so we have actually the hatchet "storyteller" because that anyone who is telling a story, it is in it via a book, verbally, the silver- screen, or some various other media.

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Do we have a share term for the audience specific to storytelling?

The share "audience" would certainly cover anyone from someone watching the 5 o"clock news, come somebody reading a dental pamphlet, come somebody analysis a occupational of fiction, and also I"d favor something much more specific.


also, storyteller describes a person, so girlfriend wouldn't call a 'movie, or a play, or an opera' a storyteller.
Since you want a an ext "medium-neutral" term because that this, think about these options:








"The emphasis of rigid analyses has actually been ~ above the story and also the teller. More attention demands to be paid to the function of the story receiver in creating narrative meaning"

"We deserve to study narrative indigenous the vantage allude of the storyteller or the story receiver..." "The storyteller chooses what story information to present and to omit. The story receiver pieces with each other the info presented as well as hinted at and creates the story in she or his imagination."

"...on the part of both entrants (story-teller and audience) that certainly a story is gift told, that there is existing in one ar a story-teller and also a story-receiver"

"At these moments, one have the right to hardly distinguish in between the story giver and the story receiver, because that it"s in the common experience that the dragon appears."

"The ide of suggest of view involves the partnership of the narrator to his story and to the story"s receiver."

The circuit of interaction is currently completed: narrator, story, receiver, response. The "story", however, need not have actually plot or action.

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"The the contrary of a storyteller, she was a story receiver."

"Narrative has the power to produce such worlds, imagine communities, or mythical nations, i m sorry on specific occasions have the right to supplant the “real” people in the mental of the story recipient."

"Most stare researchers think about storytelling to be unlike everyday conversation in the the teller monologically performs narration, an audience exists together story recipient..."

"It is far-ranging that Munro often changes between first- and third-person narration in successive versions of a story without transforming our sense of the story"s experiencer."

"3) locate and also describe, narrate into existence, an audience together narrative receiver, and, through extension, give kind to a conception of the world."

"The metaphor, whether cultural or private, was heard by the listener as an aspect of performance layout — something that made the oral performance one emotionally satisfying experience for both storyteller and also narrative recipient alike."

"For example, straight addressing the reader typically compels us to recognize our function as narrative recipient; however these addresses are minimal in the at an early stage chapters of mrs Eyre, despite they increase drastically near the finish of the novel,..." ~ Charlotte Brontë and also the Storyteller"s Audience

"Finally, we have to distinguish in between the “incident narrative” (that that the “narrative experiencer”) and also the “courtroom narrative” (that the the in-court legit storyteller). "