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Earth has sustained strange alien strikes in five various waves. The remaining humans to trust no one castle encounter. They struggle to form alliances and also figure the end the aliens’ motives and next move. Amidst every one of this is Cassie, who is trying to uncover her five year old brother.

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The 5th Wave Series#1 The 5th Wave#2 The Infinite Sea#3 The Last Star

Rick Yancey

Point the ViewThe publication is written in an initial person indigenous several different points of view—predominantly Cassie’s, Evan’s, and also Ben’s.

SettingThis collection is collection in the contemporary world, and earth is under attack indigenous aliens in a mothership hovering over earth. The 5 strange tide of the strike are as follows:

1st wave – a huge electromagnetic pulse (It occurred 10 job after satellites caught the very first images of the extraterrestrial mothership nearing Earth.)

2nd tide – an earthquake, which caused an enormous tsunami (It took the end 40% the the earth population, those who lived in ~ 60 mile of a coastline.)

3rd tide – an dreadful Ebola-like virus make airborne and also spread v bird feces (It wiped the end 97% that the world who contract it.)

4th wave – intruders planted long ago in person babies (They awakened as soon as the hosts became teenagers, and also these infested humans start to quiet kill any kind of surviving humans. Human beings refer to them as Silencers.)

5th wave – kids taken far from their families and also trained as soldiers (They room trained to death anyone that lights increase green, which lock think room infested humans but actually space the opposite.)


I provide it 3.75 stars overall.

Main Characters– Cassie Sullivan – the key character who has actually lost both parents in the extraterrestrial attacks and also is now trying to find her tiny brother– Sammy Sullivan – Cassie’s five year old brothers (who walk by Nugget once he i do not care a soldier)– Evan pedestrian – the mysterious man who nurses Cassie earlier to health after a gunshot wound– Ben Parish – Cassie’s high college crush (who goes by Zombie once he becomes a soldier)– Ringer – a shrewd soldier and expert markswoman that helps Zombie command his squad– Vosch – the basic commander (and poor guy)

***** Everything listed below is a SPOILER *****

Details – What occurred in The fifth Wave?

Book 1-The last Historian

Cassie’s fear she might be the last person on the planet. She find a teenage boy v a negative injury in one old gas station. He could be a person or alien. They suggest their guns as each other. He drops his weapon and also asks she to perform the same. She watch something shining in his hand and also shoots him. It to be a crucifix.

Cassie travels throughout the day because although she lacks the covering of darkness, she can spot the alien’s drones. She finds a highway full of dead cars. She sees three freshly murdered people and also then a drone. Once she stands approximately look at it, she’s shot in the leg. She lunges for she rifle, however shots room fired all about her. She lies under the closestly car and bleeds. No one comes. She nearly passes out and decides to do a move. She will for she gun. Nothing wake up this time.

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Cassie thinks about how ~ their mother died, she, Sammy, and their dad headed to a nearby survivor camp. One day a drone appears. Anyone is worried. One day three buses roll right into view. The drivers say much more of the army survived than everyone thought. Lock driving everyone there, beginning with the kids. Cassie doesn’t desire to divide their household up, yet Sammy rides far on a school bus. She been in search of him ever before since.

The adults and also older kids leave shortly after in Humvees. They take it everyone’s weapons, however Cassie and also her dad each keep one concealed in their ago pocket. The soldiers asking if everyone is accounted for. Cassie’s dad mentions Crisco isn’t there. He says Cassie knows whereby to look because that him. Lock send a soldier with her. The soldier shoots and kills Crisco once they find him. Cassie pulls the end her hidden gun and also kills the soldier. She goes ago to the barracks and sees Vosch shoot she father. She leaves for good. Soldiers chase her for a while, yet they don’t discover her.

Book 2-Wonderland

Ben has actually contracted the plague and is required to a refugee camp. One day, he hears gunfire and also explosions erupt. A guy who has actually been shooting runs into his tent and says they’ve had actually it all wrong. The aliens have actually been here the totality time inside humans. He dies. Two soldiers grab Ben and also take him to a base hospital. The doctor inserts a tracking pellet in Ben’s neck. She provides a regimen stolen from the aliens dubbed Wonderland to map his mind. Pictures from his totality life race v his mind, including the painful means his house was swarmed, his family was take away away, and he fled. Greatly he thinks of the younger sister that should have protected. The doctor defines it’s crucial to watch inside the every soldier’s head since aliens are inside some humans.

Ben is required to a different ward to totally recover. From his window, the sees buses leave and then return several hours later loaded v kids. Vosch appears and says the solid have survived. Currently it’s time come assemble, train, and also fight back. He says Ben’s Wonderland profile shows he’s the finest of the best.

