After the TREAD Act was mandated in 2007, all vehicles manufactured in the united States beginning in 2008, have to be mounted with direct or indirect TPMS systems.

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The Honda Accord is produced with one indirect and also a straight TPMS system, depending on the year. Direct TPMS has actually TPMS sensors are mounted in the wheel; if one or more tires indicate low tires pressure, the TPMS sensors will deliver the information to the vehicle’s ECU. An indicator light (low-line TPMS system) or every tire push will display on the dash (high-line TPMS system). The indirect TPMS device does not have actually TPMS sensors in the wheel; TPMS is measure up by wheel speed through the ABS system.


Type of TPMS system:

Indirect TPMS mechanism for years 2013-2016. A TPMS re-calibration is recommended when changing air pressure, rotating tires and also replacing a tires or TPMS sensor.

Type of TPMS frequency:

315 MHz

Type of Relearn procedures:

Direct TPMS for years 2008-2012, OBD relearn, requires OBD moduleIndirect TPMS because that years 2013-2019, re-calibration of TPMS system


Type the TPMS tool compelled for TPMS reset

OBD relearn procedure, 2008-2012:

OBDII dongle is requiredConfirm TPMS sensors are effectively installedAdjust tires pressures to placard valueHold TPMS tool on left front tires sidewall alongside the valve stemRepeat because that the left rear, best rear and left former tiresApply OBD module come the DLCTurn ignition ONPress yes on TPMS device to transfer sensor data to the ECUDisconnect OBD module from DLCTurn ignition OFF, then begin the engine

Indirect relearn procedure (with multi-informational display), 2013-2019:

Adjust tire pressures come placard valueRelease parking brakeTurn ignition ONUse the arrows come select vehicle settingPush the SELECT/RESET switch until TPMS calibration is displayedPush the SELECT/RESET switch until options for the Cancel and also Calibrate is displayedUse the arrows to select Calibration, then push the SELECT/RESET buttonThe calibration process will finish automatically

Indirect relearn procedure (with informational display), 2013-2019:

Adjust tires pressures to placard valueRelease parking brakeTurn ignition ON, engine OFFPush and hold the TPMS button located near the reduced left knee bolster till the TPMS light blinks twice, calibration has begunThe calibration process will complete automatically

Troubleshooting tips

Tip 1:

The Honda Accord’s straight TPMS OBD relearn is unique contrasted to other OBD relearns. When activating sensors, begin with the left front sensor, then activate the sensors counter-clockwise. The order to activate the TPMS sensors throughout an OBD relearn is left front, left rear, ideal rear and also left prior sensor.

Tip 2:

As quote in the TIA TPMS relearn chart, for direct TPMS Honda equipment 2008-2012, “a correctly formatted TPMS scan tool is required to learn brand-new sensor IDs when replacing sensors. ~ sensor ID’s room registered to the vehicle, the MIL (malfunction indicator light) will certainly flash until the automobile is driven and the sensor ID’s are received by the vehicle. This procedure can take 1-10 mile of consistent driving.”

Tip 3:

For straight TPMS solution on the Honda Accord for years 2008-2012, a TPMS relearn is recommended as soon as replacing a sensor. However, because that indirect TPMS systems on the Honda Accord because that years 2013-2016, a TPMS re-calibration is encourage when transforming air pressure, rotating tires and replacing a tires or TPMS sensor.

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TPMS DTC password information

Use the VT56 to retrieve Honda TPMS DTC codes by selecting the “Service” icon. After picking the Make, Model, and Year, choose the DTC password icon. Use the OBDII module come retrieve the Honda DTC TPMS information to diagnose and also service the TPMS problems determined.