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Replacing the engine and also I removed the balancer come get much more clearance (For transforming the motor and to acquire it out). Pertained to find out the balancer bolt hold the totality motor together. No crucial between the crank and also the time sprocket and the balancer no keyed either. Therefore no have to speak the noticeable but ns spun the motor to acquire the converter nuts off. Now the motor"s the end of time and also I can"t see any kind of obvious timing marks top top the crank shaft. Exactly me if I"m wrong yet I think the time marks top top the video camer shaft space the 2 slots machined out of the ends, they"re turn off center and line up with the head as soon as turned up. If I had actually a item of 1/16 stole I can line it up. I don"t also know the engine code so do the efforts to find information is difficult. Any type of info top top this difficulty would be much appreciated.
Here"s the manual. Http:// is how to change the timing chain, which will tell you wherein the marks are/need come be: the helps. I"m going to do mine today/tomorrow.

Make certain you obtain a bar thick sufficient to block both the cams solidly. My shop supplied some scrap iron and when lock tightened the cam gears under it permitted the one electronic came to rotate ~17*.

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any brand-new links because that these items? i"m having to eliminate the head off my car and also might need this info!!!!
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