Book 3-The Silencer

Evan has actually been stalking Cassie due to the fact that he heard the shooting in the convenience store. That knows her name and thoughts from analysis her journal. He has been finishing humans since the extraterrestrial awoke inside him at fourteen. Yet he couldn’t end up Cassie after analysis her journal. The had always maintained a little bit of his humanity, uneven others. The sees her finally crawl out from underneath the car. That told himself he would certainly shoot her as shortly as she ran. Yet she didn’t run. That saw fear in she eyes but additionally strength. And also he turned and also ran away.

Book 4-Mayfly

Cassie is still injured and also feels choose she is walking to freeze to fatality from the blizzard walking on external the SUV she in. She figures the Silencer didn’t complete her since he knew she would certainly die from her injuries. She decides to proceed her journey to discover Sammy in the blizzard. She feels someone watching her.

Cassie overcome out. She awakes in a bed in a warmth farmhouse. She has actually an IV bag hooked up. She wound is bandaged. She hears who coming and plays dead. He ultimately says he knows she’s awake. He calls her by name and also says he uncovered it on she driver’s license. He introduce himself. Evan claims his totality family is dead. The tells she he observed buzzards circling and found her unconscious. She tells him how everyone in her family is dead as well as her brother.

Cassie wonders about his motives. They comment on the aliens and also what castle suspect about them. Cassie feels like they need to be mobile come not obtain caught. Evan says they’re around 70-80 miles from the Wright-Patterson Base, where Cassie thinks they were acquisition Sammy. He doesn’t feel like she deserve to travel for several weeks.

Every night, Evan patrols the grounds and also hunts. When Cassie complies with him for ten minutes, turns to head earlier to the house, and finds the standing there. The doesn’t gain mad. Evan proceeds to take good care the Cassie as she heals. They carry out rehab work. They talk around their lives prior to the aliens. She tells him about her old crush on Ben Parrish. The teaches her just how to properly shoot a gun. Evan claims he’s going v her once she’s all set to go uncover Sammy. That admits he has read her journals however says it to be while she was unconscious at his house. They argue, and then they kiss.

Book 5-The Winnowing

Sammy is sad to it is in leaving his family. The soldier says they’re top to a for sure place, and also they’ll bring his household soon. Sammy is skeptical. They take it the kids’ temperatures and also say they’re taking the ailing ones to see the doctor. In Sammy’s group, the children get called earlier one at a time to watch a nurse. They check them for lice and also ticks and also sanitize them. They study him and also ask questions about his family. The physician implants a tracking maker in his neck and then exam it. Images of Sammy’s whole life race v his mind while the physician maps them in ~ a adjacent computer. She says he passed with flying colors and is healthy and also safe. She tells him the thermometers no for taking temperatures. Lock scanning to watch if world are human.

Book 6-The human being Clay

Ben has transformed right into Zombie throughout their rigorous training and also loves his tough new persona. Sooner or later a young boy nicknamed Nugget reflects up to training. When their premium is just as hard on Nugget as he is on anyone else, Zombie speaks up. He is chewed out and then assigned as Nugget’s formation leader. Nugget to learn fast but leans on Zombie for comfort fairly often. He tells him his sister Cassie is coming because that him. Zombie protects Nugget indigenous Tank, a fellow recruit that goes a tiny crazy one night and also threatens come hurt Nugget. Tank is changed by Ringer. They need her for her marksmanship, in which your squad is lacking in. She helps their standings tremendously.

Graduation job arrives. The top 4 squads will relocate on. Nugget isn’t graduating yet, and he’s sad that Zombie’s leaving. Vosch speak Zombie he has made sergeant and also his squad won. He claims they have actually used Wonderland to map the aliens among them and have uncovered they won’t leaving the mothership until humanity is exterminated. For this reason they will certainly take the battle to them.

Book 7-The heart to Kill

They have come to be closer, however Cassie can not decide if she should trust or continue to be with Evan. She is suspicious, and also he have the right to sense her restlessness. Once he leaves to hunt the night, she goes through every room and also then goes to the barn. She doesn’t know what she’s looking for yet scours it. She finds she old gun hidden in a pile of old blankets. She backs far in disbelief and backs right right into Evan. Cassie claims she’s investigate a noise she heard. He says he discovered the rifle a pair of days earlier near the highway. That tries come sweet speak her and says to live you have actually to uncover something you’re willing to die for, and also he has uncovered that in her.

