He"s just got the surname at the moment, but actor Seth Rogen has decided that his next venture can involve a podcast.

Taking a little bit of catalyst from other comedian Joe Rogan, he"s decided that he"s going to head into the world of podcast hosting, calling the The Seth Rogen Experience.

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Of course - the similarity falls a bit short when it concerns the spelling, in spite of he and Joe having practically the same surname, they aren"t related.

Seth Rogen was born and raised in Canada, yet Joe Rogan is indigenous the east shore of America. Seth"s family members descend from east Europe, if Joe"s is from west Europe.

A podcast wouldn"t actually be a poor idea - I"m certain we"d all track in come listen. It"s additionally a rather rewarding business venture, if The Joe Rogan endure is noþeles to walk by.

The podcast, which has actually seen the likes of Elon Musk and Mike Tyson gain involved, earned an tremendous $30 million in revenue every single month in 2019.

Forbes released the five biggest podcasts in the civilization with Rogan"s comes in at number one on the apologize charts.

Tom Webster, senior vice chairman at Edison Research, called Forbes: " delivering scale and engagement."

In May, Joe Rogan signed a podcast resolve Spotify worth much more than $100 million (£81.52 million), according to the wall Street Journal.

The transaction will see The Joe Rogan suffer (JRE) moving exclusively to Spotify later this year, through his present library of content becoming accessible on the platform on 1 September.

gikacoustics for expediting the order because that acoustic panels because that our studio. The timeline native the decision to move to Texas to the actual present being taped there was only around 6 weeks. It wouldn"t have actually been feasible without a lot of hustling, and also they yes, really hooked united state up by substantially shortening the wait time. The goal was just gain up and also running in time. Now that we"ve achieved that, I"m to plan the next phase... A post shared through Joe Rogan (
Sharing the news top top Instagram, the presenter/mixed martial artist/stand-up comedian said: "Announcement: the podcast is moving to
spotify! beginning on September 1 the podcast will be accessible on Spotify and all platforms, and also then in ~ the finish of the year it will move solely to Spotify, consisting of the video version.

"It will remain FREE, and it will be the precise same show. It"s just a licensing deal, therefore Spotify won"t have any an imaginative control end the show. They want me come just proceed doing it the method I"m doing it right now.

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"We will certainly still have clips increase on YouTube yet full versions of the show will only be on Spotify after the end of the year.

"I"m excited to have the assistance of the biggest audio platform in the world and I hope you folks room there when we do the switch!"







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