The Georgia department of herbal Resources’ Wildlife department released this screen capture that officials obtained with a report of one alligator sighting ~ above the lake. (Special Photo)

Georgia department of organic Resources officials confirmed they have actually received multiple reports the alligator sightings at Lake Lanier this summer. The tiny critter — it’s estimated to be about two and a fifty percent to three feet in size — has been seen about four times over the last two months, according to DNR Wildlife division spokeswoman Melissa Cummings.

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At the very least some of the sightings have been around Don Carter State Park, on the northern finish of the lake.

“(The) an initial sighting remained in the second week that July,” Cummings claimed in an email. “At this time, there are no to plan to remove it. It gift very tiny threat to any person unless someone were to effort to pick it increase (which we discourage) together it would certainly try to defend itself.”

The alligator is quiet about half the length that a gator gets as soon as it reaches sexual maturity, but wildlife officials estimate the species grows at a rate of eight to 10 inches per year. As it gets bigger, the dimension of the prey it’s ready to pursue will also increase till it eventually goes after pet or tiny domestic pets typically viewed on farms.

It’s not clear just how the alligator gained into the lake, back state wildlife officials have actually their suspicions. Alligators do live in Georgia, however their region is usually restricted to the area south of the autumn line that runs about between Columbus, Macon and also Augusta, follow to DNR officials.

The Wildlife division states on its website that alligators that are uncovered north of the line likely got there with some help from mankind due to the fact that it’s not part of your usual reproduction territory.

“It is believed, although daunting to determine, the this was most likely one the someone acquired at a smaller size (which is illegal) and when it gained a little larger, castle ‘dumped’ it right into Lanier, i beg your pardon is not suitable habitat,” Cummings said.


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