WHAT’S THE ONE trouble that’s been plaguing world up and down the land because that the past few days of unmatched Irish summer?

Nope, it’s not “what will I wear?” or “will I get away through calling in sick?” or also “do I need to shave?”.

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Leaving it closed means you’re most likely to wake up up every 27 minutes grounding to your pillow/other half.

Leaving it open way anything that desires to can acquire in… noise, flies, moths… and also Daddy lengthy Legs.

Here’s why lock to it is in feared:

1. Come out, come the end wherever girlfriend are

You understand they’re there, because you deserve to hear lock crashing around.

But where exactly are they? and also how close to your challenge are they?


2. They are basically flying spiders

Think around it. Flying SPIDERS.

Okay, they’re no spiders, but still.


Image of a Harvestman (known as a Daddy long Legs in USA and also Canada) Shutterstock.com

3. Wherein there is one, much more will follow

Even if you close the window after the first one makes an appearance, an ext will find their method in, somehow.

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HOW carry out THEY carry out IT?




4. They follow you



5. The harder friend swat, the an ext persistent lock become


6. This is a Daddy lengthy Legs increase close

Is it on me? i feel like it’s ~ above me.


Flickr/Creative Commons/Quapan


7. If yes sir a Daddy lengthy Legs in her room, over there are tons of other things in your room


Can’t sleep in this weather? this is why…

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