Throughout old Greece, dwellings came in two forms: the northern and also southern style. These two types of old Greek residences varied through material, structure, location, and culture. Old Greek cities were safeguarded by rock walls. Inside them, many of the land was populated by exclusive homes.

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Homes in ancient Greece, in the sixth and 5th century BCE, were comprised of 2 or three rooms, built roughly an open-air courtyard, constructed of stone, wood, or clay bricks. Larger homes might likewise have a kitchen, a room for bathing, a men’s dining room, and also perhaps a woman’s sitting area.

Evidence has shown that these houses consisted of rooms equivalent to the main hall, courtyard, staircase, entrance, 2nd entrance, upper floor for guests and also slaves, and also a number of public rooms that border the courtyard.

Ancient Greek Homes

Most homes in ancient Greek communities were constructed from rock or clay. The house was made of sun-dried dirt brick. Mud residences crumbled away in a couple of years and also had come rebuild.The roofs were spanned with tiles or reeds, and the residences had one or 2 stories. The floors that the rooms to be tiled to save them cool, return in winter fires in steel baskets were periodically needed.


The Greeks had a very minimal amount that furniture in their houses. The rooms were relatively bare by today’s standards. The Greeks provided practicality to furnish your houses and they additionally borrowed part Egyptian methods to construct the furniture.

Their residence furnishings included countless stools and also chairs, few of which obtained the urgently X-frame native the Egyptians; a bed to be made out of a thick plank on 4 legs with a blanket, or by weaving string across of wood frame, and also chests were offered in place of cupboards.


Mattresses were made that sacks filled with leaves, i m sorry was actually comfortable to the human being at the time. Wooden chairs, couches, and also stools to be typical. The Greeks stored points in wood chests or hung them from wood pegs ~ above the walls.

A rich home would additionally have a dresser to screen expensive cups. Human being reclined top top couches (which could likewise act as beds). The coaches were merely wooden frames v rope webbing and mats or rugs lay on top.


Ancient Greek homes for The Poor

Windows were small and collection high top top the walls. They could be closed through shutters. They to be whitewashed to a glowing white.Poor civilization lived in just one, two or three rooms. Wealthy Greeks lived in huge houses with several rooms. In poor homes, the food preparation was done exterior over a campfire. Couple of homes had chimneys. Instead, castle had small vents in the ceiling to enable smoke to go out.

Ancient Greek house Plan

The residences were planned approximately a courtyard and had high walls and also a solid gate. Much of old Greek family life focused on the courtyard. ~ above bright, clear days, women most likely sheltered under a spanned area of your courtyard, as the ancient Greeks believed a pale complexion to be a authorize of beauty.

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Ancient Greek homes were split into locations for the men and also areas for the women. The acorn was a room scheduled for males come entertain masculine guests. The room had actually a different entrance come the street so masculine guests walk not have to cross courses with any of the ladies of the house.