Are girlfriend interested in exactly how time is appropriately converted from hrs and minutes to decimal format for payroll? We"ll review and also compare this two typical formats because that displaying and expressing time.

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Note: wondering if your totals are accurate? review our quick article around the accuracy of totals >

Hours & MinutesThe hours & minutes style uses "base 60" to stand for time. Through this we average that time is to express in 60 one minute units. So when time is increased by one minute in ~ 3:59, us don"t create 3:60. Instead, we rise the hours by one and reset the minutes to zero and also write 4:00. We express hours (60 minutes) and portions of an hour (minutes) v the style HH:MM. Therefore whenever we see time expressed through a colon (:) we recognize that we space seeing time in the hours and minutes format.

Let"s look in ~ a simple example. 7:30 is read as "seven hours and 30 minutes." as soon as we use this usual expression of time we recognize that it means seven durations of 60 minute (7 hours) and also one duration of 30 minutes.

Decimal HoursThe decimal hours layout uses "base 10" to represent time as typical decimal numbers. When we usage decimal number each place in a number arrays from 0-9.

Using ours 7:30 instance above, us intuitively recognize that 30 minutes is "half an hour." In decimal format one-half is expressed together ".5". For this reason in decimal layout this is expressed together 7.5 hours (7 and a fifty percent hours). When thought the in this way, the is not difficult to know that 7:30 (hours and also minutes) = 7.5 decimal hours.

Hours for PayrollExpressing time in decimal format is essential for payroll since wages should be calculate using conventional decimal numbers. Because that example, how much have actually I deserve if ns make $10 every hour and work 7:30? i must convert 30 minute to .5 decimal time before I multiply by mine hourly wage. $10 x 7.5 hours = $75.

Converting Employee HoursSome time conversions (like the one above) are intuitive. Because that instance, we recognize that:

:15 minutes = quarter hour = .25 hours:30 minutes = fifty percent hour = .5 hours:45 minutes = three-quarters hour = .75 hours

But what about non-intuitive times? exactly how do ns convert 7:56 (seven hours and 56 minutes) to decimal time? Using the moment Conversion chart below, we find that 7:56 = 7.93 hours.


The chart above simply converts minute from base 60 to base 10. Utilizing our instance of 56 minutes, we merely divide by 60 minutes: 56/60 = .93333333. Decimal hours are minimal to displaying two decimal places, therefore the repeating 3 is rounded so the 56 minutes (:56) is expressed in decimal layout as .93 hours.

Converting Time to Decimal HoursOur free Time map Calculator allows you to enter employee start, stop and break times in Hours and Minutes format. The calculator then computes the daily and also weekly time totals in decimal format.

Our Virtual TimeClock software impartially records employee start, stop and also break time in real-time. The reporting attributes in online TimeClock permit you to quickly view reports either as Hours and also Minutes for timecard testimonial or Decimal Hours format for payroll.

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Virtual TimeClock can also track overtime, division & lunches, projects and also more. You have the right to even accessibility timecard data built up from multiple computers or location with our online TimeClock Network edition. You can download a complimentary trial of virtual TimeClock without any type of cost or obligation.