Season finales on American Dad rarely duty as season finales. Castle simply mark the end of every little thing episode bespeak Fox gave the show nearly two year ago. American Dad has only got to 20 illustration in a season once throughout its run—the fourth season—but this year it was designed to match that total, until the Christmas illustration “Minstrel Krampus” acquired pushed back indefinitely (presumably until following year) after ~ the tragedy in ~ Sandy Hook. Without the one suspect episode, this season had actually a few an innovative peaks—one for almost nonstop laughter, the various other for sheer ambition—a couple of off-episodes, but mostly over average work, missing a potential cornerstone.

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The eighth season concludes tonight through “Da Flippity Flop,” i m sorry addresses Klaus, one of the show’s long-standing surreal elements. Prefer the few episodes this season that straight dealt v Roger’s visibility within the world of the show, this main Klaus’ genuine body mirrors up—and having actually Hayley and Francine interrupt Klaus’ explanation to be a nice little nod to exactly how deliberate and also hokey lengthy backstory can be for viewers who already remember it.

Other shows have actually recently taken on body-swapping comedy v vaguely hopeful results, but American Dad had the foresight to dispense with any kind of mix-up immediately. Klaus does a devastating Stan impersonation, and though his rampant gunfire right into the ceiling of the household room convinces Stan that it has a chance, Francine and also Hayley acknowledge what’s happened in one instant, and also that gets a laugh wherein their ignorance would not. Also better, Francine’s reaction is not to immediately switch the 2 back, but enable Klaus his fun (even though it’s clear he walk not desire a short-term body joyride) to punish Stan because that mistreating Klaus end the years.

The climactic sequence has actually Stan in Klaus’ decaying body chasing Klaus in Stan’s body, attempting to pull off the death-defying ski jumping technique. And also as v the B-plot, which I’ll acquire to in a moment, the funniest bit entails a long-gestating joke. Guest stars Shaun White and Jonny Moseley stand in line because that a chairlift is stunt casting, yet using them to comment on how weird it can be come hop ~ above a chair through some weirdo while stuck in the air end the snow is painfully accurate to ominous skiers and also snowboarders.


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To Klaus and also Stan, their dispute makes finish sense, but to any kind of causal observer, they’re a man freak show. Hitching that joke to a certain observation about ski resorts adds another layer. The remainder of the finishing carries top top in grotesquely surreal fashion—Stan-as-Klaus goes turn off the jump while his decaying human body unravels—but the lift joke punctuated a solid finish come the season because that the show.

The B-plot mostly functioned too, and had the benefit of coincidence through Pain & Gain comes out just a couple of weeks ago—no thematic similarity, just location. I get it starts a gym in the attic and also repeatedly do the efforts to obtain Steve to sign up for a membership.

But of course, since Roger’s ventures never stay open for long—he’s operated a crooner lounge and also a standard bar previously in the season—by the moment Steve in reality commits come the gym, i get it shifts the attic into a Chinese restaurant, and his disguise alters to something far less amusing.

I intended the quick change to miscellaneous else, though not Roger’s caricature appearance and accent. Next from the moment, this plot is an excellent simply for the string of answering device messages, building and also building Roger’s criminal activity while simultaneously trying to close a new membership. Steve acknowledges that he shouldn’t have an comment machine, climate proceeds v a stunner narrative together Roger’s personality tries to complete a sale, it s okay in a vehicle crash the kills three people, goes come court, shoots up the place—Snot interjects v one article here, the required comedic breath—then continues trying to get Steve to authorize up.

Between the string the messages, the ski lift joke, and also “Thanks for no hanging up when I dialed girlfriend by accident Dame Judi Dench,” this season finale that American Dad is a perfect instance of just how the present has worked out into being above-average almost every week, v the occasional ability to hit over or below that mark.

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Stray observations:

Stan’s last flight in Klaus’ body, and his exhilarated callback come “Jump Cit-ayyyyy” retroactively made that joke occupational the an initial time.“Punch in the face!” operated for Hayley much better than once Klaus offered it earlier in the episode.My optimal episodes that the season: “Blood Crieth unto Heaven,” “Adventures In Hayleysitting,” and “Lost In Space.” Season Grade: B+To anyone who has actually been reading because last fall, many thanks a lot for following along this season. Fine be back here after the summer.