Honda gets the negative boy out of each among us with the 2009 Rebel. Considering the truth that civilization are most likely to buy that in bespeak to save up gas money, that’s rather an achievement and yet only a part of the tiny cruiser’s large character. Through a reliable and also docile four-stroke engine, comfortable accommodations and good handling, ns bet my money top top the reality that after being introduced to setravel by this entry-level bike, all riders will check out the Honda Shadow as their next goal.

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It seems that Japan’s motorcycle builders shot to cover up every solitary cruiser category, especially the entry-level one no only due to the fact that Harley-Davidson is much from it, but also due come the fact that motorcycle buyers recently (at the very least the ones the go because that a cruiser) are more interested in getting to their location alive quite than services of a most horsepower and big dimensions.Starting from that idea, Honda it is intended the air-cooled, 234cc, parallel twin, SOHC; two valves every cylinder powered Rebel, a an equipment for those who favor finesse. Being fitted with a 26 mm carburetor and also mating the little motor come a five-speed gearbox, this cruiser is simplicity itself.That, linked with a 331 lbs wet weight, 26.6 inches short seat height, not only makes the Honda Rebel basic to handle, yet a perfect commuter and, really often, the an option of woman riders.


But the Rebel isn’t by far a new arrival. This bike has much more than two years behind its earlier and a adjust of identity so it is rather a challenge digging into its past.


Honda had very first introduced your quarter-liter cruiser under the CM250C name ago in 1984 in order to be component of the frenzy that came in addition to the style. Powering the bike to be an air-cooled, 234cc, OHC parallel pair that to be electrically started and fed with a 26mm carburetor fitted with accelerator pump. This featured even the bore and also stroke the the engine friend can discover on the Rebel now so the five-speed, consistent mesh transmission was nothing out of the ordinary. Neither to be the north brakes. In its very first year that production, the CM250C was pretty lot a lame replica that the Honda Magna. There was also the Black and Red color scheme on the tank and side cover.Starting 1985, they design name turned right into CMX250C. Honda sleek the unreasonable look for such a small motorcycle, but the handlebars still seemed favor being also high mounted. At least a key brake was mounted on the front wheel. Colors accessible were Candy can be fried Red and also Pearl mainly Black and also the next panels were now chrome plated.In 1986, the handlebars to be lowered and also the bike ended up spring pretty lot as the one the is being offered today. The Candy supreme Red shade was changed by liquid Eiger Blue while keeping the Pearl stellar Black. That same design year saw the addition of a restricted edition model called the CMX250CD. It to be only easily accessible Pearl Stellar black color painted, but included gold striping top top the gas tank and rear fender. Also, the gas tank cap and also carburetor cover to be gold while the engine cases, fork legs and also handlebar levers were chrome plated.For 1987, colors to be either black color or Wineberry Red. Afterwards, Honda ceased production of their small cruiser model.


1996 was the year of new beginnings and, as an irony of belief the all-new Honda Rebel was Magna Red colored. They have actually lowered the seat and redesigned the gas tank, yet the engine was the same.Starting 2001, the Honda Rebel was exactly what you will certainly buy today and only colors and small details such together graphics were to be later added and/or changed.



Star motorcycles market a more than decent alternate to the Rebel, the 2009 V Star 250. Previously dubbed Yamaha Virago, the cycle is beloved for the 249cc, air-cooled, 60-degree V-Twin engine, a low seat (27 inches native the ground) and retro looks.But there’s more to it is in said around that little powerplant. Because that starters, like any V-Twin, it delivers low-end torque and also smooth acceleration all with the strength range. A 26 mm Mikuni carburetor has actually much to perform with that as well as the five-speed transmission. Also electrically started and getting an amazing 78 mpg, this Star is a an excellent cruiser to start on. But probably the finest of it is the $3,790 basic MSRP.



No issue what a motorcycle is developed to do, looking an excellent is a must and the 2009 Honda Rebel remains true to its name. Inspired on enlarge models, this cruiser is certainly designed to attract more than a couple of looks v its shiny chromed pieces (headlight, taillight, signal lights and instruments housings, rims, exhaust, rear springs and also fender ornaments) and likewise with the brand-new paintjobs, Red and Blue.Very regularly I take place to listen considerations concerning the truth that a cruiser look brought to motorcycles that is no powered through a V-Twin engine just makes them conventional models, however for me, things are lot simpler. For this reason as lengthy as the cycle is offered as a cruiser by the company which developed it, ns won’t argue with that. Furthermore, special a pair of standard spoked wheels and a simple, however classic design, the Rebel manages to convince me of its cruiser roots. Also, v a 30-degree 40’ rake, friend can’t contact it noþeles else yet a cruiser.The fenders and gas tank look smooth if the foamy seats suggest that you and also your passenger will certainly be talk in comfort every day long. Indeed, a V-Twin engine would definitely make it was standing out even more, however this high-revving unit is at the very least a great replacement if not the ideal thing because that it.Apart native the new colors, Honda also ads part cool graphics on the sides of the gas tank in bespeak to enhance the wild look they try to bring on the 2009 design year.

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Honda may not bring a V-Twin engine ~ above the scene, but their Rebel’s success is an undisputable fact and also it is partly due to a good marketing strategy resulting into a $3,399 manufacturer’s said retail price.


The remainder is just heritage and Honda life lengthy reliability. Because that reviving this old model Honda doesn’t worthy our appreciation as it could simply not stop creating it in the very first place, but due to the fact that they offer the opportunity to effectively learn how ride ~ above a maker that could easily come to be the appropriate Christmas gift because that our girlfriends (or wives)…oh, you acquire the point.


Engine and also Transmission


Chassis and Dimensions


Guarantee: Transferable one-year unlimited-mileage warranty; prolonged coverage easily accessible with a Honda security Plan