Although football is an American game, couple of former oriental NFL football player entertained the fans during the 80s to 90s. However, in current years you have the right to hardly see any kind of top-notch eastern footballers. 

On the various other hand, numerous Asians participate in other American sports, and also they are doing really well. Because that example, the younger generation knows NBA player Jeremy Lin, yet there room no iconic asian NFL football player nowadays. The is why you might probably have come throughout the typical question, are there any Asian NFL players?

In current days there could be very couple of Asian footballers you can recall. But once there were numerous Asians in NFL who are still significant to the 90s football fans. 

We have actually looked at the NFL history from the beginning and also brought out a perform of 10 previous NFL players of oriental ethnicity that shone in the nationwide Football League. 

10 ideal former oriental NFL players

Asians started playing soccer in the 1970s, however, acquired into the NFL in the 1980s. We have taken into consideration all the asian players keenly and also come up with this list. 

#10. Will Demps


Will Demps of the Houston Texans poses for his 2008 NFL headshot at photograph day in Houston, Texas.

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Demps to be a fifty percent Korean previous American soccer Safety. He started his NFL career with the Ravens in 2002. Later on he played because that the Giants and also Texans. However, he went undrafted in 2002, however Ravens signed him anyway, and he stayed with them until 2005. But, the Ravens consisted of him in the team in 2004 for all 16 starting roster. 

In his NFL career, Demps has done 418 tackles, 4.5 sacks, and also 6 interceptions. Alongside he winner the First-team All-MWC compensation 2 times.

#09. Ben Leber

Leber is a half Korean footballer who started his job in 2002 with San Diego Chargers, who later on played v Vikings. During his career, he had 496 tackles through 24 Sacks and also 5 interceptions.Ben began playing football as a junior and also was named to many high college All-America teams. At college level that switched his playing position as linebacker.

Apart from two All huge 12, the doesn’t have any far-reaching achievements. He retired in 2012, after searching for interested teams.

#08. Eugene Chung


Offensive lineman Eugene Chung the the brand-new England Patriots (left) blocks a Los Angeles Rams player during a video game at Anaheim stadion in Anaheim, California

Chung actively played indigenous 1992 to 2000 as an offensive tackle. During these 8 years, he played v 4 different teams and also was a exercise round member with one more 2 more teams. He to be drafted in the 1992 NFL because that the Patriots.

Maybe he was not an extremely successful together a player, however he has actually earned enormous success as a coach. His success came with the Eagles, wherein he to be an asst. Attack line, tight ends, and also run game. Chung was likewise an assistant attack line coach because that Chiefs. Eagles have finished his contract in 2019, and he is not with any kind of team in 2020. 

#07. Brandon Chillar


Brandon Chillar #54 the the green Bay Packers drinks water during practice at summer cultivate camp

Chillar is the second Indian-American player to play in the NFL, the first player was Sanjay Beach. St. Luigi Rams choose Chillar in 2004, who later on played because that Packers. Although his NFL job lasted for just 6 years, he winner a super Bowl throughout that time, which was Chillar’s great achievement. 

In his brief career Chillar had done 327 tackles through 8.5 Sacks and 6 required fumbles. However, he play his best with Packer, where he played 34 gamings with 32 starts. The left the NFL in 2011 and joined  Elite Football organization of India together an advisor.

#06. Johnnie Morton

Although Morton had provided his ideal for the teams, unfortunately, his teams might not execute the favor to him. In 11 year of career, no one of his team could win a trophy as he. Morton was drafted for Detroit Lions, yet he also played because that the Chiefs and 49ers. Moreover, he additionally had a quick career together an MMA fighter. 

He played together a large receiver. In his totality career, Morton’s total receptions were 624 in 8719 receiving yards. Besides, he had 43 receiving touchdowns.

#05. Dat Nguyen

Nguyen was the very first Vietnamese-American to play in the NFL and also was well-known as All-Pro in the NFL. The Cowboys drafted him in 1999, and also he played v them for 7 years. 

He played a total of 90 gamings in i m sorry he had actually a full of 516 tackles, interceptions 7, and quarterback sacks 6.0. However, his NFL career was quick while he had a charismatic university football career, i m sorry inducted him come the university Football room of Fame.

Dat Nguyen retired in 2005 and also later functioned as a coach with Cowboys and Texas A&M.

#04. Tedy Bruschi

3 times Super Bowl and also one agree Bowl winner, Bruschi is Philipino American. He started his professional career in 1996 v the brand-new England Patriots. However, the played189 games for the Patriots until his retirement, in i beg your pardon he was on the beginning roster for 139 times. Besides, he perfect 1110 tackles in addition to 12 interceptions and also 3.5 sacks. 

Tedy likewise had an excellent success in college football. Together a result, he was inducted right into the university Football hall of fame in 2013. Moreover, Bruschi has a distinct record. He was the footballer in NFL background who returned 4 consecutive interceptions for touchdowns. With all the records and also achievements, he retired in 2009.

Because the his consistent performance because that 13 years, Bruschi is thought about as one of the best eastern NFL players.

#03. Roman Gabriel


Roman Gabriel #5 that the Philadelphia Eagles drops back to pass versus the brand-new York Giants throughout an NFL football game

Roman Gabriel is the an initial Filipino-American quarterback, picked in the 1962 NFL draft by Los Angeles Rams. The is thought about one that the ideal NFL players for the quarterback position in the 1960s to 1970s. During his career, Gabriel played for the Rams for 11 years and Eagles for 5 years.

Despite having numerous awards and also achievements, consisting of 4 pro Bowl titles, Gabriel couldn’t touch the at sight bowl. However, he became the MVP in 1969 and also won the NFL comeback player of the year award in 1969. Roman inn is the just quarterback from the era that still has the “lowest interception percentage”. He retirement in 1977 and also served as a coach later on on.

#02. Hines Ward


Wide recipient Hines Ward #86 the the Pittsburgh Steelers stand on the ar prior come a game on September 14, 2008 against the Cleveland Browns

Ward to be a South oriental NFL player that was choose by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1998 draft. Later on he retired in 2011. All his playing career, Hines Ward invested time through the Steelers and also became the all-time leader because that Steelers together a receiver.

With the Steelers, Ward won 2 super Bowl and also 4 agree Bowl. Ward earn the Super key MVP Award for his extraordinary power in Super bowl XL. Besides, he also won some various other awards too. 

Ward was provided as one of eleven NFL players who have actually 1000+ job receptions. Considering his career accomplishments and award, it would not be wrong if you noted him as one of the ideal NFL football player of all

#01. John Lee

So, much you concerned know the 9 asian players in the NFL. Have you ever before wondered who started first? that was the first Asian NFL player? 

John Lee to be drafted as the first Asian player in the NFL. That is a oriental who played together a placekicker in college football because that UCLA Bruins, whereby he came to be a 2 time All-American. Later in 2001, he was inducted right into the UCLA Athletics hall of Fame. Lee began his career v St. Luigi Cardinals, and also he was the 32nd all at once pick. 

His career was much more successful in the NCAA 보다 the NFL. However, man Lee played 3 increased Bowl in 1983, 1984, and also 1986. Later on the LA Raiders signed him for the 1988 season.

These room the handpicked perform of best asian NFL players. Return the USA has millions the Asians, you hardly ever see them playing football. That is since they change their career after college, or sometimes, they have the right to not do it come the NFL.

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But, these peak NFL players of oriental ethnicity will always remain provided in NFL history.