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are chicago electric brand tools from port frieght OK, or room they complete junk. I understand its no dewalt by any kind of stretch the the imagination, however i need a reciprocating saw and also im poor......50 bucks ~ shipping for your "industrial" 7 amp motor recip. Experienced isnt too bad a deal..any one have actually expirience with this brand ?

MOst of their stuff is junk. You just never know. I"ve got a 4 1/2" grinder of their that i love. It works great. Also after 10+ years.
I"ve bought a bunch of your 4 1/2" grinders. Four of them room on a rack, v a different wheel or brush on each. It"s a good time saver!Two that them died after a dozen or so to run hours, but I took them ago to the store and also they were replaced without question. At $17.00 they"re cheap sufficient that I store a spare or 2 on hand.Were there not a harbor Freight retail keep 45 minutes away, I could have a various opinion.
Like Jim, I have actually a port freight right close to me and their tools room cheap but great and if lock go bad I take them earlier if only a brief time has actually passed, if no I just acquire another. I have been using miscellaneous Chicago brand tools from there because that years and also am happy through them. This is comes from part one whose tool box is end flowing with Snap On, Mac, and also Cornwell, devices from the mech tech days at the dealers. Boy have the right to you invest a paycheck there real fast and also those ol boys know what there doing, giving you a tool this particular day for payment morning images/graemlins/crazy.gif
i tried out a chicago electrical wire fed welder. It was bad. Genuine bad. It to be 100% usless. Fake tool. I hate fake tools.but I prefer buying actual tools native harbor frieght. I acquired some C clamps because that a couple of dollar which are fine, they room C clamps what might be wrong v them. I obtained 4 pairs of welding gloves for $4. I beg your pardon are an extremely usfull.
I didn"t have any type of luck through their grinder. I bought one and also it lasted around five minutes. The screws in the head donate out, so ns loctited them in and tried that the next day. They came ago out and the gear stripped at the very same time, so earlier it went. I"d look right into some of their refurbished DeWalts if your trying to conserve money.BMB
My welder is a Chicago electric MIG. I"ve supplied it about 10-15 times and also I"ve gotta speak i"m very pleased. The does what i ask that to. That course, we"ll watch if that lasts a lifetime or if i"m reposting an additional opinion 3 months from now images/graemlins/smile.gif
I have actually some of their tools and they work an excellent for sometimes use. If i was do the efforts to do a living with them, I would buy far better ones, but for the most component I am happy with them. Ns live within 15 minute of one and also work less than 5 minutes from a different one, so if I have a problem, they room close by.

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Are lock yellow? are there any markings actors into the housings?Here in western Canada we have actually Princess Auto (started in Winnipeg), and also they carry in every kinds of stuff from China, probably like Harbour Freight. They have actually the cheap grinders, drills, pipeline benders, etc. Ns bought a 1/2" electrical drill and it appears to work-related fine. Win the hell out of using a 3/8 change to turn a hole saw. Wonder if it"s the very same "brand". A girlfriend bought a $29.00 1/2" hammer drill and also burned it out pronto make the efforts to use it because that a task it wasn"t expected for, drilling 1/2" holes in steel. I don"t imagine that had sufficient gear reduction because that that. Ok, saw their site and I think i answered my own question. The looks prefer the very same stuff, simply a different shade of plastic. My drill is their "Super hefty Duty commercial 1/2"". $39.00 on your site. They to be $70.00 cdn in ~ our retainer. Sounds around right. I think it"s a not bad drill because that occassional use. It absolutely looks heavy duty and isn"t also noisy either. So i think that speaks well to the quality of the motor and gearbox.