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The wait masses in and around phibìc America incorporate the continental arctic (cA), marine polar (mP), maritime tropical (mT), continental tropical (cT), and also continental polar (cP) waiting masses.Credit: NOAA

Air is not the same everywhere. In phibìc America, for example, cold and dry air covering thousands of miles flows southern from the Arctic, specifically in winter, and also warm moist air flows phibìc from the Gulf that Mexico. This different varieties air are called air masses.

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An wait mass is like a team whose players space all wearing the same uniform. In this case, the players are air, no people. And also the uniforms the they wear are the similar characteristics such together temperature and also humidity. Like sports teams, when two air masses come together, there is frequently turbulence. The disturbance of the 2 air masses moving together can cause clouds and also thunderstorms come form. The border in between two air masses in ~ the Earth’s surface ar is referred to as weather front.

Air masses are provided a two-part name that describes the humidity and temperature features of the region where they form. The first part of an wait mass’ name explains its humidity. Waiting masses that form over the ocean, called maritime waiting masses, are an ext humid 보다 those that type over land, dubbed continental wait masses. The second part of the name defines the temperature of the waiting mass, which relies on the latitude where it formed. Wait masses that type near the equator or in the tropics (equatorial or tropical waiting masses) are warmer 보다 air masses that type in polar areas or uin the Arctic (polar or arctic waiting masses).

The indigenous that explains humidity (maritime or continental) is combine with words that explains temperature (equatorial, tropical, polar or arctic). For example, if an waiting mass forms over a dry ocean, it is referred to as maritime tropical. If an waiting mass creates over land in the far north that is referred to as continental polar.

An waiting mass can change as it move into various environments. Because that example, if a continent polar wait mass moves into warmer areas and also over the s the air will certainly warm and moisture might evaporate native the s surface into the air, adding humidity.

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Cold and warm air masses typically come with each other in middle latitudes locations such as the joined States, where they form weather fronts and can develop massive storms.