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plot I, step 7 that Macbeth is noteworthy for a number of reasons. First, it shows that Macbeth realizes that the angry he walk is most likely to return to him. Macbeth knows that he will be risking his life if he complies with through with the setup to assassinate Duncan ...

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Act I, scene 7 that Macbeth is notable for a variety of reasons. First, it mirrors that Macbeth realizes that the evil he go is likely to return to him. Macbeth knows that he will certainly be risking his life if he follows through with the plan to assassinate Duncan. In ~ the first fifteen lines of this scene, Macbeth thinks about the consequences of such an act. "Bloody instructions," that says, often come back to the person who provides such evil plans. He think of this cosmic retribution in an additional way, as well. "This even-handed justice commends th" ingredience of our poison"d chalice come our own lips," he says.

Macbeth also reflects top top the treason of trust the will happen if he killing Duncan. For one thing, Duncan is a relative, and so the should be able to place pure trust in Macbeth on the basis alone. In addition, Duncan is king. Thus, Macbeth is his subject, and also by death Duncan in ~ the walls of Macbeth"s castle, Macbeth will revolve away from his duty to his king. Since Duncan is both a relative and the king to who Macbeth fan allegiance, Macbeth states that he is "here in double trust," therefore assassinating Duncan will be favor a dual betrayal top top Macbeth"s part.

As Macbeth is weighing the potential after-effects of the assassination, Lady Macbeth enters and also urges him come follow through with their plan. Once Macbeth says that they have to not kill Duncan, Lady Macbeth shames him into action. "Wouldst thou have actually that which she esteem"st the ornament of life, and live a coward in thine own esteem," she asks. She also brings Macbeth"s masculinity right into question, informing him the he will be an ext of a male if the carries the end the plan. When Macbeth expresses are afraid of failing at the attempt on Duncan"s life, Lady Macbeth shores increase his confidence.

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This scene shows that regardless of Macbeth"s politics ambitions, he is wake up to do such a bolder move versus the king. Lady Macbeth, on the other hand, is willing to do every little thing is necessary to see her husband top top the throne.