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Hello All, I"d like to say the I"m dazzling to it is in here and also I to be usually simply lurking around and this is my very first post. I have actually a 2014 soul and also like it. It"s a nice tiny car/wagon ect. Ns took my spirit yesterday to acquire the consistent oil readjust at my regional kia dealer and all was fine till today on my way home. It seems out of nowhere the check engine light came on! Idk why? It has just turned 20,000 miles favor 2 work ago. I called my dealership business dept and also they claimed I necessary to schedule an appointment and also that they"re booked till following Monday! I have actually done anything to modify the engine or anything. The just thing my solutions advisor called me was the I could want to consider an altering the cabin and also engine filters. Any kind of ideas guys? T.I.A.

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Buy you yourself a pretty ODB-II scanner or take i to a neighborhood parts store many do this for cost-free now and also get a password read and write them down, and also check them it could be other really straightforward or not so.A good ODB-II is something worth buying this days, after you replace what friend think is the problem clear codes if that was resolved it will remain off if not it will certainly return, execute not just clear the code for the hell of it uneven you actually think you solved it! Make sure you create the codes down also so you have them for later reference if you execute clear them!.I have a Actron CP9580A works good its a little more than the other models however has some nice features, I likewise have a Wifi ODB-II scanner which likewise works really nicely and hooked up to my Ipad because that in-car driving use.
Yes inspect even if the dealer serviced it! I recognize 2 people that had auto serviced at dealer one the human being must of acquired side tracked and also forgot to put oil in! and also the other person they forgot the oil lid "O" correct what a mess oil all over the engine compartment, lucky no fire.Reason I perform all my own service and also if ns do have actually someone occupational on it i recheck whatever once I get home.Even my new Soul ns was under the hood and also inspecting every little thing for a mainly LOL wife thought I was crazy!
I had a similar experience with Acura service. My auto would be working good & I"d take it in for an oil change. The following day I"m getting check engine light. Oxygen sensor the end of the blue is bad. It likewise happened ~ a muffler change. I challenged them twice on the "coincidental" time & mysteriously continue after simple oil changes.The last time ns did it in a lobby complete of wait customers & said maybe a mechanic is doing something to facilitate the oxygen sensor failure.They brought the GM out (basically to shut me up). They fixed the sensor in ~ a "discount" and magically the sensor failures quit happening.That was the work I chose to never ever own another Acura (great car, yet sketchy dealer company IMHO). They never once apologized or was standing behind your service.

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