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Although there is no noticeable concern with my 2006 EX-L (hesitation, loos the power, etc.), the examine engine light has been top top for about a week now. I have to drive it on a 300mi (round trip) in two days. Will it be for sure to carry out so without having the automobile checked out? I will not be able to get come the company center in ~ the regional Honda dealershipe before. Many thanks for any kind of insight -
I think I"d go over come Autozone and let them pull the code for free. Then Google the password at home and assess the severity of the CEL light. Scott

You deserve to have a place like autozone or advancement auto parts pull the code for you and also tell friend what it is. Carry out that and post what that is and we"ll tell girlfriend how bad it is. Periodically your gas cap is loose and it throws a code. Really. Or it might be something more serious.
"06 EX-L Red - mods - Magnum drilled rotors & ceramic pads, stainless lines, Monroe shocks, auto lights, 18" MDX sports rims/Kuhmo tires. Honda hitch. Dirt guards. Weather tech mats. Rad. Display mod. & infectious diseases worldwide cooler. Problems - R.shocks, 3 eng mounts, blower heat cut-out, alternator bearing, DVD sound cable, AC clutch bearing, door rattle, what next?"12 Kia Optima SX - Turbo GDI 2.0, 274 hp 6 speed"07 Saturn sky Redline project vehicle 1 year and also counting on blocks...
Looks favor I snuck the one in just before you go Dirkdaddy!
I go a little much more research, after see the note around the gas cap, and also found that this symptom (check engine light) will certainly go far after number of days (if that is actually regarded a loose GAS CAP). It"s my wife"s car and also she remembered not transforming the cap until it "clicks". She drove that a few more days, acquisition the opportunity that that was simply a loosened gas cap, and sure enough - the light went out! many thanks for your insight - much appreciated

I walk a little an ext research, after see the note about the gas cap, and found that this symptom (check engine light) will go far after number of days (if it is actually regarded a loose GAS CAP). It"s my wife"s car and also she psychic not transforming the cap till it "clicks". She drove it a couple of more days, taking the possibility that the was just a loose gas cap, and sure sufficient - the irradiate went out! many thanks for your understanding - lot appreciated
Did you obtain one of these messages (depending on model) and the CEL?Per the owner"s manual:You will likewise see a ‘‘CHECK FUEL CAP’’ article on the odometer/trip meter display screen (LX, EX and EX-L models) or ‘‘TIGHTEN FUEL CAP’’ message on the multi information screen (Touring models).

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2008 Odyssey Touring non-PAXSilver Pearl Metallic w/ black InteriorMobil 1 5W-20 with Honda Oil Filter 15400-PLM-A01 or 15400-PLM-A02Shell (or other Top-Tier Gas)Honda care 6yr/120K indigenous Bernardi HondaWeatherTech FloorLiner (1st, 2nd, third Row)WeatherTech Cargo Liner (Coverage Area: Behind 2nd Seat)TSBs applied: 07-045 (Brake Pedal Is Low and also Feels Soft), 08-080 (Wind Noise or Rattle indigenous Front Doors), 09-053 (Product Update: Lock-Up Clutch Judders in between 20–45 MPH / PCM upgrade for Lock-Up Clutch Function), 10-024 (No XM Sound, but XM Station information Is Displayed)Safety Recalls applied: 10-017 (Air In VSA Modulator-Control Unit reasons Low/Soft Brake Pedal)Warranty Repairs: talk converter replaced at 38,349 miles, Water passage replaced at 38,349 miles, hose A, WATER, hose C, WATER, and also RUBBER, THERMOSTAT MOUNTING replaced at 39,673 miles. 2nd software update (unreleased and released) used to PCM