If you are anything like me, you more than likely wonder who renders the furniture girlfriend purchase.

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Allen+Roth by Lowe’s is a brand the is not only sold in ~ but additionally owned by Lowe’s. They sell a range of patio furniture and also accessories. This article around Allen Roth patio furniture gives you one idea of few of the alternatives that Lowe’s has.

Let’s take a closer look.

Main parts of Allen Roth patio furniture

The patio furniture by Allen + Roth through Lowe’s comes in multiple material options to pick from. Friend will find furniture in wicker, aluminum, and also steel. Depending on your needs, this brand will have a choice for you.

The wicker provides you a classic beachy, pool, lounge area that so many world love. This collection comes in a brown and also warm gray, both colors would go with any kind of outdoor style. The aluminum option comes in white and black. The white aluminum looks choose your classic Florida veranda laid back setting. In white it is a classic, in black, that looks very polished and also upscale.

Lastly, the steel alternatives come in brown only. That is a classic piece that would fit ~ above a southerly porch. This piece is timeless and with multiple bright fancy pillows, that is also welcoming. Each of these materials offers a different role and come with various warranty options to defend your furniture.

The production of these parts is excellent in China and is outsourced to various contractors.

Allen and also Roth offers warranties, too

If you space anything prefer me, friend research and also know what you room buying before deciding. My hubby and also I love to entertain our friends. And living in phibìc Carolina we invest a lot of time making use of our patio furniture. Due to the fact that we put our furniture through heavy use, having actually a warranty on our items is a satisfied bonus.

Allen + Roth by Lowe’s offers a limited warranty on any type of defects in workmanship.

Frames and also welding space guaranteed totally free from defects as much as 5 years. The complete is warranted because that blistering, skin or cracking because that 1-year post purchase.

If you must utilize the warranty, contact customer organization at 1-866-439-9800, Monday come Friday; 8 am to 8 afternoon EST.

Cushions and also fabrics

Now the you recognize where your product is made and also what vouch it has for its main parts, it is time come talk around what types of fabrics come v your Allen + Roth patio furniture accessories.

So, who provides Allen and Roth patio furniture cushions and other fabrics?

There space three main brands that carry out the cushions and also fabrics – Sunbrella, NeverWet and Nong Tai. You deserve to find much more information about Sunbrella here. If you room curious around NeverWet, see their website here. Lastly, Nong Tai is a Vietnamese company. Unfortunately, Nong Tai walk not have actually a website at this time.

You will notice these brands offers various warranties and provide an excellent quality. You space made mindful if the article is made in the United states or imported. NeverWet uses 1-2 year warranties, Sunbrella supplies a 5-year warranty. While Nong Tai and also other non-Sunbrella brands market a 1-year warranty.

Presently, this brands offer many good features the make lock worthwhile. Having a high-quality article in our residence is a must for my husband and I. Sunbrella and also NeverWet room two amazing providers with a lot to offer. Let’s take a closer look at them.


First, Sunbrella is a agency based in Anderson, southern Carolina. While this is their key plant, this brand also has factories in Suzhou, China, and Lille, France. Having actually multiple locations allows this company to carry out their well-made items almost everywhere the world. The unified States and Europe are house to the architecture teams. The firm strives to provide you with the many up to date trends in patio furniture and also design.


Similarly, Neverwet provides waterproofing defense for your patio furniture. The brand supplies a huge line of assets to offer your Allen + Roth through Lowe’s furniture a long, high-quality life. This brand is owned by Rust-Oleum that manufactures in the joined States and also Europe. The factory base is Vernon Hills, NH, but there room factories in Wisconsin, Maryland, Oklahoma and more. NeverWet guarantees breathability in your items, v water resistant technology.

So what did you learn around Roth + Allen through Lowe’s?

In conclusion, this brand is offered by Lowe’s; uses high quality, lengthy lasting and beautiful options for every one of your needs. Roth + Allen by Lowe’s is a good investment for your home and also future with multiple alternatives that stand approximately the elements.

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Having a warranty for her Roth + Allen patio furniture is a good bonus. The products come with restricted warranties that have the right to last as much as 5 years. This gives you tranquility of mind the your furniture will be roughly with you because that a lengthy time.