It's crucial to recognize potential bullies in order to help prevent bullying situations. In today's short article we'll describe the many common features to look the end for.

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Students who participate in aggressive and violent behaviors against others tend to possess a particular physical and also psychological profile. Below, we’ll enter detail around the most common qualities of institution bullies.

It’s vital for teachers and professors to be mindful of this characteristics. Educators have actually a responsibility once it pertains to identifying possible aggressors by observing and recording college student behavior. This way, they deserve to anticipate, prevent, and reduce instances of bullying in your schools.

“Youth that bully others are at enhanced risk because that substance use, scholastic problems, and also experiencing violence later on in adolescence and also adulthood. Youth who bully others and are bullied themselves experience the many serious aftermath and room at greater risk for mental health and also behavioral problems.”

Center for disease Control, 2017

The objective of college bullies is to constantly submit their victims. they take benefit of a range of situations, including physical, social, or psychological advantages over those castle bully.

Bullies may practice intimidation actions individually or in groups. This acts the bullying have the right to take ~ above a number of forms… From physics violence to more subtle behaviors, which are emotional, verbal, and psychological.


But what type of college student commit these acts the aggression? In general, institution bullies have actually the following attributes in common:

Bullies are physically more powerful than your peers.Are dominant and impulsive.Refuse come follow created rules and codes of conduct.They have tendency to an obstacle authority.They possess seemingly high self-esteem.Demonstrate a positive attitude towards violence.Show a lack of empathy in the direction of their victims.They it seems to be ~ to absence feelings that guilt.Have problematic social and also family relationships.

The different varieties of bullies

Despite these gift the most common characteristics of school bullies, we should take right into account that there is an ext than one kind of bully. According to Alexander Schwarz, there space three different types, which room the following:

Aggressive. This is the many common type of bully. They act out of a desire because that power and dominance over others. They reinforce their characters by bullying one of their classmates.Passive. These students room insecure. They aren’t the ones that initiate the intimidation. Rather, castle wait until the time when aggression begins, and then they come to be eager participants. In fact, they have tendency to display loyalty to an aggressive bully.

Assuming the duty of aggressor has serious negative effects ~ above bullies, which room both short and also long term. As a result of your violent conduct, institution bullies have tendency to:
Establish toxic and an unfavorable social relationships.Display cruelty and emotional instability.Use aggression together a way to deal with their conflicts and problemsHave no capability to self-criticize.Respect aggressive behavior.Internalize delinquent and also antisocial behaviors.Display a lack of sensitivity in the confront of the suffering of others.Loss that empathy towards others.

As this children technique adulthood, they loss into social maladjusted behaviors. These may incorporate vandalism, alcohol abuse, and also the abuse of other substances. In ~ the same time, they’re most likely to mistreat others in the future (their partner, their children, etc.) or come to be aggressive delinquents.

Therefore, it’s necessary to detect and also prevent bullying. To perform this, institutions must lug out activities that promote and develop among students capability such as empathy, sensitivity, and also respect in regards to diversity and also the needs, characteristics, and also interests of others.

The objective of these tasks and the promotion of these qualities is for institution bullies and also those that act together witnesses come become aware of the difficulty of bullying. Those more, schools need to strive to repudiate and condemn this aggressive actions.
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