How Old carry out You have to be to job-related at American Eagle Outfitters?

Generally speaking, to gain a project at American Eagle Outfitters together a sales associate, stock associate, or overnight merchandising associate, you should be at least 18 year old. They likewise prefer some previous sleeve experience and a high institution diploma or GED.

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Teen tasks at American Eagle and Age Requirements

Sales associate (Hourly)

As a sales associate at American Eagle, you room responsible because that generating sales by providing the client with an outstanding shopping experience. The Sales associate maximizes sales by transferring efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable service and ensuring the keep is neat, clean, and also well-presented at all times.

The Sales combine is meant to duty model AEO values and also AEO Customer an initial behaviors in every actions and interactions in bespeak to create a optimistic Customer first experience.


Consistently show the AEO Customer an initial selling criter in stimulate to provide a positive customer experience and accomplish daily sales goals.Drive AE brand commitment through being knowledgeable around all AEO loyalty programs and consistently informing client of every program.Leverage company tools and an innovation to confidently administer the customer v product knowledge which will improve customer engagement and also maximize sales.Consistently carry out support to fellow employees with sharing of knowledge, help to finish tasks, and/or assisting in customer interactions.Outfit the client by suggesting crucial looks and also incorporating latest trends and also current promotions based on the customer’s individual style.Promote awareness and growth that the AEO and also aerie brand by presenting customers to added brand channels.Perform register sales transactions quickly and also accurately in accordance with created cash control procedures and customer business guidelines.Ensure return was is restocked to the exactly product place on the sales floor; all damaged and also defective goods is appropriately labeled and placed in ideal area at the end of each shift.Maintain firm brand requirements of neat, clean, and organized sales floor, cash wrap, installation room, and stockroom to ensure the store environment is safe and also presentable because that employees and customers.Execute efficient and effective handling of all merchandise from shipment processing, floorsets, markdown optimization, and also replenishment equipment while keeping backroom traditional Operating procedures (SOP).Proactively resolve customer concerns in a manner constant with company policy, and also with client satisfaction in mind; partner with store leadership team on elevated customer issues.Understand and adhere to all firm policy and procedures.

You should be at least 18 years old to work as a sales combine at American Eagle.

Stock combine (Hourly)

As a stock associate at American Eagle, you room responsible because that maximizing offering potential through ensuring the efficient and effective flow of merchandise indigenous the stockroom come the sales floor. The share Associate is account for transporting on all aspects of stockroom typical operating actions (SOP) and achieving the brand standards for delivery processing, replenishment, markdowns, and merchandising.


Consistently accomplish brand productivity standards for shipment processing, replenishment, markdowns, and merchandising v utilizing the agency tools and also resources.Maintain stockroom typical operating steps (SOP) to assistance efficient and effective handling and also placement of merchandise, intuitive props, marketing, and fixtures in order to maximize sales and productivity.Execute efficient and also effective delivery processing by complying with processing and placement guidelines; track and also communicate systems per hour performance to store leadership.Support, understand, and also adhere to AEO visual criter in order come maximize goods presentations when flowing product native the stockroom to the sales floor.Partner with store management to certain all aspects of replenishment are appropriately executed to include Fill the Floor, power closes, power opens, and also merchandise adjustments.Communicate merchandising avenues to store leadership as identified through replenishing size particular quantities throughout the store: recommend and execute merchandising adjustments in compliance through AEO visual standards.Execute markdowns and re-ticketing in the stockroom and on the sales floor; upgrade store leadership on compliance.Partner with store leadership to complete stock transfers and process damages.Consistently provide support to fellow employees with sharing the knowledge, helping to finish tasks and/or assisting in customer interactions.Engage in, maintain, and support safety standards top top sales floor and also in the stockroom; communicate safety comes to to store leadership.Aware of and follows Loss avoidance policies; advises administration of any type of unusual internal or external activity.Understand and adhere come all agency policy and procedures.

To work as a share associate in ~ American Eagle, you need to be at the very least 18 years old.

Overnight Merchandising associate (Hourly)

An overnight merchandising associate at American Eagle is responsible because that positively impacting the customer’s suffer by assisting in the implementation of floorset merchandise presentations.

The Overnight Merchandising combine is additionally accountable for the processing and also placement of merchandise, execution of intuitive displays and windows, and post-floorset stockroom organization.


Recreate the merchandise presentation as portrayed in firm directed marketing and also merchandising floorset documents.Maximize merchandise presentations by applying AEO intuitive standards once executing merchandise changes and also updates.Ensure that defined product amounts are consistently presented.Execute assigned visual screens during floorsets as directed in firm visual documents.Build home window and top displays, dress bust forms, and also merchandise fixtures and walls.Maintain appropriate lighting in the store and windows to ensure was is highlighted appropriately.Deliver ideal sizing integrity, ensure access of sizes, and appropriate dimension stickering.Adhere come uniform folding and hanging standards.Execute styling and also detailing of all merchandise in accordance v the visual directives.Ensure all merchandise is signed correctly and according to firm directed marketing and also merchandising updates.Identify potential merchandising opportunities and provide an imaginative solutions come the store management team.Understand and also adhere come all company policies and also procedures.

