Question: if my integrated amplifier has actually 4 and 8 ohm speak connectors and my Harbeth" are rated 6 ohm - is it finest to attach the Harbeth" come the 4 ohm connectors on mine amplifier?

I think the correct answer depends on the impedance curve of the speaker. 6 ohms is simply the in the name of impedance. Without knowing the particulars of her speaker, I would say that the 4 ohm taps are the much better choice, since the impedance will be reduced than 8 ohms for lot of the time. As was said before, shot both. It" possible you won" hear any type of difference. Only if the speaker" impedance drops right into the 2 or 3 ohm selection for a far-reaching part of the audioband will the 4 ohm madness sound remarkable better.

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For what it" worth I have revel performa30 with an arc vsi60 , basic it tighter , Mids space cleaner on the 4 ohm tap. Ns wasn" happy through amp until I readjusted from 8 to 4 ohm

I have 6 ohm nominal KEF Q300 speakers and also I use the 4 Ohm taps of my Jolida JD-502P amp. I discovered the base to be contempt louder and also tighter vs. The 8 ohm tap the the Jolida. I number the KEF Q300s may dip listed below 6 Ohms so i might too play that safe and use the 4 Ohm tap simply in case.
Say her speakers are 6 ohms and also your amp gives out 120wpc in 6 ohms.So, if ns am shopping because that an amp because that my 6 ohms speakers and care about the amp’s power rating, I need to go by it is strength rating at 6 ohms, correct?I should also mention that ns am just asking a technological question, no what ns need/want as strength or not.
It" about damping factor. The 4 ohm insanity will rise the damping factor, many speakers are designed because that this, far better control end the woofer. However, you might not favor it so together suggested try them both and also see what girlfriend prefer.

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Like it was suggested in the very first post try both and let your ear decide which is the much better of the two. No injury to your amp.
Maybe I must ask differently.If a speak manufacturer has the following specs; do they average the recommended strength in 8 ohms or 6 ohms?Specs:Impedance: 6 ohmsRecommended power: Minimum 50wpc