Solar Eclipse
The blocking of sunlight to planet that occurs once the moon is between the sun and Earth is called a solar eclipse.

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astronomyThe research of the moon, stars and other objects in room is dubbed astronomy.
rotationEarth"s rotation top top its axis reasons day and also night.
seasonsEarth has seasons because its axis is tilted together it moves about the sun.
gravityThe pressure of gravity pulls the moon and Earth towards each other.
mariaDark, flat regions top top the moon"s surface are dubbed maria.
equinoxThe two days the the year ~ above which no hemisphere is tilted toward or far from the sunlight is referred to as the equinox.
phasesThe position of the moon, Earth and also the sun reason the phases of the moon, eclipses and also tides.
tidesThe everyday rise and fall that Earth"s wasters top top shores is called tides.
craterA round pit top top the moon"s surface is dubbed a crater.
autumnal equinoxThe fall equinox occurs approximately Sept 23 and also marks the start of autumn in the northern hemisphere
umbraThe darkest component of the moon"s shadow that is cone shaped is referred to as the umbra
solsticesThe 2 days that the year on which the noon sunlight is straight overhead at one of two people 23.5 levels south or 23.5 levels north are recognized as solstices.
satellitea satellite is any type of natural or man-made object that revolves around an item in space, simply as the moon revolves approximately Earth.
revolutionthe movement of one thing around one more object such together the Earth"s orbit roughly the sunlight is referred to as revolution.
orbitThe path of an object as it revolves around one more object in space is called an orbit.
Geosynchronous orbitGeosynchronous orbit is the orbit the a satellite that revolves approximately Earth in ~ the same price that earth rotates.
vernal equinoxThe vernal equinox or feather equinox occurs around march 21 and marks the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere.
penumbraThe lighter, larger component of the moon"s shadow is referred to as the penumbra.
latitudelattitude is a measure up of distance from the equator, express in degrees north or south.
lunar eclipesThe prevent of sunlight to the moon tha toccurs when earth is directly between the sun and the moon
telescopeA machine built to study distand objects by making them show up closer.

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axisThe imaginary line the passes v Earth"s center and the NOrth and also South poles is dubbed Earth"s axis.