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This renowned line was (not really) spoken by Mahatma Gandhi.

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It"s constantly nice as soon as things work out fairly. However we"re guessing the writer of Exodus weren"t being supervisor literal once they talked about "an eye for an eye"—someone losing an eye in exchange because that someone else shedding an eye most likely isn"t in anyone"s best interests.

It basically method that as soon as something awful is done by someone, they deserve to have the very same thing excellent to them. Like…if part goober drops and breaks her MacBook, climate it"s only fair for you to take it his MacBook and also break it.

Well, Gandhi wasn"t top top board v that. His quote "an eye for an eye makes the whole civilization blind" is saying the if we save punishing those us deem cruel, then we"re no better than the bad guys ourselves. It"s the whole "you can"t solve violence through violence" spiel. 

To it is in fair, there is part uncertainty regarding whether Gandhi actually ever before said this words, and even if he did, just how it went exactly. Below are a few versions:

An eye because that an eye provides the whole civilization blind.An eye for an eye only makes the people blind.An eye because that an eye will certainly make the world blind.An eye because that an eye leaves the whole human being blind.

Whether this to be his heat or not, Gandhi probably did enough good stuff in his lifetime to make the inquiry moot. In the meantime…we"ll just offer it come him. He"s earn it.

Where you"ve heard it

People just loooove to quote Gandhi. No that that"s a bad thing. He had a the majority of uplifting, positive stuff to say. If he was ever in a crabby mood, he sure didn"t let that show.

You"ll find this phrase in a lot of areas where someone"s do the efforts to it is in inspirational or encouraging rather to "turn the various other cheek," favor in this political short article or in this anthology the poetry.

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Pretentious Factor

If you to be to autumn this quote at a dinner party, would you obtain an in-unison "awww" or would everyone roll their eyes and never invite friend back? below it is, on a scale of 1-10.


We"d typically give a line prefer this a 6 or 7, considering how grandiose the declare is—and the truth that it"s acquisition a typical figurative adage and also making the literal. Yet it"s Gandhi. He"s permitted to gain away with a bit much more than most.