The fuse panel is situated below and to the left of the steering wheel by the brake pedal. Remove the dashboard cover to check out the fuses.Access the fuses from below the dashboard cover.

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FuseFuse amp. RatingDescription
3010Light switch
3215Turn signal, risk flasher
3320Horn, power seat
3420Power sunroof
357.5Interior lamps, power mirrors
367.5Electronic modules, instrument cluster
37-Not used
38-Not used
3915Rear strength point
4010Back up lamps (automatic transmission)
417.5Radio (accessory)
4215Stop lamps
4315Rear wiper
4420Fog lamps
457.5Recirculated air, waiting conditioning
4720Cigar lighter, front power point
4810Data attach connector
4925Rear defrost
507.5Heated mirrors
51-Not used
5215Heated front seats
5310Back up lamps (manual transmission)
5425Rear power windows
5525Front strength windows
5620Front wipers
577.5Side lamp (right)
587.5Side lights (left)
597.5Light switch
607.5Air bag module
627.5Electronic modules, instrument cluster
627.5License bowl lamp
6320Power locks (GEM) (on earlier side of fuse panel)
18Rear intermittent wiper
19Front intermittent wiper
20Not used
21Not used
22Not used
24Battery saver
25Rear defrost, boil mirrors


The power circulation box is located in the engine compartment. The power distribution box contains high existing fuses that protect your vehicle"s main electric systems from overloads.

always replace the covering tothe Power distribution Box prior to reconnecting the battery or refilling liquid reservoirs.

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FuseFuse amp. RatingDescription
140Main strength supply to electric system
230Engine cooling pan (A/C) 2nd fuse
3-Not used
4-Not used
5-Not used
650Engine cooling pan (A/C) first fuse
740Main strength supply to electric system
830Ignition switch,starter
920Engine management
1010Battery voltage sensor, diagnostic plug
1215Fuel pump
13-Not used
14-Not used
1510AC clutch solenoid
1610Low beam (left side)
1710Low beam (right side)
1810Heated oxygen sensors
1910Low beam (DRL)
2010Engine management
2220Low beam (DRL)
23-Not used
2430Powered subwoofer
25-Not used
2610High beam (left side)
2710High beam (right side)
28-Not used
29-Not used
6440Heater blower motor
65-Not used
2Not used
3Not used
4A/C diode
5High beams
6Low beams
7Fuel pump
8Engine administration Not used
9Not used
10Air conditioning
11Daytime to run lights
12Fog lamps
13Stop desk lamp inhibit relay (AdvanceTracT only)
14Engine cooling pan level 2 (A/C)
15Engine cooling pan level 1

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