Watching your dog or cat chase after a bug, spider, or various other critter have the right to be amusing. However did you know specific creepy crawlers right here in the Pacific Northwest are dangerous to her pet’s health?

In today’s blog post, we’ll assist you understand which pests and rodents to keep away from your pets. We’ll likewise touch top top what to carry out if your cat or dog comes in contact with a gift creature, and how come make certain these types of critters continue to be out of your home.

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Let’s acquire started!


Common illness Bugs & Rodents Transmit to Pets

Why is it necessary to help your pets avoid contact with specific bugs and also rodents? The same factor you don’t want to come into call with this creatures yourself…safety!

Take a look in ~ some conditions bugs and also rodents in the Portland and also Vancouver area generally carry.

Heartworm (and other parasites)Lyme DiseaseParvoRabies

Portland Bugs & Rodents To store Away From her Pet

We all know Fleas are an annoyance, risk, and common worry for animals. If it’s vital to store your pups or kittens free of fleas, there are a number of other less-commonly believed of pests you should make certain your furry girlfriend avoid.


Just favor with humans, Mosquitoes room a nuisance for dogs and cats, too. This blood-sucking insects deserve to bite her pet and also cause itching and irritation. Even more serious is the spread out of bacteria and also parasites a Mosquito bite can cause.

The most problematic Mosquito-borne an illness is heartworm. Mosquitoes are well-known to carry and transmit this disease from one pet to another. If your dog security a the majority of time outside, perform your ideal to eliminate huge areas of stand water, together this is basic magnet for Mosquitoes.



Ticks are an extremely common in Oregon. This insects space often found in wooded and long grassy areas and will latch onto her pet together they cruise by. When attached, Ticks are very daunting to remove, and also if left alone, they will certainly feed on your pet’s blood until totally engorged. This can selection from 3 come 11 days, and in some varieties up to 3 years!

Ticks are very dangerous to your pets. These bugs have been well-known to consume so much of her pet’s blood that they reason anemia. Female ticks can likewise cause a rarely paralysis in your pet as a an outcome of a toxin that produces while feeding. Deer Ticks are specifically problematic to your pet (and to you!) as they carry Lyme disease.

Use a regular Tick & Flea treatment on her pet to save these blood suckers at bay. Additionally, make sure to examine your pet’s coat and skin for ticks after ~ every the end adventure.

Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs are greatly harmless in the sense that they won’t bite or sting your pet. However, if her dog or cat decides this pest is a quite snack, they deserve to lead to an uncomfortable stomach, consisting of vomiting and diarrhea.

In a worse instance scenario, eat too many stink bugs can cause problems in her pet’s digestive tract, regularly resulting in surgery.


If her pet notices and also is curious about a Caterpillar, it’s ideal to command him or her in the other direction. Some species of Caterpillars have the right to sting and also transmit gift to her pet.

Other Caterpillar species–the Wooly be afflicted with Caterpillar, for example– have actually microscopic hairs the can get stuck in your pet’s mouth and also throat, resulting in coughing, gagging, and also excessive salivation.


Venomous Spiders & Bees

If you don’t want to be stung by it, her pet doesn’t either! poison insect bites and stings indigenous spiders and also bees are an extremely dangerous to your pet. This is specifically true if you have actually a little animal, such together a cat or a toy-breed dog.

Venomous spiders like the Brown Recluse or the black color Widow can reason neuromuscular damage in her pet v a single bite. And also Bees favor Yellow Jackets are well-known to cause allergic reactions, mouth pain, and also swelling in animals.

If you’re suffering a Spider or Bee difficulty in your home, it’s an extremely important (for both you and also your pet’s safety) to get rid of the infestation as quickly as possible.


The good news v Cockroaches is they have tendency to steer clean of dogs and cats, running to hide if they encounter a pet. However, Cockroaches space attracted come pet food. If roaches room sharing her pet’s meals, yes sir a great chance they’re likewise sharing bacteria and viral illness with them.

A good way to protect against this difficulty is to only keep his or she food bowl out throughout meal time. A key filled v food, sitting out at every times is a magnet because that hungry Cockroaches.

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder Bugs aren’t very dangerous to her pooch or feline, yet they deserve to make them feel sick. Thankfully, this bugs have very foul taste, for this reason most pets will prevent eating large quantities (though cats often tend to be much more likely come snack on these bugs 보다 dogs).

If her pet walk ingest a Boxelder Bug, the may cause him or she to salivate excessively or begin vomiting.



Ants deserve to bite and also hurt dogs and also cats, leading to irritation come the skin. Fire Ants are particularly dangerous to her pets, as their gift can cause an allergy reaction.

Additionally, if you have an ant difficulty in your home, opportunities are they’ll uncover a means into your pet’s food. Various other than simply being a large nuisance, this can lead to ants biting your pet’s face and also your pet no wanting come eat anymore.

Mice & Rats

Though it may seem organic for her cat or dog come chase down a computer mouse or Rat, ingesting these rodents have the right to have bad after-effects for her furry ideal friend. Rodents are well-known for carrying many awful diseases–from parasites favor Roundworms to epidemic such as Toxoplasma. These diseases can be transferred to her pet.

Additionally, yes sir a tiny risk of secondary rodent bait poisoning, whereby your pet eats a rodent who has actually recently ingested poisonous bait.

If you’re dealing with a mouse or Rat difficulty in her home, keep your pet for sure by seeking assist from an skilled exterminator.


They may look cute, however Raccoons room not an pet you want to mess with. Not only deserve to these critters cause property damage, they’re additionally known to assault cats and dogs.

Raccoons bring many diseases, yet the most frightening is Rabies. Rabies deserve to betransfer with the saliva of an infected animal and is a public health and wellness threat the is fatal come both pets and animals.

Always avoid permitting your pet to chase after or acquire near a Raccoon.


What if my Pet Eats a Poisonous pest or Rodent?

Was her cat just playing with a gift spider? Did your dog acquire in a fight with a raccoon? depending upon the form of critter you pet come into call with, emergency care may be necessary.

It’s always best to consult with your veterinarian immediately following an insect or rodent incident.

If she not certain whether or not your pets has been in contact through a gift creature, keep an eye out for some typical signs of a problem, including:

Vomiting or diarrheaExcessive droolingLethargySwollen face or mouthRashWorms in the stoolChanges in appetiteCoughingOther uncharacteristic behavior

Be careful When Exterminating Bugs & Rodents

Even if a bug or rodent isn’t hurting her pet, extermination therapies can. A rodent trap may snap closed on your pet’s curious nose or paw. Pets regularly accidentally ingest extermination sprays and also other gift substances expected for insects and rodents.

According to the ASPCA, yearly thousands that beloved household pets suffer and also may dice from accidental ingestion of household poisons…particularly insecticides and also rodenticides.

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When considering a insect extermination method, always choose a pest control company that provides a method that’s for sure for you and your family…including your animals!


Keep Your animals Safe with Pet-Friendly insect Control

At EcoCare pest Control, we get rid of pests in the most environmentally perceptible manner. Our method to pest manage is challenging on pests, and totally safe for both people and also pets!

If you have pets and are handle with an insect or rodent trouble in your home, contact us! we’d love to talk v you and also learn exactly how we can help make your residence a safer location for your pet.