Book 8-The heart of Vengeance

Zombie, Ringer, Flintstone, Dumbo, Oompa, Poundcake, and Teacup room in a helicopter ~ above their an initial mission. Castle are supposed to death all infested people (who will glow green) and also capture all artillery. They are shot at and the mission gets complex fast. Oompa is injured and also ends increase dying, and also Teacup is grazed by a bullet. The shooter no an infested, though, and they’re confused. They decision to proceed as if that is.

Zombie and Ringer take turn off on their own and leave the others in a for sure place. They are shot at as they run without cover. Ringer gets a poor superficial wound on her neck, and they re-assess your plan. Ringer speak Zombie around her suspicions…What is the likelihood that their commanders are doing all of this on your own—getting power ago after the EMP, detect out around the infesteds, and getting accessibility to Wonderland? Ringer thinks their commanders are aliens. She desires her implant out. As soon as Zombie takes that out, she lights up green in his eyepiece.

They think they’re trained to kill infesteds, but they’re in reality killing anyone who hasn’t to be tagged through the implant. They decision they can’t ever go earlier to the base. Ringer cut Zombie’s implant out. They decide just to disarm their target now. Ringer has to shoot his foot to take him down and also then his hand together he reaches for his gun. It is Reznik, their drill sergeant from basic camp. That pushes a button to shot to kill them with their implants, yet they’re out. Ringer shoots and kills him. They view their friends together a cluster of dots continuing to be on his command screen. This must have actually been a drill come see just how they would carry out in combat, yet the kill switches were a failsafe.

They’re afraid your friends will think castle the enemy and also will death them as they’re pull close without your implants. They decide to put them in your mouths and also hope they’re quiet activated. That works. Flintstone no buy your story. That grabs Reznik’s screen and hits the kill switch through his environment-friendly dot come prove they’re wrong. He instantly drops dead. They reduced out everyone’s implants. Zombie claims he’s going ago on his own to obtain Nugget.

They shooting Zombie in the side so he have the right to fake an injury. Ringer says she’s comes after him if he isn’t ago in 48 hours. He heads earlier to their helicopter. The pilot desires to understand what happened, yet Ben is walking unconscious native blood loss. That wakes up in the hospital unit back at the base. Vosch is in the room v him. Zombie tells the best story he can come increase with, utilizing as much truth as possible.

Book 9-A Flower to the Rain

Cassie wakes up in her bed but can’t discover Evan. That returns and also says he was checking the weather. They’ll be good to leave tonight. The begs to go alone to keep her safe. Cassie says ‘no.’ They leave at nightfall. Evan decides to burn the home down as a diversion, and they leaving as shortly as that ignites. Evan hears something in the woods. Cassie doesn’t hear it, but he take away off with his gun. She hears gunshots and is concerned he’s hit. Then she discovers he has actually been dropping their pursuers (children soldiers) one by one with incredible precision. She finally admits to herself what she has suspected …Evan is a Silencer. She confronts him, and he admits her suspicions are true. He has actually been injured. She patches up his shrapnel wounds. He says he only lied about the parts that nothing matter, but Cassie thinks it’s just the opposite. That admits he to be the one that shot her. That apologizes for everything and then passes the end from his injuries.

They argue together Cassie pulls much more shrapnel out the following day. She demands him because that the trip yet is mad and doesn’t to trust him. He admits the she shouldn’t. He claims he’s a shark pretending to it is in a man. He states he’s in love v her. The knew she would die if he let she go. The tells she going come Wright-Patterson is a death sentence for her since it’s for this reason secure and she’s the enemy. Evan states he vote to have actually all number of hundred thousand extraterrestrial consciousnesses inserted into humans to live out their resides on earth and also never harm anyone. However he to be out-voted. That holds she cheek and lets her get in his consciousness.

A bus lastly rolls in. Cassie cuts her hair, stop the teddy bear to look younger, provides a fake name, claims she’s alone, and is allowed to board. She goes through the same regimen on the bus and also at the base the Sammy walk through. Right before she’s hooked approximately Wonderland, Cassie attacks the doctor. She digs the end her tracker and shoves it increase the doctor’s nose. She tries to situate Sammy top top the computer system however can’t discover him. Cassie pops right into the adjoining room to adjust into a white jumpsuit. As soon as she comes ago out, the physician is sit up through a small silver maker in she hand. She presses a button and instantly, accidentally kills herself. Cassie races through the structure to discover Sammy. Instead, she operation straight right into Vosch.

