Sometimes it is inevitable. You favor the wheels on your Jeep, yet just experienced a collection on one more Wrangler that you love more. Or, probably you provided those wheel a little of "off-road" absent rash the last time you to be on one adventure and also want come change. Probably it is just time. The happens, however when that does and you are ready to traction the create on some new ones, it definitely can be a bit confusing top top what wheel bolt sample is appropriate for your rig. You may recognize the wheel dimension you require thanks to your tires, yet bolt pattern is a different story. That"s because, while many Jeeps have a 5 lugs, different models have various spacing between the lugs. Because that example, every JK Wrangler vehicles (2007-18) have a 5x5 bolt sample - definition five lugs v a five inch spacing. Earlier TJ Wrangler models (1997-06) and also YJ execution (1987-95) rental a 5x4.5 pattern. Other Jeeps might use various lug collection ups, therefore our Jeep-specific chart listed below breaks down automobile year/model and also bolt pattern to assist you decision which one exactly represents your vehicle.

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Vehicle/Year Ranges
OEM Wheel SizeLug PatternStud SizeHub facility Bore
2020-22 Jeep Gladiator JT17" - 18"5 on 514mm x 1.5071.5
18 - 22 Jeep Wrangler JL17" - 18"5 top top 514mm x 1.5071.5
07 - 18 Jeep Wrangler JK17" - 18"5 on 51/2 x 2071.5
97 - 06 Jeep Wrangler TJ15" - 16"5 on 4.51/2 x 2071.5
87 - 95 Jeep Wrangler YJ15" - 16"5 on 4.51/2 x 2071.5
41 - 86 Jeep MB & CJ Series15"5 on 5.51/2 x 20108
84 - 01 Jeep Cherokee XJ & Commanche MJ15"5 top top 4.51/2 x 2071.5
93 - 98 Jeep cool Cherokee ZJ15"5 ~ above 4.51/2 x 2071.5
99 - 04 Jeep grand Cherokee WJ16" - 20"5 on 51/2 x 2071.5
05 - 10 Jeep cool Cherokee WK16" - 20"5 ~ above 51/2 x 2071.5
11 - 19 Jeep cool Cherokee WK216" - 20"5 top top 514mm x 15071.5
14 - 19 Jeep Cherokee KL17" - 18"5 x 110(metric)12mm x 1.2565.1
06 - 10 Jeep commander XK17" - 18"5 on 51/2 x 2071.5
02 - 12 Jeep Liberty KJ/KK16" - 18"5 x 4.51/2 x 2071.5
07 - 16 Jeep Compass, Patriot17" - 18"5 on 4.512 x 1.567.1
62 - 73 Jeep J series & complete Size Wagoneer15"5 x 5.51/2 x 20108
74 - 91 Jeep J series & full Size Wagoneer15"6 top top 5.57/16108

How to Measure her Bolt Pattern

Now the you recognize bolt patterns, several of you may be unsure what kind of Jeep you have or the year. Fairly than go on one exhaustive trek to obtain that information, just measure the lug sample size. First, count the lug bolt holes. ~ above a Jeep, you generally have 5 lugs which makes measuring a little tricky, but not an overwhelming - you simply need to measure up the bolt pattern circle (the yellow circle on the diagram below). To execute that, pick any type of bolt hole to begin from, align your leader at the outer many edge of the hole, climate skip one bolt hole and also measure to the facility of the next nearby hole (as indicated by the blue heat in the diagram). That will offer you your bolt sample circle diameter (the yellow circle on the diagram). Top top this details wheel, the has 5 holes and also when us measured the bolt pattern circle diameter, it was 4.5". So, we would say the bolt sample is 5 top top 4.5 or 5x4.5.


How to effectively Torque Lug Nuts

Making sure those lug nuts space snug once the wheels walk on isn"t simply lip service. The is something an essential to ensure proper safety as soon as operating your Jeep vehicle. So, once those wheels room on her Jeep, begin by making use of a great lug wrench like the Gorilla power Lug Wrench and also tighten the an initial lug to its proper torque (the specific torque for your auto can be uncovered in your owner manual). Then, move to the lug nut surrounding to the one girlfriend tightened. Next, move back across the wheel again. Monitor the pattern displayed in the chart below, working ago and forth throughout the wheel until all lug nuts have actually been appropriately torqued. If your know your lug size, but do not have actually an owner manual, girlfriend can inspect our lug seed torque chart for the proper torque setting. One thing to store in mind, perform not end torque those lug nuts. Make certain you understand the ideal torque spec for your vehicle as over-torqued lug nuts can shear off and could cause you come lose control of the Jeep.

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Once you have the suitable bolt pattern for her Jeep, make certain to head end to our Wheel and Wheel Accessory web page to check out every the great available options.