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There room both similarities and differences in between molecules and also polyatomic ions. Very first for the similarities:

atom that are covalently bonded in ~ a molecule are organized together by bag of electrons that room shared between two atoms. The atom that make up a polyatomic ion are additionally covalently bonded, or held...

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There are both similarities and differences between molecules and polyatomic ions. First for the similarities:

Atoms that space covalently bonded within a molecule are hosted together by bag of electron that are shared between two atoms. The atoms that consist of a polyatomic ion are additionally covalently bonded, or held together by mutual pairs that electrons. In both molecules and polyatomic ion the atoms room separated from each other once a chemistry reaction takes place. Phase alters such together melting and also vaporizing don"t involve break of covalent bonds. 

There space two main differences in between molecules and also polyatomic ions:

1. Molecules are electrically neutral while polyatomic ions have a network charge. In the procedure of the ion developing one or more electrons to be either obtained or lost. Most polyatomic ions have actually an overfill of electrons and are because of this negative, such together NO3(-) and SO4(2-). Over there is one typical positive polyatomic ion, NH4(+), which has one much less electron 보다 it go protons. 

2. Molecule exist together molecular compounds, which usually have low melting and also boiling points due to the fact that attractions in between individual molecules are weak. Polyatomic ions exist in ionic compounds. A polyatomic ion is attractive to one or more oppositely fee ions, forming a compound that exists as a crystal lattice of repeating hopeful and an unfavorable ions. Ionic compounds have high melt points due to the fact that a many of energy is needed to overcome the solid attraction in between positive and an unfavorable ions. An instance of a polyatomic ionic compound is salt nitrate, NaNO3, i beg your pardon is do of the optimistic ion Na+ and also the an adverse polyatomic ion NO3(-).