Ford Motor company is popularly recognized as Ford. The a renowned Americanautomobile manufacturer the was started by Henry Ford. The company wasestablished in 1903.

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Ford deals in both commercial and also luxury selection of cars. They offer commercial carsunder the brand name Ford, if their deluxe cars are sold under the Lincoln brand.One that the most renowned ranges of cars by the agency is Ford Escape. It is a compactcrossover automobile sold by Ford since 2000 over 4 generations.

Ford escape II: second Generation

Ford escape is the second-generation variety of crossover vehicles. The was very first marketedin 2008. The company continued the manufacturing till 2012, after i m sorry they take it thevehicle come the following generation.

The second-generation Ford escape was first revealed in ~ the 2006 Los AngelesInternational Auto Show. The car was designed based upon the CD2 platform and the samefollowed for all the current Escape models together well.

Ford Escape was designed with a many innovative features. Among the necessary oneswas the electronic stability control system. This was had in to escape 2008.The firm later updated the auto model and also made a few changes. This consisted of a newgrille design with larger headlamps in the front. Not simply that, but they also re-designedthe sides v rounder wheel arches and cleaner lines.

They even made changes to the interior of the car. This had the addition of the FordFamily navigating system.

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The 2008 Escape is among the first cars to feature Ford’s pull-drift steering mode. Thiswas an improvement made with the help of software regulate to the electric PowerSteering system. The agency ended production on the second-generation in 2011.For over 4 generations, escape has offered customers a comfortable experience. The is oneof the best variety of Ford dare available.

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Passenger compartment fuse panel

Fuse/Relay LocationFuse Amp RatingProtected Circuits
130ANot supplied (spare)
215ABrake on/off switch
315ASYNC module
430AMoon roof
510AKeypad illumination, Brake change interlock (BSI), Passenger compartment fuse panel
620ATurn signals, avoid lamps
710ALow beam headlamps (left)
810ALow beam headlamps (right)
915AInterior lights
1110AFour wheel drive
127.5APower winter switch
135ANot supplied (spare)
1410AFCIM (radio buttons), Front display screen module, gps module
1510AClimate control
1615ANot provided (spare)
1720AAll lock motor feeds, Liftgate release, Liftglass release
1820AHeated seat
1925ARear wiper
2115AFog lamps
2215APark lamps
2315AHigh beam headlamps
2420AHorn relay
2510ADemand lamps
2610AInstrument panel cluster
2720AIgnition switch
295AInstrument panel cluster
305ANot provided (spare)
3110ARestraints regulate module
3210ARear video camera module
3310ANot offered (spare)
345ANot used (spare)
3510AFour wheel drive, electric power aid steering (EPAS), Park help module, energetic park help module
365APassive anti-theft mechanism (PATS) transceiver
3710AClimate control
3820ASubwoofer/Amp (premium radio)
3920ARadio, Radio amplifier (navigation only)
4020AFront strength point
4115ADriver/passenger door lock switches, automatic dimming mirror, Compass, approximately lighting, Moon roof, Camera display in mirror
4210ANot provided (spare)
4310ARear wiper logic, Heated seat relay, instrument cluster
4410ANot provided (spare)
455AFront wiper logic, Blower engine relay
467.5AOccupant group system (OCS), Passenger airbag deactivation indicator (PADI)
4730ACircuit Breaker power windows
48Delayed accessory relay