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A week or for this reason ago, mine wife’s car broke down. The pully top top the A/C compressor sheave wobbled and also seized, for this reason not just did she 2004 Honda public have no A/C, it smoked under the hood native the belt rubbing against the belt. So I had some job-related to do, and also in the course of the repair I had to disconnect the negative battery cable since of factors (and if you should know, it’s because I had actually to relocate the alternator out of the way, and also in doing so I began sparking things. Security second, ns guess).

The point is v Honda, or at the very least this generation that Honda Civics is that if friend disconnect the battery, you finish up locking the radio. Some kind of antitheft property that ends up only annoying people who work on them and also disconnect the battery.

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Fortunately, Honda maintains an virtual database that the unlock code - you simply need the VIN (Vehicle identification Number) and radio serial number. This virtual database is in ~

While i didn’t record fixing the A/C - I needed to resolve it as soon as possible - i did video clip myself unlocking the radio and setup the clock. Remember, mine wife’s automobile is a 2004 Honda Civic. However, the listed below videos need to be applicable to the adhering to years:

2001 Honda public 2002 Honda public 2003 Honda public 2004 Honda civic 2005 Honda Civic

In fact, it’s more than likely applicable to Civics exterior this year range, as well as other Honda models (e.g. Honda Accord, Honda CR-V, Honda Fit, Honda Odyssey, Honda Passport, Honda Pilot, etc.)

How to Unlock the Radio ~ above a 2004 Honda Civic

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Make certain the radio is off. Press and hold the “1” and “6” preset buttons. Turn the radio top top while continuing to organize those two buttons. Document the serial number. turn on the radio. Get in the code.

How to collection the Clock ~ above a 2004 Honda Civic

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Make sure the radio is off, yet powered (i.e. The auto ignition is not totally off, maybe in accessory mode). Press and hold the SCAN/RPT button. Press the “4” preset button to advance the hour. Push the “5” preset button to breakthrough the minute. Push the SCAN/RPT button. Congratulation, girlfriend have collection the clock!

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