A damaged shower head faucet in her shower room or kitchen can be a problematic hassle to handle. Such valves might have problems with the cartridge either it’s broken or has a crack bring about you problems to manage water temperature from warm to cold water or vise versa.

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To take control of such a crisis, you should replace the damaged cartridge with ideal equipment.

Moen is a very simple, and also classic bran dedicated in bathroom and also kitchen faucets. It has catered for minor replacements as well.

There room two prominent choices for Moen’s faucet cartridge replacement components that most human being find it tough to distinguish.

The Moen 1200 collection and the Moen 1225 cartridge instead of parts. They are both single handle restroom cartridges with minor differences. They space all designed differently with unique features.

However, most users and also plumbers face problems picking the ideal cartridge for fixing their leaking shower and also kitchen valves once it involves this brand.

We space going to differentiate Moen 1200 Vs 1225 cartridge component basing on design, functionality, distinctive features, amongst other essential factors you should know.

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Difference between Moen 1200 Vs 1225 Faucet CartridgesMore crucial Facts around Moen 1200 vs 1225 Cartridge ReplacementFrequently Asked questions (FAQs?)

Difference between Moen 1200 Vs 1225 Faucet Cartridges

Moen 1200 – ideal PICK Moen 1225 – can be fried PICK

This is an additional beautiful collection from Moen with also a fast and straightforward replacement for a solitary handle bathroom faucet.

It’s an upgrade of Moen 1200 cartridge with an contained twisting lid to aid in loosening the installed cartridge for reliable operation.

It fits on every Moen one take care of faucets other than with Posi-Temp and also Exact Temp models. This series has fantastic values and features design uniquely for long-lasting performance.

It’s brass construction, and also bent cap likewise helps in faster and easy installation. Plus, it’s a trusted replacement component for kitchen sinks as well as faucets acquiring rid the leakages.

With a 1GPM water discharge rate, substantial amounts of water space saved. Moen additionally provides a one-year restricted lifetime warranty to replacing or reimbursing weak or damaged cartridges delivered.

It permits rotation to as much as 180 levels for an altering water temperature from warm to cold effectively.

ProsIt’s a perfect replacement for kitchen and bathroom faucetsEasy and quick to installAffordably pricedIts 1GPM water discharge price helps to conserve on water usage
ConsIt’s do of low-quality materialsMay not last because that long

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More essential Facts around Moen 1200 vs 1225 Cartridge Replacement


Both that Moen 1200 and 1225 collection are draft to enable quick and straightforward set up while instead of the broken cartridges in her shower room or kitchen faucets.

Moen 1200 cartridge has an all-round hard brass construction, which not only gives it a lengthy time the the performance but additionally facilitates certain fixing during replacement or upgrading one old cartridge.

Also, it’s top surface has fantastic repair option for simplicity in installation. In the situation of Moen 1225, it’s designed for much more comfortable installation on kitchen or bathroom faucets.

Besides, it’s bent cap permits much faster reinstallation or removal without the specialization required. All these collection are standardization cartridges v the aim of basic replacement and also upgrading.


Design is additionally another crucial factor when it comes to Morn kitchen and bathroom brands. The Moen 1200 series has the greatest quality brass materials designed through it, make it reasonably costly as contrasted to various other versions in this brand.

Despite Moen 1200 gift the first and original series, it still leader the list when it pertains to quality design.

Moen 1225 series is likewise of no doubt another cartridge do of high quality materials and design but not choose the Moen 1200 series.

Its manage is design a rotating take care of at 180 degrees, permitting easy an altering of warm to cold water. One good thing is the they room designed to fit ~ above most single handle kitchen and bathroom faucets.

Restore usability

Another crucial factor dares not to ignore. If they room all supplied as instead of cartridges for leaking or broken kitchen and bathroom tubs and also shower valves, they still have different methods of use restoration.

Moen 1200 cartridge comes with a perfect repair option on its height surface for simplicity in installation and also usage. Besides, it’s made to fit on many faucets except for Posi-Temp valves.

For Moen 1225 cartridge series, it’s designed explicitly for straightforward installation through a bent lid that allows you to install in ~ no time.

It’s compatibility through all single handle none pressure balanced bath tub or shower valves plus menthol bath tub and shower head valves renders easier and also faster restoration of broken or leaning cartridges.


Just like just how sustainability is an essential for any kind of other kitchen or bathroom shower valves and faucets, they repair tools or components that must be also durable.

Moen kitchen and also bathroom cartridge replacement components are designed ultimately with durability in mind.

In this case, the Moen 1200 cartridge collection stands out as the many durable and also sturdy as result of its all-round solid brass construction.

Using it in replacing her faucet cartridge will certainly surprise you with it’s more lengthy time performance.

As because that Moen 1225 cartridge, it’s made of stainless steel and also plastic materials on the outer surface if the inner component is do of brass.

As a result, it’s most resistant come corrosion and buildup of minerals despite it’s not the finest one to last you an ext extended periods as compared to the Moen 1200 version.


Moen manufacturer is known finest for the supplication of quality products with no doubt in their terrific performance.

As Moen’s warranty backs the kitchen and bathroom valves and faucets, the cartridge replacement parts will surely not be left out.

Both the Moen 1200 and also 1225 cartridge collection are spanned with a restricted lifetime guarantee of approximately one year.

This indicates that in the case of damaged cartridges of mil functioning, these parts deserve to be went back to the manufacturer for replacement or refund.

This secures the performance of the cartridges protecting individuals from spending any type of extra costs.

Frequently Asked concerns (FAQs?)

When must you readjust your shower head cartridge?

You have the right to replace your shower cartridge as soon as the regulation is complicated, the water temperature from warm to cold water flow.

Besides, cracks and gouges existing on her cartridge typical that you have to replace your shower cartridge.

How to replace a Moen 1200 or 1225 cartridge?

All 2 cartridge replacement components are simple to install. Replacing her old or damaged cartridge is as basic as follows.

First, revolve off your water supply for easy replacement there is no wasting water.

Next, use the forced tools like the flat-bladed screwdriver to disassemble the handle, uncover the cartridge, and remove it.

Reinstall utilizing your Moen 1200 or 1225 cartridge, reassemble the handle. Finally, test her cartridge by opened the water supplies.

Are the Moen 1200 & 1225 cartridges interchangeable?

Yes! These two Moen cartridges are totally interchangeable. As watched earlier, the Moen 1225 cartridge is an upgrade of Moen 1200, implying that many parts are matchable.

They all job-related the same means by pulling upwards and downwards for water volume control and left to best for water temperature changing from warm to cold appropriately.

Final Thoughts

As we have seen, the Moen 1200 and also 1225 cartridge replacement components are the most generally used as result of their simplicity in installation and also durable performance.

They are, however, slightly various when it involves the quality and durability all led to by the varied materials used in your construction.

Besides, do a purchasing decision between these two replacement parts can’t be fairly challenging.

If friend would desire a cartridge replacement component from Moen, that will last forever, providing you better control the the volume the water flow.

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The 1200 collection will it is in the best selection for you. Its heavy brass construction is the no doubt. Select the 1225 cartridge series for much better and enhanced performance.

After analysis the Moen 1200 vs 1225, what do you think i m sorry one is the best faucet cartridges replacements?