Once labeled the "Anna Kournikova of Surfing," she grew up to come to be much an ext than just a blonde beauty. Today, Alana Blanchard is among the most famous female athletes on society media.

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The Hawaiian skilled surfer, model, and actress to be born on in march 5, 1990, in ~ her house in Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii.

Don"t judge her for the not correct reasons.

Alana Blanchard is highly expert in everything she does, even if it is tacking large Hawaiian tide or posing for several hrs straight in photoshoot sessions.

Forget the sexy bikini design stereotype. Blanchard is much an ext than that. She is a complete, well-rounded surfer capable of grabbing any opportunity in the barrel or off the lip.

As a agree surfer, she career speaks because that itself. Alana won heats and contests against the world"s best and also rarely refrained from acquiring barreled in tough problems or airborne in an Indonesian allude break.

Watch several of her videos. Pay fist to the way she addresses each wave.

The most complied with surfer in the human being is an amazing athlete with a powerful frontside carve and also impeccable tube riding skills.


Contrary come what many human being believe, Alana Blanchard has always had a healthy and balanced relationship through her critics and also social media haters.

But she"s not placing her looks and also curves aside. Instead, the Hawaiian beauty, beauty learned to occupational with them and also enjoys life spontaneously.

Like that or not, the Hawaiian found her own an individual formula because that combining attractiveness with experienced commitments. And also that"s not a crime. Instead, it"s a virtue.

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Alana channeled she bombshell standing into building a heavy career as a effective brand enabler and highly vain surfer. And also that"s what brains room for.

Let"s take a look at a few interesting facts around Alana Blanchard:

1. Her full name is Alana Rene Blanchard;

2. Friends and family like to speak to her Lana;


3. Alana has two brothers - Byron Blanchard and also Dorian Blanchard;

4. The Hawaiian blonde is 5"8"" and weighs approximately 125 pounds;

5. She is passionate about all type of animals;


6. Alana Blanchard is vegan;

7. Her favorite vegan recipes are vegan cookies, vegetables pumpkin pies, and vegan banana bread;

8. Alana Blanchard is a regular-footed surfer;

9. Her father, Holt Blanchard, teach Alana just how to surf once she to be only 4 years old;

10 . Alana talk her an initial surfing waves at the Hanalei Pier;


11. Blanchard competed for the an initial time once she was nine year old;

12. She is obsessed with sunscreens and keeping hydrated;

13. Her favourite training soil is Hanalei Bay, ~ above the phibìc shore of Kauai;

14. Alana Blanchard and Rip Curl created a skilled relationship as soon as the surfer was only 14 years old;

15. Blanchard is proactively involved in the design and creation the Rip curl swimwear;


16. The surfer indigenous Kauai is specifically keen on creating bikinis and also wetsuits;

17. The Hawaiian beauty to be on and also off tourism from the eras of 18 come 25;

18. Alana Blanchard was surfing with her ideal friend Bethany Hamilton when, on October 31, 2003, a tiger shark attacked, ripped off Bethany"s left arm, and virtually killed her;


19. In 2005, Blanchard winner the inaugural T&C Surf Women"s Pipeline Championship;

20. Alana Blanchard winner the 2007 Cholo"s Women"s Pipeline Pro, ~ above the north Shore that Oahu;

21. Also, in 2007, the Hawaiian winner the Rip Curl agree Junior in Spain;

22. Her an initial contest on the ASP civilization Tour took place in 2009 as soon as Alana was 18;

23. In November 2009, Alana Blanchard overcame the Vans Hawaiian Pro;


24. She claims she has actually a hate-love connection with cameras;

24. Alana Blanchard was a featured athlete in the 2013 Sports portrayed Swimsuit Edition;

26. Blanchard and Jack Freestone announced they were expecting a baby young on June 26, 2017;

27. The surfer-model claimed pregnancy provided her "a brand-new perspective top top women, and how impressive their bodies are";

28. Alana Blanchard surfed until she to be pregnant 20 weeks pregnant;

29. Freestone when said that he met Alana in boardshorts;

30. Banks Harvey Freestone to be born ~ above December 2, 2017;

31. On august 12, 2021, the couple announced the birth of their 2nd son Koda Riley Freestone;


32. As part of she fitness training program, Blanchard enjoys boxing, Pilates, and Yoga;

33. Alana always said she prefers surfing come modeling;

34. Alana Blanchard"s favorite pro surfer is Stephanie Gilmore;

35. The Kauian surfer star thinks countless comments made about her space "funny and also hilarious";

36. Today, Alana Blanchard considers herself a totally free surfer;

37. Blanchard participated in T-Mobile"s Sony Xperia Z commercial;

38. American actress Lorraine Nicholson theatre the duty of Alana Blanchard in the biopic drama movie "Soul Surfer";

39. In may 2017, the Hawaiian surfer introduced the Alana Blanchard foundation (ABF) to support female talent in the sports of surfing;

40. When she is no surfing, Alana likes come workout to stay fit, and also she constantly includes swimming, riding she bike, sprinting up stairs, term training, squats, and lunges in her day-to-day exercising program;

41. Alana Blanchard has actually over 4.2 million combined social media pendant on on facebook (