This write-up will emphasis on every little thing Movado, a Swiss watch brand that has actually been approximately for more than a century, and continues to gain popularity today. We’re going come cover the essentials: that is history, reputation, and also quality, simply to surname a few.

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If she thinking about getting your first Movado watch and also still have actually yet to learn about the brand, we’ll help you do your search easier. Because the brand has a lot of styles and collections to select from, this short article will let you narrow under your search.


3 Movado clock Collections3.1 Women’s Movado Watches3.2 Men’s Movado Watches

Movado Brand History

Movado agency Logo |

The agency was originally called LAI Ditescheim & Freres SA, i beg your pardon was started in 1881 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. It remained in 1905 the the name was adjusted to Movado, and in 1983 as soon as it was acquired by American agency North American watch Corp.

The Movado team is one of today’s premier watchmakers, manufacturing and distributing watches because that the adhering to companies: Movado, Ebel, Concord, Olivia Burton, Coach, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Scuderia Ferrari, Rebecca Minkoff, and Uri Minkoff.

The Movado Museum Watch

Movado Museum Watch

Movado has actually both luxury Swiss watches and also what the brand describes as “accessible fashion watches.

The watch version that Movado is widely known for is the top Museum Watch, an elegant and unique watch that continues to be renowned to this day. Design by American designer Nathan George Horwitt in 1947, the timepiece was affected by the Bauhaus arts movement.

The style is one yellow dot inserted at 12 o’clock, i beg your pardon symbolizes the sun during high noon. Horwitt is quoted top top the Movado website as saying: “We execute not recognize time as a number sequence…but by the position of the sun as the planet rotates”.

This watch has become so iconic that it to be selected to be part of the permanent collection the the Museum of modern-day Art in new York City in 1960–the first watch the was ever before given together distinction. It’s currently the factor why it’s referred to as a Museum Watch.

Today, this watches have different versions the the Museum Classic: 28mm or 40mm v different varieties of bracelets (stainless steel, mesh, crocodile-grained leather, and also PVD-finished connect bracelets), and different dials (black, blue, white mom of pearl). Some also have diamond markers, prefer the 28mm Women’s Museum Classic and also the Men’s Museum Classic, i m sorry both have 11 markers.

Explore Movado’s website see every the available models.

If you room interested in watches that came before the Museum and other contemporary Movado timepieces, this article about the company’s “overlooked history” is a must-read.

Movado watch Collections

The Museum may be Movado’s most famous collection, however the company also has a number of collections, most of i beg your pardon we’ll discuss in this section.

Women’s Movado Watches

Bangles Style


Movado has countless models of bangle-style watches because that women.

The Aleena, Amorosa, and also Rondiro are fantastic for women searching for bangle-style bracelets. This are terrific for dressy occasions—the Amorosa, in particular, has actually stunning 18 diamonds ~ above the bracelet.

There’s likewise the simple yet elegant 25mm Bela, i beg your pardon is what Movado describes as a “fashionably slim bangle-style watch.” This watch has a PVD stainless steel instance with a sleek rose gold dot and also hands. The Kora has actually the mom of pearl dial, and also has various models—one has a yellow and also gold PVD-finished case, and another has actually 11 diamond markers.

Link Bracelets

For those who prefer a thicker model, there’s the Masino, i beg your pardon is obtainable in black and blue dials and also gold PVD, and also plain stainless steel connect bracelets. This one has models because that men and women (40mm and also 26mm), and also has a women’s version lined v diamond hour markers.

One that Movado’s celebrity ambassadors is Kerry Washington of ABC present “Scandal.” She has been a companion of the brand since 2005. She has actually been spotted wearing various Movado city hall in the show, through her Olivia Pope character getting the company’s new fans.

Talking about the brand in one interview, Washington said: “The much more I learned about the agency and the much more I met the world here, it just really felt favor an authentic fit for me. Ns think so much of what Movado stand for space things that ns aspire come in my work and in my life…elegance and also classic design but with a contemporary flair.”

Men’s Movado Watches

Museum Watches

The collections that have Horwitt’s single dot architecture are the modern Classic and the Museum Classic, both that which have actually a vast array that designs and also sizes to choose from. If you’re searching for Movado Museum format with an update look, there’s the Moderna, which is a men’s watch that has the above look however has a unique, expanded cube-shaped lug. This is obtainable in 2 designs: stainless stole or gold-plated stainless steel.

