Recurring Decimal, also called as repeating decimal, is a decimal number just that is composed of digits repeating ~ a fixed interval ~ the decimal. For example, 46.374374374..., 5173.838383... Etc. Decimals have the right to be classified into various categories depending upon what kind of digits happen after the decimal point, even if it is the digits room repeating, non-repeating, end, or infinite (infinite digits after the decimal point).

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In this lesson, let's learn around recurring decimals, recurring decimals as rational numbers, and also recurring decimal to fraction with addressed examples.

1.What is Recurring Decimal?
2.Recurring Decimals as Rational Numbers
3.Recurring Decimal to Fraction
4.Recurring Decimal Examples
5.FAQs ~ above Recurring Decimal

Recurring or repeating decimals room the ones, which have a fixed set of state after the ideal of the decimal to be repetitive uniformly. The group of decimal numbers contains terminating and non-terminating decimals, repeating and also non-repeating decimals.


Recurring Decimal Definition

A decimal in which come the appropriate of the decimal, a particular digit or succession of number repeats itself indefinitely is called as recurring or repeating decimals. It describes the decimal representation of a number whose digits are regular (repeating its worths at continuous intervals) and also the infinitely repeated portion is no zero.

Recurring Decimal Representation

A recurring decimal is a non-terminating decimal that has actually a number or a succession of digits repeating over and over and over again without ever before ending.

Mostly, bars are provided over the repeating digits in the recurring decimals, for example, 0.333333…..=0.3¯, the repetitive term in decimal is represented by a bar on optimal of the repeated part.Dot notation is supplied with recurring decimals. The period over the certain digit or digits show which number is repeating itself, because that example, (0.5 dot7) is same to 0.5777777... And (0. dot2 dot7) is equal to 0.27272727...

A rational number have the right to be represented as a decimal number that has actually the very same mathematical value, v the assist of the long division method. We should divide the provided rational number using the long department method and also the quotient i m sorry we obtain is the decimal representation of that rational number. A reasonable number have the right to have two species of decimal depictions (expansions):

TerminatingNon-terminating yet repeating

For example, 5/6 = 0.833333... Is a recurring, non-terminating decimal. The digit of 3 is repeating over and over in ~ the finish of the decimal. Put a bar over the first digit that 3 to suggest that it repeats. Thus, 5/6 = 0.83bar.


Similarly, 1/3 = 0.33333... Is a recurring, non-terminating decimal. The number 3 in the quotient keeps repeating. Thus, 1/3 = 0.3bar.

A decimal number deserve to be express in different species and forms, one of them gift a recurring decimal. Recurring decimals room numbers in i m sorry decimal digits are recurring or repeating. Given listed below are the measures to transform recurring decimal to fraction.

Step 1: permit x it is in the recurring or repeating decimal in expanded form.Step 2: count the variety of recurring digits. Let them it is in n.Step 3: main point the recurring decimal through 10n.Step 4: Subtract the result of action 1 from the result of action 3 to eliminate the recurring part.Step 5: Solve for x, refer answer as a fraction in its easiest form.

For example, if x = 0.23232323, climate the number of recurring digits are two, therefore multiply through 10 to power 2 = 100. 100x = 23.23232323 , individually the two equations we obtain 99x = 23 or x = 23/99.

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Example 1: convert the recurring decimal 0.125125125… come its fractional form.


The decimal 0.125125125….. Deserve to be created as 0.125¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.

Here, 125 is composed of 3 terms, and also it is repeated in a constant manner. Thus, the number of times 9 to be recurring in the denominator i do not care three.


Answer: 0.125125125….. In fractional kind is 125/999.

Example 2: determine if 11/25 is a end or a non-terminating number.


A reasonable number is terminating if it can be to express in the form:


The element factorization the 25 is 5×5


Answer: 11/25 is a terminating reasonable number.

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