A famous HAIRSTYLE -- Actress Veronica Lake, who peaked in popularity throughout the 1940s, came to be famous for she glamorous, long, glow locks of hair draped over her appropriate eye. Lake, who passed away at age 53 in 1973, had actually an unhappy career and also later life. (Times archive Photo)

I enjoy your offBeat and also marvel in ~ your accessibility to insideentertainment news. ... While analysis you, ns wondered around actressVeronica Lake and did she have any children. IGoogled her and found the she had actually four, and also three are still alive:Elaine Detlie (b: Aug. 21, 1941), AndreMichael de Toth III (b: Oct. 25, 1945) and also Dianade Toth (b: Oct. 16, 1948). Carry out you know anything aboutthem or if they space doing something to store their late mother"smemory alive? give thanks to you! Arthur R. Pramuk,Munster"

Thank you for your inquiry Arthur. For those who have actually forgottenwho Lake was, she was among the most famous movie stars of the1940s during civilization War II, ranking increase there v the likes ofIngrid Bergman and also Joan Crawford.Her gimmick because that glamour, which became her trademark and a popularnational trend, to be a "peek-a-boo" hairdo, which had long lockscascading end her ideal eye. Reportedly, the hairstyle becamesuch a hit during the war, U.S. Officials asked her to readjust it,fearing that hairstyle, worn by women working the assembly present inwar-time factories, was bring about accidents.

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Unfortunately, Lake"s alcoholism, fading career during the 1950sand four failed marriages caused an unhappy finale, i beg your pardon includedher having tiny contact through her children.

By 1960, Lake had actually moved native Los Angeles earlier to new York Cityand was living in The Martha Washington Hotel because that Women, whereby shewas uncovered by a newspaper reporter and found working as abarmaid in a little tavern, which make headlines about the world.By 1970, she married her fourth husband, a retirement British seacaptain Robert Carlton-Munro, and, badly in needof money, i agree to appear as "one of three possible imposters inwigs" ~ above CBS" "To call the Truth" gameshow, v panelistsPeggy Cass and Kitty Carlisle andOrson Bean tested to guess i m sorry of the womenin dark sunglasses and also "peek-a-boo" wigs "was the real VeronicaLake." (Yep, very sad, in mine opinion ...)

The result publicity and also interest once again put Lake top top thecover that newspapers, and she to be able to get some money bypublishing an autobiography "Veronica" (1971 Citadel push $9.95)and travel to Florida as soon as hired to show up in a low-budgethorror film "Flesh Feast."

Her kid Michael, a construction worker inHawaii, as soon as told that his mother"s death, obtained money to paris toVermont come arrange for his mother"s cremation, together she hadwanted.

Fast front to Oct. 12, 2004, and an associated Press story Ihappened to cave on, v this headline: "Veronica Lake"s Ashes forSale: Hollywood star"s stays turn up in ornate urn at Catskillsantique store."

Rather 보다 the ashes gift scattered off Florida"s coast asLake had actually wanted, apparently the urn v the ashes satellite locked up atthe attending funeral home due to the fact that of nonpayment.

Finally, it to be Lake"s writer friend DonaldBain, the ghostwriter because that the star"s autobiography, whopaid the important $200 in 1976 to have actually the continues to be sent come hisPark path apartment in brand-new York.

Bain, 72, claimed the urn and also ashes were provided to among Lake"sother new York friends, William Roos, who wasplanning to visit Florida and also promised come scatter the ashes.

However, as the story goes, off-Broadway producer BenBagley, who had been visiting Roos, admired the ornate urnand later was surprised to have actually the ashes arrive to him, i m sorry hethen gave to his graphics designer girlfriend LarryBrill. Brill, 68, taken place to invest his but on the weekend up in theCatskills, which is just how the urn and also remains then ended up in thecurio shop own by Laura Levine.

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A well known HAIRSTYLE -- Actress Veronica Lake, who peaked in popularity throughout the 1940s, ended up being famous for her glamorous, long, glowing locks of hair draped end her right eye. Lake, who died at age 53 in 1973, had actually an unhappy career and later life. (Times save on computer Photo)