There are also collections the pay homage come the company’s wealthy history. One is the Movado 1881 Automatic, i m sorry is the company’s tribute to the year the it to be founded. The city hall in this collection have the classic Museum dot at 12 o’clock but have stamped hour markers and also minute index.

Special version Movado the town hall

There are also the Movado 70th Anniversary special Edition watches, i m sorry commemorated the 70 year of the iconic Movado dial. And special version artist series that consists of a teamwork with Cuban-American artist Carmen Herrera.

There’s space two ultra-slim versions—a 35mm v a white dial for females (edition the 300 pieces), and also a 40mm with black dial because that men. This both have calfskin straps and also a commemorative stole case-back.

Movado sporting activities Watches

Movado isn’t just minimal to the standard Museum design. It additionally has sports designs such together chronographs pilot watches.

First is the 42mm Movado Circa Chronograph, which has actually Arabic character markers and a printed tachymeter scale, a day display at 4 o’clock, and also either a mesh bracelet or animal leather strap. This is available in stainless stole or a gold PVD-finished stainless steel.

Movado Museum Sport

The Movado Museum Sport has a mix of both classic and modern-day designs. It has actually the Museum period at 12 o’clock, and also hour and also minute mite on the dial. Over there are various straps to choose from together well: leather, calfskin, stainless steel, and perforated leather. This watch likewise made it to our perform of Best Swiss city hall Under $500.

Movado series 800

There’s likewise the Movado series 800, a sports watch arsenal that has unidirectional bezels and also screw-down crowns. Accessible in 20mm and also 42mm sizes, these watches are 200m water-resistant, have actually stainless steel cases, and also Arabic minute indexes. Accessible dial colors encompass green, blue, and also black. This collection likewise includes one chronograph model.

Lastly, there’s the SE Pilot, a collection of sleek pilot watches, obtainable in 3 dial colors (blue, grey, and also black). 2 of this 42mm timepieces have a retrograde perpetual calendar, and also all have actually Arabic numerals and also markers, luminescent hands, and Movado’s stainless steel signature dot-motif connect bracelet that has a push-button deployment clasp. All of these watches have a water resistance of 30 meters.

Movado Smartwatches

Note: as of 2021 Movado is no much longer marketing it’s “Connect” heat of smartwatches and they have been gotten rid of from the brand’s website, return you may still see several of the exiting share (or preowned models) being offered online.

One of the an ext recent developments by Movado is a smartwatch—the Movado Connect. It is provided by undertake OS through Google™, this has the same standard Museum design, but on a screen.

This one’s a lot bigger than most of Movado’s men’s the town hall (46.5mm) and also has a 400×400 display screen resolution, connectivity on Bluetooth and also WiFi, and also the extremely long lasting Gorilla Glass. Prefer with other smartwatches, the Movado attach will enable you to have actually an expansion of her phone: usage apps, receive notifications, and respond come messages. This clock is available to both iOS and Android smartphone users.

Here is an unboxing evaluation of the Movado Connect.

This clock isn’t cheap, however. It’s a lot more expensive than the well-known smartwatches ~ above the sector today, such as the apologize Watch and also the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

This clock is on our list of the many Expensive Smartwatches.

See the different models that the Movado connect here. 

If girlfriend would like to explore the brand’s newest models, visit this section of your website to obtain the latest brand-new arrivals.

Are Movado Watches great Quality?

Now that we’ve disputed some the the essentials, we’ll resolve one that the most necessary questions: Is a Movado clock worth it? Is it wise to invest in a Movado watch? listed below are several of the most vital things that you should consider when evaluating.

Movado may not be taken into consideration a high-end high-end watch. The value alone mirrors that it yes, really shouldn’t be contrasted to brands favor Rolex, Breitling, or tags Heuer. That is, however, that high quality, and also its unique design has got its fans and also collectors all over the world.

Many civilization shopping because that watches do compare Movado to Tissot, Hamilton, and Victorinox -mainly since they space affordable swiss brands in the same basic price range.

Others additionally compare them to Bulova‘s swiss made watch line. Watch our thorough comparisons the Movado vs Bulova, Movado vs Tissot, or Movado vs citizen here.

Click here to check out our peak picks for Best Swiss watches Under $500 (spoiler, Movado did do the list!).

You can likewise see our height picks here: Best Movado Men’s watches and Best Movado Women’s here.

