English Bulldogs are wildly popular, lovable dogs well-known for being England’s national dog breed! English Bulldogs are brief in stature and stocky. If you the lucky pet parental to one English Bulldog, you may be wondering specifically how large will my English Bulldog grow and when carry out they stop growing?

Everything you have to know about English Bulldog growth:

English Bulldog growth & weight Chart

The height and weight numbers in the chart listed below are all estimates.

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If your English Bulldog is slightly listed below or over the adhering to numbers, don’t worry! continue to take your English Bulldog to continual veterinary appointments because that personalized referrals on food, exercise, and other recommendations for her English Bulldog puppy’s optimal health.

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Male English Bulldog Growth and also Weight Chart

1 month4 - 7 lbs
2 months9 - 12 lbs
3 months13 - 18 lbs
4 months18 - 24 lbs
5 months30 - 33 lbs
6 months33 - 37 lbs
7 months38 - 42 lbs
8 months42 - 45 lbs
9 months43 - 47 lbs
10 months45 - 48 lbs
11 months46 - 49 lbs
1 year51 - 55 lbs
1.5 year old51 - 55 lbs
2 years51 - 55 lbs

Female English Bulldog Growth and Weight Chart

1 month3 - 6 lbs
2 months7 - 10 lbs
3 months12 - 15 lbs
4 months18 - 22 lbs
5 months22 - 25 lbs
6 months26 - 30 lbs
7 months30 - 33 lbs
8 months33 - 36 lbs
9 months35 - 37 lbs
10 months35 - 38 lbs
11 months37 - 40 lbs
1 year40 - 44 lbs
1.5 year old40 - 44 lbs
2 years40 - 44 lbs

At what age is an English Bulldog fully grown?

English Bulldogs will certainly rarely prosper taller ~ they’re a year old yet may proceed filling the end in chest size and increase in weight until they’re around two year old. A full-grown masculine English Bulldog weighs around 50 to 55 pounds and also stands 14 to 16 inch tall. A full-grown woman English Bulldog weighs around ten pounds less at 40 to 44 pounds and also stands in ~ 12 come 14 inch tall.

(Image Source: Canva)

How large should a 6-month-old English Bulldog be?

According come Care.com, puppies reach around 75% of their adult height at six months old. This will certainly be approximately 10-13 inch tall for a masculine English Bulldog and approximately 9-11 customs tall because that a mrs English Bulldog.

As for weight, a 6-month-old male English Bulldog will weigh around 33 to 37 pounds, while a 6-month-old mrs English Bulldog will certainly weigh about 26 to 33 pounds.

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How much bigger will my English Bulldog get?

The English Bulldog growth and weight chart above can offer you an estimate of your English Bulldog’s complete size, but this will vary per dog. If her English Bulldog is over two years old, they are probably completely grown. Any additional weight they placed on may be excess and should be debated with your veterinarian.

An English Bulldog’s paws deserve to reveal a lot about their final size. Take a look at at your English Bulldog’s paws contrasted to their legs and also body size. Carry out their paws look large next come the rest of their body? They might still have actually room to grow as this is a standard puppy feature!

Lastly, if friend purchased your English Bulldog through a breeder, reach the end to them around your English Bulldog’s supposed weight and also height. Your English Bulldog’s parents and also their ahead litters should carry out plenty of information for her breeder to give you a more precise number for your puppy’s approximated adult size. A dog hardly ever grows to be bigger than your parents, so this will provide you with a general idea the their last adult size.

What is the dimension of a full-grown English Bulldog?

According to the Bulldog society of America Bulldog Standards, one English Bulldog should show up stocky yet symmetrical v no excessively prominent features.

English Bulldogs are specifically prone to obtaining extra weight and may exceed these weight estimates. If your English Bulldog weighs an ext than this full-grown figures, consult with your veterinarian around your English Bulldog’s appropriate weight at his or her following vet appointment. If your pup is a bit overweight (or underweight), don’t worry! your veterinarian will certainly be happy to talk about food type, quantity, frequency that feedings, and treats to gain your English Bulldog earlier to their ideal weight.

(Image Source: Canva)

How do I make sure my English Bulldog is healthy?

English Bulldogs may require extra attention because of some hereditary health troubles that are common for the breed. Because that example, English Bulldogs will certainly require consistent at-home baths, this cleaning is particularly to protect against infections under their skin folds. English Bulldogs are likewise highly prone to placing on excess weight, which is detrimental to your health.

The Association for Pet obesity Prevention approximates that 55.8% that dogs space classified as overweight or obese, bring about rising numbers of weight-related disorders like form 2 diabetes and osteoarthritis in dogs across the country. A healthy diet and also exercise are important to preserve a healthy weight because of the English Bulldog’s propensity to get excess weight.

English Bulldogs additionally have brachycephalic syndrome, this condition just way that your airways, particularly in their nose, are shorter than the typical dog which gives them your “squished” sleep look. The English Bulldog is one of the many severely impacted dog breeds and also brachycephalic syndrome deserve to lead to an obstacle breathing, respiratory distress, heatstroke, and difficulty exercising as result of their breathing restrictions. Every one of this can make load loss also more daunting for the English Bulldog breed. Because your English Bulldog may have a more tough time breath than various other dogs, her vet can recommend safe ways to enable them come exercise and enjoy life without obtaining overheated. If your pup has a an especially bad case and also has an obstacle breathing also when not exercising, you deserve to talk to her veterinarian around surgery because that Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome which is a typical procedure done to aid English Bulldogs and also other brachycephalic dog breeds, favor pugs, breath much more easily.

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Taking her English Bulldog come regular veterinarian appointments to save them healthy and also happy is one of the best things you have the right to do because that them! not only can your veterinarian administer personalized advice to keep your pup healthy, however they can screen for common English Bulldog health and wellness problems, prefer skin infections, hip and knee problems. Preventive vet care is important for your English Bulldog’s lifelong welfare to make certain they can live a long, joyful life v you and your family.

Unfortunately, veterinary care can be pricey. Veterinarian therapies for health and wellness issues, favor hip and knee problems, have the right to easily price thousands that dollars. Treating medical issues, like crashes or sudden illnesses, can be expensive, however this must never it is in the deciding factor in treating your English Bulldog.

95% of pet parents take into consideration their dog part the the family, and also doing the best thing for her English Bulldog must never be minimal by therapy costs. Pet insurance reimburses you as much as 90% of her veterinary bills over a pet’s life time so that you can emphasis on what’s truly important, her English Bulldog’s wellbeing and also happiness!

Final Considerations

As pets parents, we execute our part by giving quality food, exercise, and care in ~ home, yet we likewise need to take our dogs in for continual veterinary appointments. A skilled can administer you with personalized references for your dog, as well as testing to detect any health issues early on. Prevention and also early detection are an essential in maintaining our dog healthy and also happy!

English Bulldog puppies flourish into silly, lovable, and wrinkly dogs through a lot of personality. Compare and also enroll in a height English Bulldog insurance arrangement here and also gain the tranquility of mind the you"ll constantly be may be to do the best ting for your pet. In ~ betterworld2016.org Advisor, we constantly want the health care decisions you make for her pet come be based on what you and also your veterinary think is best for them quite than being limited by gaue won restrictions.