous people (herring, striper, etc) however I have read the there provided to be whales occasionally found getting lost and going up the Hudson.I don"t yes, really see any type of reason that a bull shark wouldn"t monitor the groups of herring and also striper. Would certainly be nice awesome to have actually that on the finish of your line.
While I constantly take many "fish stories" through a serial of salt, I absolutely don"t doubt the possibilities. Not as well long ago I remember analysis an article about a boat of biologists functioning on the grape max River captured or netted one 8" bull shark. There have actually been documented cases of Bull sharks walking up flow over 1000 miles. Trojan dam is only around 150 miles from the atlantic...
yes ther have been sharks up around albany and troy. Unfortunately they have all been dead.. State biologist assumed that boats traveling earlier up the hudson from nyc dumped them after deciding they didnt desire to save them or to mess with peoples heads. Either method its wasteful
Well ns guess ns will have to keep mine eyes open up this year, and also maybe throw out some huge chunks with steel and also see if i can"t luck into one. Would certainly be a fun battle.
Bullsharks room the only species of shark that have the right to go directly from saltwater come fresh due to their special kidneys...
yup just like gunner stated, bullsharks have the capability to adapt, so its no out the the question however rare the they can stray that much up river.
I believe this happened about three years ago.this man was netting herring in the Poestenkill late at night,a man that ns no to be doing the exact same thing not much from him.He heard a large commotion under stream and also ran under their,when he acquired their the the guy was scared fifty percent to death, he claimed he seen a shark the it came best up to him and he ran the end of the water.The guy that I know asked him if the was sure it to be a shark and also he said he knows what a shark looks like.So the guy I no to be a little skeptical therefore he did part research and found out that bull sharks usage be this much north i think earlier 50"s an ext than civilization would desire to no about.So needless to say that very possible that this stry could be true.
I think it"s completely possible. Top top a side note there was a harbor seal in mine family"s just in Athens critical week.
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I think it"s entirely possible. Top top a side keep in mind there was a port seal in mine family"s just in Athens critical week.
WOW, was thinking if i should article this or not but what the heck. About 10yrs earlier my fatherinlaw and i to be fishing just below troy dam. We were useing live herring and also chunck once on my live herring pole bend over and also then slacked. Ns reeled up and also my live herring was little compleatly off over gill plate through with just component of head left. A minute later on my various other pole through chunck started to go and also went slack and line was broke off around 10 inches over my chunck. Us were like what the hell is over there sharks in here and also laughed. Mine fatherinlaw happen 3 yrs ago. But before he passed he stated he to be going to capture a shark lol. It never ever happend but he really believed he to be going to catch one. What else can it be. You decision lol. BE safe AND great FISHING :salute:
I think the likelihood would rely on exactly how prevalent bull sharks are where the hudson and also atlantic meet. Would you legally have the ability to keep a bull shark if girlfriend did manage to land one in the hudson?
I not think bull sharks are approximately the hudson river. I have fished for sharks and never got a bull shark right here long island or montauk. Yet i have actually in florida.
First off, Wow. Lot an ext people have actually chimed in top top this 보다 I expected, maybe there is something come the story i heard!Secondly, native what I have actually researched the Bull Sharks selection does go all the means up the eastern coast. In reality the DEC has them together a catch able shark. i would have actually to think this shows they do selection up through the NY area in the Atlantic Ocean. Doesn"t typical they necessarily go up the Hudson, yet with their known ability to get in freshwater (and preference of hunting roughly river deltas) it would certainly be possible.

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