The simple and elegant one-dot architecture has made the an icon in its very own right. If you favor this type of artistic and stylish design, this would certainly be terrific investment. The Museum watches are excellent jewelry watches, so if you go to a most formal events, these would certainly surely get compliments.

One the the possible downsides the the Museum watch is the minimalist design. While the is an extremely attractive, one could have difficulty looking in ~ the time. There is only a single dot at 12 o’clock and also nothing else on the case, therefore telling exact time could prove challenging for some people. Because there space no hour minute markers and date in most of Movado’s watches, telling the precise time could take some obtaining used to.

Those that would choose to be able to enjoy both the Museum dot and have other watch faces can, however, have the right to opt for the Movado Connect, i beg your pardon we discussed above. These would enable you to get an imaginative with the design.

Movado Delphino series | photograph Credit: DocterYas

Where to Buy Movado Watches

Movado watches selection approximately from $300 come $2,000.

You can order using the Movado website. If you want to shop in a retail ar near you, you can likewise check the end the brand’s keep locator here.

If you’re searching for a deal, be sure to examine out the Movado agency Store because that discounted and clearance watches.

Check out Movado watches in ~ Amazon here.

Find Movado city hall on eBay here.

Are Movado deluxe Watches?

This is just one of the most usual questions we gain on this website, not just around Movado but practically any brand. Readers want to understand where it drops on the ranking scale. The trouble with this is the it’s subjective. While some brands are clearly luxury, over there is likewise a huge grey area.

However, we can say quite clearly that- No, Movado is not a deluxe brand.

Luxury watches, by definition generally satisfy a wide range of criteria. While Movado does have a long history in the watchmaking industry, they execute not do the kind of in-house watch motions or use the high-quality finishes the you’d mean on luxury watches.

Apart native that, although the does make automatics, most of Movado’s watches use quartz movements and also sell for prices that execute not even approach luxury price ranges. Also, the Movado team manufactures watch brands (and licenses watches because that others) that would usually be thought about entry-level brands, or in the situation of the licensed brand (Tommy, Coach, Lacoste, etc) most are considered fashion watches.

Are Movado the town hall Good? 

Another million-dollar question…are they an excellent watches?

Good” is also vaguer than the last question but it’s a really common one that us get and also we understand that shoppers desire to recognize if they should buy a brand or not.

Movado watches room well-respected and also have a long history of do reliable quality watches. So yes, the an easy answer is that they space of great quality. V Movado, friend are obtaining either a Swiss-quartz activity or Swiss automatics (i.e. ETA or Sellita). The watches as whole get really positive reviews and are donate by a two-year warranty. The fact that several popular fashion brands use Movado to produce their the town hall is one more testament to their quality.

Detractors of the brand might tell you the you space paying a slim premium because that the Movado brand if you compare them to similar watches from other equivalent brands (say an additional Swiss brand prefer Hamilton or Tissot or Japanese Citizen or Seiko).

Movado has likewise got part criticism for recently buying fashion watch brand MVMT, although we don’t think that need to reflect on the initial Movado brand watches because they are different brands.

Where Movado Watches room Made?

Movado watches are Swiss-made. The agency has manufacturing framework in Switzerland and also corporate headquarters in new Jersey.

The company’s watches are easily accessible all over the world. V watches everywhere North America, south America, Europe, Asia, and the far East.

This advertisement lists the zenit TimeCommand Watch together a product of Movado that Switzerland. | photo Credit: Joe Haupt

Movado vouch Policy

The company adds that the guarantee is void if the clock was no purchased indigenous an authorized dealer. The client should have the ability to have valid proof of acquisition with a date o gift receipt that has the name of the retailer and the layout number.

For much more information top top Movado’s vouch policies, visit this page. The is also feasible to contact Movado concerning warranty via their service center—a finish list is accessible here.

Good Luck v Your Search!

Movado Watch. Photo Credit: PikWizard

We hope that this article listed you through all the important Movado details you need. If you would like to know much more about the brand, visit the this firm website.

A website function worth mentioning is the Watch torture on the Movado website which is great feature that allows prospective customers to look because that the perfect Movado watch for different occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or simply for treating themselves to a gift. Every you need to do is click on the choices provided, and also you will have the ability to easily narrow down your find for the ideal watch that suits her interests.

Movado is a well-respected agency that has been making timepieces since the 1880s, so you know that she in an excellent hands.

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If you decision to gain the Museum timepiece (and there are dozens to pick from), you will have an iconic designer watch that has become a component of art and watchmaking history.