You need to be at least 18 years old to job-related as an overnight merchandising associate at American Eagle.

Can a 15 Year Old work-related at American Eagle?

Because the minimum age to job-related at American Eagle is 18, 15-year-olds can’t work here, but we have actually a web page on our website specifically for 15-year-olds the you have the right to view instead.

Can a 16 Year Old work at American Eagle?

The minimum age to job-related at American Eagle is 18, therefore 16-year-olds can’t job-related there. We have actually a page on our website specifically for 16-year-olds the you deserve to view for various other options.

How much Does American Eagle pay Part-Time Workers?

The hourly earnings for employees at American Eagle vary because of state and city minimum fairy laws. However, we can provide you a general idea of what the hourly pay is for each position.

Sales associate (Hourly)

As a sales combine at American Eagle, you will certainly be do somewhere in between minimum wage and also $13 per hour. If you are coming in at entry-level without any kind of prior experience, then you will certainly most likely start at minimum wage.

The typical hourly rate for one American Eagle sales combine is $9.

Stock associate (Hourly)

The rate of pay because that stock associates is in between minimum wage and also $13 an hour. You will most likely start in ~ the lower finish of the range, but due to the fact that they choose some retail experience, you might be able to negotiate a greater starting fairy if this no your very first job.

The typical hourly wage because that stock associates at American Eagle is $9.

Overnight Merchandising associate (Hourly)

The pay range for overnight merchandising associates is between minimum wage and $13 one hour. And, you will most likely start at the lower end of the range.

The mean hourly rate for one overnight merchandising combine is $10 one hour.

How lot Experience carry out You must Work at American Eagle?

American Eagle is one entry-level friendly company, so you can use for a position without any experience and also get hired as a sales associate, share associate, or overnight merchandising associate. However, if you do have actually some previous sleeve experience, it will definitely assist you acquire hired.

What need to You Wear to a project Interview at American Eagle?

American Eagle is a trendy clothing store, so as soon as you present up for her interview girlfriend will desire to be dressed in fashionable service casual attire. Think about something favor a buttoned-down shirt with nice slacks and also dress shoes. You carry out not desire to display up as well casual in a t-shirt and jeans.

Also, be prepared to prize a question about your chosen outfit throughout your interview. They have been known to asking why you chose the clothes you wore come the interview.

American Eagle Interview Questions

The feasible questions in a job interview room endless, and also it always depends on the interviewer. But, there are some usual questions the they do regularly ask. In ~ American Eagle, you will interview v at the very least one manager. Below are some usual questions the interviewers have been known to ask.

Where carry out you gain your style inspiration from?

Why are they asking?

American Eagle is well-known for gift a trendy apparel store. If lock ask you this question, they desire to know an ext about her creativity and style inspiration.

What’s the right answer?

There is no not correct answer come this question. You want to permit them know precisely who or what inspires you when it involves your own an individual style. The huge thing below is come actually have an answer. If you room a an imaginative individual, you will obtain inspiration from somewhere. The worst answer would certainly be come say that you don’t have a an individual style and nothing inspires you.

Where execute you watch yourself in five years?

Why are they asking?

If castle ask friend this question, they space trying to uncover out if girlfriend have any type of career and education goals. Castle are also trying to find out if friend look in ~ a project at American Eagle as being something short-lived while you space in school, or if you have actually plans to occupational with the company as a career.

What’s the right answer?

Know your goals and be ready to share them. Maybe you arrangement to have actually a college degree in 5 years or probably you see yourself functioning your way up in the company. Whatever your education and also career goals are, allow them know. There is no not correct answer come this question.

Why need to we rental you?

Why space they asking?

If a manager asks you this question, they are trying to obtain you to offer yourself. A huge part of your task at American Eagle is to provide excellent client service and be maybe to drive sales with excellent communication and also product knowledge.

They space wanting to discover out exactly how well friend can communicate while being positive and professional. If you can sell yourself, you have the right to sell their merchandise.

What’s the appropriate answer?

Know her strengths. If you acquire asked this question, phone call them how you will advantage their business. They want to hear that you space creative, have over average verbal interaction skills, have a friendly and upbeat demeanor, and can effectively sell merchandise.

Tell them that you room a reputable worker who will show up to work-related on time for every scheduled shift. If you have a enthusiasm for fashion and want a job in the industry, absolutely let them know because there are methods for advancement.

Also, be all set to sell them things from the store. They can ask girlfriend to execute this to demonstrate your sales skills.

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Benefits of working at American Eagle

Everyone that works at American Eagle it s okay a 40 percent was discount. However, the services they sell are for full-time workers only.

Benefits include:

Paid time off, payment holidays, and also paid sick daysPerformance BonusesVacation401K with firm matchEmployee Stock acquisition PlanHealth, Dental, Vision, and Life InsuranceFamily clinical Leave

What it’s favor to work at American Eagle