Cassie acts choose a man just killed the doctor. Vosch believes her, locks her in a nearby room, and orders soldiers to search the premises. Cassie shatters the two-way mirror v a chair and escapes through a door in the adjoining room. She sees steel ductwork running beneath the ceiling and also crawls with it. She has actually no idea if she’s acquisition the best path. She hears soldiers below her to speak there need to be at the very least two. She knows that they’re on to her and also that Evan have to have come to help. She sees soldiers loading eye-shaped globes onto a cart. Vosch need to be walking to use them to destroy the base just like he did in ~ the survivor camp. The sirens go off.

Book 10-A thousands Ways

As quickly as Vosch leaves, Zombie think he has two hrs to do something happen. Zombie acts choose he needs to usage the restroom and violates orders by getting up himself to do it. That acts prefer he needs help getting turn off the commode and also attacks the orderly once he come in. He steals his clothes, cuts out his tracker, and also searches because that Nugget. The hears the sirens go off and sees the eye an equipment outside the window.

Book 11-The boundless Sea

Cassie drops the end of the air shaft right into the armory. She changes into fatigues and grabs weapons. The sirens stop. She feel explosions, the walls tremble, and also she hears kids screaming. She follows the screams and also finds major Bob talking to the assembled kids. She is quit by a teenage soldier and acts like she’s one, too, but he gets suspicious and she has to shoot him. She find Sammy, and also they embrace.

Book 12-Because that Kistner

Zombie feels the explosions. Castle knock that down, punch his sutures loose, and give him a concussion. The building is battered, and also he has to crawl v the remnants and the rubble. That sees a dead body and steals the sidearm. Then, miraculously, he looks up and sees Nugget. He’s delivering a teddy bear and also walking v a new recruit.

Book 13-The black Hole

Sammy tells Cassie that major Bob said they’re evacuating all the youngsters on one airplane. The asks whereby their dad is, and Cassie claims he’s back at Camp Ashpit. They escape the hangar and make it to a tunnel whereby someone is coming towards them through a gun. Sammy runs to him. Cassie draws she gun. Cassie cannot think who that is…Ben Parish, she high college crush. He’s confused, but then Sammy describes this is his sister. Cassie describes they checked out high college together. They find out they both know the truth around Vosch and the fifth wave. Ben to know a means out. Cassie is reluctant but has to to trust him.

They eliminate Sammy’s tracker. Lock run into Vosch. The takes Sammy away and also takes Cassie and Ben come the execution room. He speak them they will certainly win this war due to the fact that they’ve to be watching the earth for 6,000 years and also know whatever there is come know around humans. A Silencer appears with Sammy, that is strapped to a chair. Vosch claims he admires what Cassie has done. The is walking to kill Ben but will permit her brother live if she tells him who assisted her infiltrate the camp. She lunges because that Vosch, but Ben holds her back.

Vosch is furious and hits the execute button for her and Ben. Words “OOPS” come up ~ above the monitor. The system has been hacked, and Vosch pipeline to go death whoever go so. Cassie and Ben strike the Silencer guarding them and also then the one guarding Sammy. Evan drops right into the room native the wait ducts. Cassie claims he’s v her, Ben introduce himself, Evan establish the name from the journal, and also Cassie gets yes, really embarrassed.

Evan says they’re walking to simply walk out. He cuts the lights and also leads the method because of his heightened senses. He speak them what to suppose as they work-related their method out of the building. He tells them come head north. Cassie realizes he’s no coming with them. He says there’s other he has to do. Cassie objects. Ben numbers out from their conversation the Evan is among them. Evan claims to run quick when the plane takes off. He kisses Cassie and also leaves. Cassie thinks he is going to punch the totality place up.

How walk The fifth Wave end?

It’s difficult going, specifically for Ben through his injuries. They view the kids loading top top a huge cargo plane. As quickly as it’s off the ground, they take turn off running. The underground base explodes. All the drones roughly come crashing down. Cassie’s old wound begins bothering her together they run, and also she falls. A Humvee appears, and a kid leans out reaching for Ben. Ben throws Sammy in and rushes back for Cassie. One more explosion erupts, and the floor splits in ~ them. Ben grabs her and also launches her toward the Humvee. Ben jumps in, and the driver floors it.

They journey all night. Dumbo offers his limited medical training to work-related on anyone injuries. Poundcake, Teacup, and also Ringer room there, too. Cassie cries thinking around Evan. Ben many thanks her for conserving his life. She states he got her into the Humvee, so they’re even. Ben gives her a peck top top the cheek and puts his arms about her. Cassie’s eight are roughly Sammy, and they sit like that together the sun begins to rise.

There girlfriend go! it is what occurred in The fifth Wave, the first book in this series!

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